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  1. I was watching that instead of the Angels. Great comeback in the serious and in the game for the Sharks. I hope they win it all this year! Looks like the Angels tried to make a come back on their own. Even though they lost, at least they went down fighting.
  2. Is there a reason Kole has been batting leadoff a lot? Like, does Ausmus have some kind of data that favors Kole leading off over any other player the Angels have?
  3. I'm just going to pretend that Gardner doubled and then stole 3rd.
  4. 2 SS batting cleanup? I don't remember the last time I've seen that.
  5. Like I stated in the gameday thread, Trout should have tried to steal 2nd in the bottom of the 9th. All the math stated the pitcher was terrible holding runners and something like 75% of the time, runners steal off him. That would have put him at 2nd with no outs when all the Angels needed was a run to win. He did steal 2nd a couple of innings later but I believe there were already 2 outs then. IMO, the game has a good chance of not even going to extras if Trout is allowed to run. Now, if Ausmus is not the one making that call and it's all on Trout, someone should have informed Trout how bad the pitcher was at keeping runners close. If Trout had all that information and still decided not to steal, that's on him. Pretty much all my other problems have already been addressed in this thread and I already stated that I don't like the direction baseball is going in general only letting your pitcher pitch 6 innings and then going to the bullpen. Although I believe Boone let Happ pitch 7 innings. That's not on Ausmus and it didn't end up contributing to the loss but I still don't like it. Harvey was pitching well and had another inning in him. Why not save your bullpen? Oh whatever. I just hope all these bad decisions don't happen again.
  6. I know this is late but it always bugs me when the announcers say what a great catch by the fan and the tv crew doesn't show a replay.
  7. The math said to send Trout by a lot. Oh well.
  8. I really hate taking out Harvey and the way the game has changed in general. Let starters pitch until they can't anymore or stink.
  9. GMJ WAR with Angels 1.1, -1.0, -0.1 Cozart WAR with Angels so far 0.1, -0.6