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  1. Bill Melton

    Vlad Jr. to Angels?

    I saw this tweet from Ken Rosenthal. I fear we'd have to give up too much (like we usually do) to get Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
  2. Bill Melton

    Angels announce 2019 Coaching Staff

    Anyone know how Feliciano got on the radar of Eppler/Ausmus?
  3. Yes I'll sell individual game tickets.
  4. Sorry, I'm not the real Bill Melton. Just a screen name! Want to buy some tickets?
  5. The Marlins need pitching. Do we have enough to pry Dee Gordon away?
  6. Hi -- A guy bought into one-third of my tickets for the past five years, but he moved away. So I have tickets again for sale. You can buy one-third (27), one-fourth (20) or one-fifth (15) of the 81 games and I will make sure you receive an opportunity to buy, at the same amount as my cost, a proportional number of playoff tickets. I guarantee you the opportunity to buy one game for each of the Dodgers, Red Sox and Yankees series, again at the same amount as my cost. Opening Day is not available. There will be lots of games to buy that will have great giveaways. (Think Trout MVP). The cost is $44 per pair per game. These are 2 great seats right behind home plate in the second row of the section. You are looking over the railing (if you sit up or are tall). I get the tickets in hand in late March and mail them to you promptly afterward, assuming full payment has been received. I have been a season ticket holder since 2002 and can provide a reference, the previous ticket partner. Brian Rokos
  7. A train vs. cement truck crash near Green River Golf Club has forced Metrolink to cancel the train from and to the Inland Empire for tonight, May 16.
  8. Email me by 5:50 p.m. with your email address at
  9. Ready by Opening Day ... in other words, given our cracked medical staff, see in you in June, Josh.
  10. A friend of mine who is a Cardinals fan and writes a Cardinals blog,, gave me this scouting report on Freese and Salas: - Freese seems a good person, great with the fans. His niceness with people seemed genuine. He did have a drinking/driving problem _ two DUIs _ but he vowed to overcome that and it appeared he did so. No incidents in last 2 years. If he can be convinced to hit to the opposite field more often, he is quite effective as a run producer and on-base guy. He has HR power and gap power. He falls into a funk when he gets pull-happy and can get into streaks of grounder after grounder to the left side of the infield. He is a solid, steady fielder with a plus-arm. I think he has a solid 2 to 4 years ahead of him, meaning . 275 to .280 BA, 20 HR, and 75 to 85 RBI per year. He has had ankle and foot injuries. But he isn't fragile. In 2011, Salas was REALLY good. Always threw strikes and he had a great sinker that year. Unflappable. Could close or set up. But something happened to him in last 2 years. I don't know if it is mechanics, a weakened arm, or loss of confidence. But he grew increasingly ineffective. Batters knocked him around a lot last year. He was one of those guys I obstinately stuck with because he looked so darn good in 2011. But, finally, I had to agree: he looked worn down and erratic. So I just don't know whether that was an aberration or not. It's 50-50 whether he can bounce back. Clue will be whether he gets back to throwing strikes down in the zone. If he walks batters, he's done. I love Bourjos as the Cards' leadoff batter, and love his defense, so hope he can stay healthy. If Cards have Bourjos and equally speedy 2B Kolten Wong batting 1-2, the table will be well set for Holliday, Craig, Adams, Molina, Carpenter. Cards still seeking a shortstop. Might be Stephen Drew.
  11. This is from an Associated Press story: CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Baseball fans should expect to go through a metal detector to see their favorite team play in 2014. Major League Baseball security director John Skinner said on Friday that all 30 teams are expected to screen all fans entering their ballparks next season. Some aspects of the screening will be left to individual teams, but the commissioner's office is planning to recommend walk-through metal detectors, he said. I hate to see this, and wonder whether it will result in the Angels/city closing some gates in order to avoid the expense of installing the detectors. But we already walk through the detectors at Staples, so I guess it was going to come to this at some point. Thoughts?
  12. Bill Melton

    Arizona Fall League

    I ran into Blarg at Wednesday's Mesa Solar Sox game vs. Peoria in Surprise.
  13. Bill Melton


    I heard second hand that Aramark is out as the Angels' food vendor. Supposedly they sent letters saying as much to employees. Can anyone confirm this and provide any reason?
  14. Bill Melton

    T.J. Simers to the Register?

    As a journalist myself (crime reporter at The Press-Enterprise), I feel like my work is worth paying for, so I have no problem with the paywalls. How long would McDonald's be in business if it gave away its hamburgers? Sure, you can read national news many places for free, but newspapers that cover local news have a product that is unique and therefore worth paying for.
  15. I am hearing that the Orange County Register is hiring T.J. Simers, the sports columnist at the LA Times who is on double secret probation. I am hearing that all that is left to do is the usual pre-hire paperwork and drug test that is done for every new employee. TJ ought to get a lot of people to sign up for the paid online subscription. We all know how much T.J. hates to cover what he calls the "boring" Angels. This ought to be good. What does everyone else think?