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  1. He probably saw Fletcher had a strike out and Double play. La Stella had a walk. Bourjos had 1.00 BA average against him.
  2. Based upon Eppler said during Chalk Talk with season ticket holders, Billy's not interested.
  3. ispy45

    Sonny Gray about to be traded

    The beast rotation is best to go all in 2019-2020 free agent class than trade away assets.
  4. The Angels do have a budget. Having Stanton cripples our needs. Stanton is unable to stay healthy. Our outfield is fine. Jose Abreu is a better choice than Stanton. Fills a need and we are not committed long term.
  5. ispy45

    Gameday Thread: 9/5 Angels @ A's

    Yankees lose Machado walkofd homerrun.
  6. ispy45

    Gameday: 8/30 A's@Angels

    Martin is overworked. He leads the majors with catchers with the most games played this season.
  7. Anyone said yes before September 1st deadline? I haven't decided yet. I am at 80% yes. I may go also individuals. If we tie the Yankees, we would get home field.
  8. ispy45

    Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    I don't understand your logic.