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  1. fan_since79

    Gameday 8/15 Angels @ Padres - Taylor Ward back at 3B Batting 7th

    Bedrosian failed to get your message.
  2. Back in Washington, where the pair met, Mr. Austin lived in a tiny house, an experiment in the principles that eventually led him to his journey around the world. “I’ve grown tired of spending the best hours of my day in front of a glowing rectangle, of coloring the best years of my life in swaths of grey and beige,” he wrote. “I’ve missed too many sunsets while my back was turned. Too many thunderstorms went unwatched, too many gentle breezes unnoticed.” “I don’t buy it. Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own … By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind.”
  3. Jay Austin had worked in the same mundane office job for seven years when he decided there was more to life than password changes, teleconferences and timesheets. His partner Lauren Geoghegan felt the same way, so the pair dropped everything in pursuit of a worldwide adventure in July 2017 — but it would eventually lead to them being horrifically killed for being “unbelievers”.
  4. When asked by the Los Angeles Times if he could discuss Cox's cause of death, Tim Mead, Angels vice president of communications, said, "That is not important right now. What is important is that every member of Aaron's family and every one of his friends take time to digest this loss and grieve in their own way."
  5. fan_since79

    Worst possible debut for Ward

    The good news is, Scioscia will soon be gone, so the kid won't have to suffer next year.
  6. Martinez and Ramirez are also very much in the picture.
  7. fan_since79

    Gameday: 8/13. Angels @ Padres

    He'll get his 35 HR and 90 RBI before this is over.
  8. fan_since79

    Gameday: 8/13. Angels @ Padres

    Game blown wide open now!! Wow. Upton.
  9. fan_since79

    Gameday: 8/13. Angels @ Padres

    Suicide squeeze!!!
  10. fan_since79

    Gameday: 8/13. Angels @ Padres

    Gift run, LOL.
  11. fan_since79

    Gameday: 8/13. Angels @ Padres

    I'm calling a walk then a game winning single.
  12. fan_since79

    Gameday: 8/13. Angels @ Padres

    Dual perfect games tonight?
  13. fan_since79

    Gameday: 8/13. Angels @ Padres

    I hope we can get the ball out of the infield tonight.
  14. fan_since79

    Opportunity of a Lifetime

    Those are fabulous pictures! Thanks!!