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  1. HaloNArizona

    Angels farm ranked at 21

    Can someone with more knowledge of the minors and draft answer me this: Wilson, was picked at #15, MLB had him ranked as the #21 prospect in the draft... I know pitching is a need, but how is this one of the worst picks in the draft?? Bleacher report is the only place I have seen that Wilson was not a good pick. Will Wilson | Rank: 21 School: North Carolina StateYear: JuniorPosition: SSAge: 20 DOB: 07/21/1998Bats: R Throws: RHeight: 5'11" Weight: 175 lb.Previously drafted: Never Scouting grades: Hit: 50 | Power: 50 | Run: 40 | Arm: 50 | Field: 50 | Overall: 50 For the second time in five years, North Carolina State could have a shortstop selected in the first round. Wilson isn't as tooled up as Trea Turner or the other top shortstops in a deep college crop, but he has a high floor as a steady up-the-middle defender with surprising power. He was one of four players to hit 10 or more homers in Atlantic Coast Conference games in 2018, joining Giants No. 2 overall pick Joey Bart, Astros first-rounder Seth Beer and Blue Jays second-rounder Griffin Conine. Though he's not physically imposing, Wilson has quick hands and deceptive strength that give him at least above-average raw power. A right-handed hitter, he has a knack for putting the barrel on the ball. He shows the ability to hit for average and power, and he has done a better job of drawing walks this spring despite his aggressive approach. The biggest knock on Wilson is his below-average speed. Most big league shortstops run better than that, though some scouts think he can stay at the position because he has quick actions and hands. Others believe his speed and average arm will land him at second base, where he played as a freshman and still would profile well offensively.
  2. HaloNArizona


    He can pitch two or three innings for Pena.
  3. About time another IFer was on the roster.
  4. HaloNArizona

    Keep bunting at the shift

    For me, it boils down to hitting the ball where its pitched. If you get a pitch on the inner half...hit it hard...it you get a pitch on the outside half of the plate...drive it the other way. To many players take that outside pitch, and roll it over for an easy ground ball out. As much as we all wanted him gone, the one thing Hatcher preached was driving the ball to the biggest part of the field...that is a lost art form.
  5. HaloNArizona


    Like how to extricate his head from his A$$!
  6. HaloNArizona


    I liked the signing...I thought it was a good move... Now...cut the sack of dog sh*t. I have seen enough of his crap on the mound. It's time to move on. 2019 is a lost year. Move forward with someone else. Anyone else.
  7. Do you think AP continues after 2019 with the reduced playing time. He has gotten 38 AB;s over the last fifteen days. (I'm not arguing with that), just wondering if he can handle a bench/part time role.
  8. HaloNArizona

    Trevor Cahill

    Cahill will be here until Heaney is ready to go. Harvey until ASB, with us out of the race, Suarez will be called up.
  9. HaloNArizona

    La Stella is second on the team in OPS

    Kole or La Stella at 1B when Upton returns.
  10. HaloNArizona

    La Stella is second on the team in OPS

    Tied for the lead in HR's Leads the team in RBI's
  11. Call up Thaiss as well...Im done with Bour. If we are going to struggle, might as well struggle with the future and not the past.
  12. HaloNArizona

    The Angels definitely won the Simmons/Newcomb trade

    With this logic....why did we resign Trout
  13. HaloNArizona

    Barria sent down

    Should not have mattered....our pitching staff is one sneeze away from the DL. Especially with Barria still having options.
  14. HaloNArizona

    Barria sent down

    Anyone know why we dumped Shoe, just to trade for Stratton?
  15. HaloNArizona

    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    Some great B&B's there....unfortunately you need to go in the 'off season'. We have gone several times in late January. Snow on the red rocks is spectacular. Several wineries not too far away as well.