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  1. Bobster7587

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Now that's what you call a win-win
  2. Bobster7587

    AW Jargon...

    "skus" or "Jeter skus" - A board member (Was it @FabulousFabregas?) Got thrown out of an Angel game. I believe the story goes: He kept saying "Jeter Sucks!" at the game, then got a warning from an usher. Then he said "Jeter skus!" and got thrown out? Something to that effect. "Your and idoit" - Someone was ranting and mis-typed "You're an idiot" and this took off. Haven't seen anyone use this one in a while. Kelvin Escobar's Tripod / Tripod thread - Epic thread of pics of Kelvin's supposed huge dong. Does this thread still exist!? There are a few others that I faintly remember but can't recall details - "Shitting on Chuck's couch" and "I drive two Porsches!"
  3. Bobster7587

    Weaver tells story about time he hit Kyle Seager

    Ha, awesome! Thank for posting!
  4. Bobster7587

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    I'm indifferent on choosing Ausmus. Not super excited about it, or upset by it. We'll see what happens and I wish him the best. Glad to get a new face in the dugout for the first time in my adult life. Also - The photoshopping of all the different Ausmus photos made my day. Bravo sir. Tad Ausmus is amazing!
  5. Bobster7587

    Johnson #3....

    Johnson #3? Sounds like a typical Friday night at Tdawg's house.
  6. Bobster7587

    Vlad Guerrero's Hall of Fame Display

    This is awesome!! Thank for sharing.
  7. Whirlwind of deals! Getting tired of hitting F5! Let's go Eppy!
  8. Bobster7587

    Garrett Richards

    Something something weightless treadmill.
  9. Bobster7587

    Several Moves Today - None of which are good.

    WTF!?!? I'll be at the game tomorrow, guess I get to see John Lamb....
  10. Bobster7587

    Andrelton Simmons with a sprained ankle

    ASB 2019. /obligatory
  11. Bobster7587

    Trout's May 2018 OPS

    This thread is NSFW
  13. Does the 2010 Home run derby count? I remember seeing some absolute bombs there. I thought someone hit one into the second deck down the LF line.
  14. Bobster7587

    Would you say yes to this deal?

    What happened to the guy that predicted the trade? That was pretty impressive. I missed that when it originally happened.