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  1. fan_since79


    Well, Cohen is a convicted liar, so why should he be believed here without supporting evidence? Let's see the evidence. I'm not saying he's lying. Let's see how it plays out. Schiff has already said he will investigate this. Fine. You can't impeach a president on the basis of a Buzzfeed story.
  2. fan_since79


  3. fan_since79


    Democrats are in a rush now to impeach Trump before RBG dies. That's the real story here.
  4. fan_since79

    Joe Biden

    Joe, wake up. It's Friday!
  5. fan_since79


    So, we have a convicted liar telling us that the president told him to lie, and he expects us to believe him. There had better be hard evidence for this to go anywhere.
  6. fan_since79

    2019 Super Official PGA season

    Phil can still bring it. A 12-under 60 in his opening round at La Quinta. The first player ever to shoot three rounds of 60 on the Tour.
  7. fan_since79


    Trump really knows how to push yk's buttons. The poor guy is obsessed with him now. I've got a Facebook friend with the same problem. Always on there hating on Trump, I mean ALWAYS. Hours and hours to no end. He's actually been kicked off Facebook a couple times (timed out for a month at a time) due to his over-the-top vitriol. He's still a friend, but I've shut off notifications so I can see posts from other friends who aren't absolutely obsessed by the orange man. This president has an amazing hold on people's minds, not just magas, but the opposition. CNN is almost 24/7 Trump hatred. They're going DEFCON 1 now over Pelosi's trip being canceled. Geez, there's more to life than Trump. Right?
  8. fan_since79

    Happy Birthday mang ! (Albert Pujols turns 47) the best shape of his life!
  9. fan_since79


    Live debate of no-confidence motion on the government, followed by vote.
  10. fan_since79

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    Remember when Erstad couldn't wait to get back to North Dakota after the season for some ice fishing? Maybe Mike likes all that winter stuff, seeing as he grew up there. Angels need to pull out all the stops to extend him, and if it doesn't work out, so be it.
  11. fan_since79

    Hall of Fame voting

    There needs to be a Hall of Career Longevity for guys like him. A very decent hitter over a long, long time.
  12. fan_since79

    RIP Sears/Kmart

    They've reached a deal with Eddie Lampert who will put up $5 billion to save them. 400 stores will remain open and 50,000 jobs are saved...for now.
  13. fan_since79

    Angels acquire John Curtiss

    John Curtiss, another guy I've never heard of. I need to get out more often.
  14. fan_since79

    RIP Eli Grba

    He had 15 home runs during that inaugural Angels season in 1961. It was also his final year in the majors.