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  1. Mock Line Ups

    I'd like to see Ohtani bat in front of Trout. He'd get LOTS of fastballs......
  2. Per Buster Olney- Sources: Major League Baseball will investigate whether club officials leaked Shohei Ohtani’s medical information for stories published earlier this week.
  3. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    Why do that when he is a great defensive 2nd baseman? I wouldn't change him at all. Our defense up the middle is elite.
  4. According to Fangraphs, we had a -0.3 WAR from 2nd base last year, 28th in the league. Kindler, in a down year, had a WAR of 2.0. Even if you don't like the person, this trade made us significantly better in 2018. By the way Kinsler was a 6 WAR player the prior two years.
  5. Wilkel Hernandez and Troy Montgomery
  6. now we wait for the butthurt when we find out what they are giving up...... Hang on to your butts
  7. And to be honest, there are better long term options next year....
  8. sometimes it is just to adjust the 13% state tax in Cali so his contract is evened out. I've seen these types of negotiations before.
  9. I doubt they will sign him longer, but they might add an "incentive" to his current contract.
  10. not always..... no trades have some value if the team wants him to waive it. While I am not implying he gets a 4 year extension at all, I am saying it is up to the player to waive it. Sometimes there are incentives involved with that.
  11. Nah I'm sure it is about his no trade......and any possible renegotiation of contract to waive it.
  12. The Official 2017 MLB Winter Meetings thread

    Will we still have the same view of Eppler if he overpays for Kinsler with any of our top 10 prospects?
  13. The Official 2017 MLB Winter Meetings thread

    While Headley would not have been my first choice, he is a switch hitter. We need a left handed bat to balance the lineup. We either need to get it at third or second.
  14. The Official 2017 MLB Winter Meetings thread

    I have a name I want to add to the 2nd base list....Whit Merrifield from KC if the rumors are true he is available.