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  1. fan_since79

    The Official TROUTstanding Thread

    Mike Trout already has a higher career WAR than 74 Hall of Fame position players, and he's 26 years old. I cannot comprehend that.
  2. Pretty soon the Surgeon General will be issuing a warning, "Playing baseball for the Los Angeles Angels organization is extremely hazardous to your health."
  3. Before his arm falls off.
  4. Scioscia: "Luis is working on some things."
  5. ...but we'd miss the bat flip!
  6. As long as Upton gives us 35 home runs and drives in 90-100 I don't care that much about his fielding.
  7. With no-hit guys like Valbuena clogging up the lineup, it's almost impossible to have a big inning offensively. I'm a little surprised we got two runs.
  8. Good news is Seattle lost again to the Yankees. Let's make up some more ground tonight!
  9. So what are we left with for starting pitchers? Heaney and Barria?
  10. It just never ends. Like a bad rash that won't go away no matter how much medicine you apply.
  11. fan_since79

    Statements concerning Mike Trout & Tyler Skaggs

    Almost every day now I expect to see another player or two go down with an injury. This is getting beyond ridiculous and into the realm of the absurd. "Hamstring tightness", LOL. See you in September, Tyler. We might soon be searching our AA or even A team to find a healthy pitcher, who will undoubtedly become injured once he's up here.
  12. fan_since79

    The Official TROUTstanding Thread

    I was almost going to make a separate thread on this, but decided to keep it here. Some responses to Buster Olney's twitter post on Trout and WAR. "As a lifelong Mariners fan who really hates the Angels, I just can’t not love Mike Trout. It’s awesome how much we get to see of him. I used to think he teed off on M’s pitching, but apparently he does that to everyone. GOAT, no question." "When will Olney and ESPN realize that there are other players and teams in MLB?" "Fuckin war is the most overrated stat, Trout is good but man, is disturbing how some journalist are talking about him as the Goat with only 7,8 seasons" "This is utter craziness. He boggles my freaking mind. I would truly love to ask him, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW GREAT YOU ARE?" "Let’s all pray he never lowers himself to play for Yankees. It’s a privilege to watch this man play."
  13. fan_since79

    Fire mike scioscia and the GM

    Isn't Roy Hobbs the guy who was voting down everyone's posts, so Chuck got rid of the down arrow in response? Or do I have him confused with someone else?
  14. fan_since79

    New Standing Prediction

    A positive thought: The final ten games we play against Seattle this year are at the Big A. Maybe our fans will turn out and support us in a big way?? Maybe.