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  1. This was the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread. Going to miss Tim at those type of functions, but what a great gig for him! Well deserved.
  2. This give me an improvement to my groin
  3. Bobster7587

    Hansel Robles entrance video

    There it is!!! I could totally see those three guys backing down and overpowering dudes in the paint.
  4. Bobster7587

    Hansel Robles entrance video

    This is from the recently retired legendary WWE wrestler, the Undertaker. This was his entrance song back in the day. I am sure @Angel Oracle can provide us with a random Undertaker fact as well.
  5. I don't minds ads but on my phone they're literally taking up half the screen. Pretty ridiculous.
  6. Bobster7587

    F*ck these Facking losers

    You know that's not THE Mike Trout's twitter page, right? This is:
  7. Didn't know they had pronunciation on bbref. Thanks. It also says his nickname is "Bourtabello Crushroom". Wow.
  8. Serious question, is it Justin "Bore" or "BOW-er" ?
  9. Bobster7587

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    That's not until next year.
  10. Interesting to see Albert batting 5th even without Upton or Ohtani in the lineup. Where is the guy that kept saying it was in Albert's contract to bat 3rd or 4th?
  11. Bobster7587

    Trout's new commercial

  12. Bobster7587

    Where were you when you found out?

  13. Bobster7587

    Where were you when you found out?

    This is absolutely true. It won't let me tag Cory, but he can definitely confirm.
  14. Bobster7587

    Where were you when you found out?

    I woke up, rolled over, and picked up my phone from my nightstand. I had a text from my Dad that said (Without the asterisks) "F*ck yeah F*ck yeah F*ck yeah F*ck yeah F*ck yeah F*ck yeah F*ck yeah F*ck yeah F*ck yeah F*ck yeah" with a link at the end to a story with the extension news". He uses voice to text and so I'm pretty sure he just said F Yeah into his phone over and over. I took a minute to make sure I wasn't dreaming, then tried not to make too many excited sounds since my wife was still asleep next to me. Best morning wood ever!
  15. Bobster7587

    Our lineup tonight (Albert batting 6th)

    Effin Ausmus