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  1. AngelArcher

    Ohtani and Opening Day

    Bandless resistance band training
  2. AngelArcher

    Cameron Maybin

    Being coached by JD's hitting coach is the new BSOHL
  3. AngelArcher

    2018 Hot Stove League

  4. AngelArcher

    Moustakas question

    I'm not trying to do any calculus right now Doc
  5. AngelArcher

    Moustakas question

    Waiting on what? Do you think the Angels are in on Machado? I don't think they are and if they're interested in Moose, then waiting would be the worst thing to do.
  6. AngelArcher

    Angel freakanomics

    Krod signing with the Mets netted Trout. Unless you actually believe they had Grichuk higher on their board. From what I remember, it was an inside joke between Morhardt and Bane taking Grichuk first and possibly a negotiation tactic.
  7. AngelArcher

    Grandal might work at leadoff?

    I would and gotta think most here would too, but those numbers had to have been achieved in favorable pitching matchups right? I'd feel more confident if he got those numbers as a fulltime player.
  8. AngelArcher

    Why the Angels won't sign Wilson Ramos

    He wanted to play for the OG Mets, not the west coast version.
  9. I already envision Poo taking DH ABs away from Othani when he needs a day off the field.
  10. AngelArcher

    Target(s) for the Rule 5 Draft? Sam McWilliams?

    I thought rule 5 players had to stay on the 25 man roster?
  11. AngelArcher

    Tulowitski for 3B/1B??

    This would definitely be a field goal type move, and not even a good one. More like a 52 yarder with a cross wind.
  12. AngelArcher

    Luis Valbuena Killed in Car Accident

    Sad news. Instead of pouring a 40, I'll pour some Louie juice.
  13. AngelArcher

    AW Jargon...

    Didn't someone try to type Fletcher and got auto corrected to fleshlight?
  14. I loved when he came up to bat and the crowd would call that out. Wooooot!!