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  1. southpaw

    Gameday Thread: Astros @ Angels Cinco de Mayo

    This bullpen is going to be destroyed this year with all the nonsensical pitching changes
  2. southpaw

    Gameday Thread: Astros @ Angels Cinco de Mayo

    What a horrific decision by Ausmus.
  3. do we still hate Lucroy? asking for a friend..... and why isn't LaStella hitting cleanup?....... he leads the team in RBIs and homers
  4. Damn Bour..... blame him for the high gas prices in California too.... and global warming
  5. southpaw

    Game day 4/25/19 - Luis Rengifo debut

    And playing 1st base
  6. I agree, he's really really really bad
  7. God this team...... this year..... :: sigh::
  8. Just think of the great draft position we will be in next June if this continues.......
  9. ok.... I dislike Gubicza as an analyst but he brought up two great points in tonight's broadcast: 1. the lack of lefties facing lefty Gonzales (when it can neutralize his best 2 pitches) 2. he called the 3-1 fastball home run that Bruce just hit out. Sigh... stupid pitching continues......
  10. southpaw

    Gameday Thread 4/15 Angels @ Rangers (Trout back!)

    Gotta love those straight fastballs down the middle of the plate
  11. cmon. Coldzart oops. guess it is Koldzart