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  1. mancini79


    Yikes! Sounds like you rubbed too hard.
  2. mancini79


    McDonald Trump!
  3. mancini79

    PG&E files for Bankruptcy

    SCE was negligent with San Onofre Nuclear. In order to save money, they installed inferior steam tubes to keep the reactor cool. Knowing they effed up, they wanted to continue running the plant at a lower capacity to minimize the risk but still highly dangerous. It took officials to force a shutdown. Now it will take years to decommission the reactors with tons of nuclear waste, being stored at the plant. As a result, SCE has to buy energy from other plants and that cost is being pushed onto the consumer. PG&E was literally playing with fire while SCE was risking a nuclear explosion.
  4. mancini79

    Hall of Fame voting

    Well that skus
  5. mancini79


    Well he did say it was a 90 yr old Benjamin Button. Since he aged backwards, that would had been a 14 yr old ballsack.
  6. mancini79


    Rub one out was maybe 5-7 days. Girl on top was about 10 days. But ball slapping bangin took me about 2 weeks.
  7. Very disappointing. I wanted to see the McGuyver trick the guy was going to do with the whip cream and spoon.
  8. mancini79


    After my procedure, running wasn't on my to do list.
  9. mancini79

    Any Fisherman on this site?

    Lhalo is a master baitor.
  10. mancini79

    RIP Chris Burrous

    The bigger question, did it ruin your New Years Eve plans?
  11. mancini79


    Credit card maxed!
  12. mancini79

    RIP Sears/Kmart

    Going to "max out your credit card"?
  13. mancini79


    There was also a TV on the ceiling. Just stay away from watching Baywatch.
  14. mancini79


    I got a free bag of microwave popcorn and his hands were warm.