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  1. I already envision Poo taking DH ABs away from Othani when he needs a day off the field.
  2. AngelArcher

    Target(s) for the Rule 5 Draft? Sam McWilliams?

    I thought rule 5 players had to stay on the 25 man roster?
  3. AngelArcher

    Tulowitski for 3B/1B??

    This would definitely be a field goal type move, and not even a good one. More like a 52 yarder with a cross wind.
  4. AngelArcher

    Luis Valbuena Killed in Car Accident

    Sad news. Instead of pouring a 40, I'll pour some Louie juice.
  5. AngelArcher

    AW Jargon...

    Didn't someone try to type Fletcher and got auto corrected to fleshlight?
  6. I loved when he came up to bat and the crowd would call that out. Wooooot!!
  7. AngelArcher

    Brian Dozier?

    Damn, he played himself out of a pretty nice payday this season. It was him and/or his agent who cut off extension talks with Minnesota.
  8. AngelArcher

    Let’s go Dodgers

    Were there even any phones capable of facetime in 2002?
  9. AngelArcher

    Ausmus's Coaching Staff

    So many coaches. Why not add just one more. Strength and conditioning coach.
  10. How the F do they score that a double?
  11. Girardi, Ausmus, Ebel
  12. That looks way under cooked. Bart probably has an iron stomach though.