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  1. He's still driving in runs at a pretty decent clip. I don't know how, but he's doing it.
  2. The 3,000 hits for sure, and maybe Mays' 660 HR's. That would put him 5th all-time. 2,000 RBI is also in reach.
  3. Gary Lucas was decent except for that one time...
  4. Albert would have to hit at least .2999999 from here on to finish at a cool .300 in the year 20019. That's assuming 600 AB's a year, which he'll get in the three-spot. Just 5.5 fewer hits a year though, and he finishes at .299.
  5. So you're telling us we're stuck with him for another 18,000 years? A long, slow decline takes on new meaning.
  6. Pujols has been terrible

    Simmons. Maybin/Revere, Trout, Simmons, Calhoun, Pujols, etc. etc.
  7. "...bounced softly to short. A very easy out." - Terry Smith Story of our season for too many of our 'hitters'.
  8. 2-1 a good hitter's count.
  9. Wow, nice AB! Bases loaded. We need a run or two, but Marte is coming up. Ugh.
  10. Not a bad AB from Cron. Now it's up to Simmons.
  11. Up to the swinging and hacking Cron.
  12. Didn't we have a chance to get him, like a million years ago? He would have been a huge asset to us.
  13. Trumped

    The only way to win in Afghanistan is to go commit massive numbers of troops and go in there and destroy everything. That's a non-starter. So we just add a few thousand here and a few thousand there and no real progress is made. George W. Bush started this in October of 2001 with the intent of removing the Taliban from power. That took a few weeks, yet here we are, 16 years later. How did that happen??
  14. In answer to my question, Hamels career vs. the Angels: .196 BAA, .541 OPS
  15. Have we ever gotten to Hamels? Seems like he dominates us every time.