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  1. beatlesrule

    Machado to Padres....

    I lived in North County San Diego for 2 years. I thought the weather was better in Huntington Beach where I currently live and grew up. Maybe downtown San Diego has better weather or whatever but in my experience, Huntington Beach is tough to beat.
  2. beatlesrule

    Machado to Padres....

    Reports are that the White Sox offer could have reached 350 million with performance incentives.
  3. beatlesrule

    Machado to Padres....

    You'd be surprised how many people love the frigid cold of Chicago.
  4. beatlesrule

    Machado to Padres....

    fan 2:10 Do you think the Padres did the right thing? For their team? In relation to Machado's real value? Tim Dierkes 2:11 Yes I do. This is not the Hosmer signing; Machado is a star player. Say he's good for 42 WAR and we value a win at a mere $8MM, and we use only 1% inflation. Even then he's worth $350MM over ten years. If I had signed Machado to this deal, I'd feel that I got both surplus value and one of the ten best position players in baseball. Yes please.
  5. beatlesrule

    Machado to Padres.... Dodgers loved him. BTW, you stated you could care less about the narrative which means you do care, at least a little.
  6. beatlesrule

    Machado to Padres....

    Rick Hahn said the emotions were still raw, and implied that they topped the AAV that Machado took. Kenny Williams said he was shocked and that they couldn't go to the $300MM level.
  7. beatlesrule

    Machado to Padres....

    How exactly? Look at Machado's WAR. He's also only 26. He is worth 30 million a year.
  8. beatlesrule


    It's all about who makes more money right? Does a used car salesman make more than a burger flipper? Most women couldn't care less what your job is as long as it makes the kind of money they are looking for in a man. If you pick up poop for a living but make six figures, women will go for you more than a guy that that makes 50 grand by helping cure cancer or whatever.
  9. beatlesrule

    Machado to Padres....

    For those of you going on and on on about Machado's character, here's an article for you If you're too lazy to click on the link and read it, Dodgers players had nothing but great things to say about him.
  10. Discussing huh? Not that big of a deal IMO even if it's just a rumor. Still, here's a gif
  11. No they don't. Grienke flat out stated the team that pays him the most is the team he will sign with. Arod wasn't winning in Texas when he signed that huge deal. If a lot of players only cared about winning, they would be taking pay cuts left and right. Boras gets the most money he can for his clients. That's why they hire them. Money is more important than winning to them. NBA players will take pay cuts to form super teams or to try and get a ring. It's very rare that a baseball player turns down a lot of money because he wants to win instead. You stated all players so that includes Harper and Machado. Why aren't they signing for less money to play for a winning team? Why are they holding out for the most money possible? Why not just sign with Boston, Houston or the Yankees or Dodgers for less to win more?
  12. Trout says he wants to win and that two of the top guys haven't signed yet...
  13. beatlesrule

    2018 Hot Stove League