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  1. Freese leadoff home run!
  2. Now Benintendo with the game saving catch.
  3. Reddick with a great catch to end the inning.
  4. That's what is so magical about baseball. You can see something you never have before. That's the first time I have witnessed the SP being yanked after giving up a leadoff walk to start the game.
  5. Bellinger had a great catch earlier in the game and came up with a big hit. Machado just beat that great throw from Yelich.
  6. beatlesrule

    Angels fire Eric Hinske?

    Chili Davis is available yes??
  7. Man either that pitch is just nasty or Maldonado is just not seeing it well.
  8. Marwin is down. Hit the monster pretty hard. He seems to be okay. Staying in.
  9. 2 run blast indeed. Astros looking good. Price stinking it up.
  10. Springer with the doinker!!
  11. Astros and Dodgers are looking good so far.
  12. Freese with a great defensive play.