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  1. I’d love to make the playoffs this year. But I’d love being an organization like the Cardinals even more who compete year in and year out. They fill their needs with prospects while having financial flexibility to whatever else they need. We are a few years from that, so in the meantime making short term moves like Harvey and Cahill are smart. I’m too impatient for it, but I’m glad the GM isn’t
  2. I’d put the opening scene from Drive on there too
  3. OregonLAA

    Nats interested in Keuchel

    Nah. When has a bad bullpen ever hurt the Nationals?
  4. OregonLAA

    Luis Valbuena Killed in Car Accident

    I loved Luis. Even when he struggled I still rooted for him because of his infectious attitude. Everyone seemed to love him and he played with his heart on his sleeve. And those bat flips were dope as hell. RIP
  5. OregonLAA

    Alvarez to Philly

    He drove me crazy, but last year he was pretty solid so I was quiet. He just always seemed to struggle in those games we were only down a run. Pretty sure he blew the only game I’ve been able to get down to in the last couple years too
  6. OregonLAA

    Alvarez to Philly

    This seems odd. But Eppler has found some gems for the bullpen so ima let him do his thing
  7. Watch a Portland Timbers game (yes, soccer, I know) or a Blazers game or even a Ducks game and tell me Portland wouldn’t be a terrific place and fill with fans
  8. OregonLAA

    Who will the Angels acquire in a trade

    Gray and Hedges would be terrific additions. I will say Cesar Hernandez. It’s a long shot considering Rengifo will be up, but he would be terrific at the leadoff spot. All 3 of those are pretty low key moves but improve the team in a big way
  9. I know. My bad I guess. I’ll learn how to use that feature
  10. Does anyone ever watch a show on Netflix and you don’t realize you’re on the last episode? It’s happened to me a few times. House of Cards ended and I was like “that was it?” I think it actually takes away from it a little bit but that was a disappointing ending. That show peaked in season 1 and slowly went downhill every season after. This happened to me with Scrubs too. They have “1 more season”, but it’s actually like a weird spinoff sort of thing, but I didn’t know that. So I watched the last episode thinking I had an entire season left and it ruined the finale for me. It was actually a good finale for being a terrible last season.
  11. OregonLAA

    Kris Bryant??? Yes please!

    Chili Davis was fired as the hitting coach and he elduded to a couple guys never listening to him. I think Bryant and Rizzo were supposed to be those guys. Just heresay, but interesting nonetheless
  12. Astros bullpen coach. Guess Nagy is gone. Reported by Rosenthal
  13. OregonLAA

    Jean Segura?

    Cesar Hernandez. Great OBP for the top of the order. This is the year we get him I think