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  1. HaloNArizona

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    Harper had a -3.2 dWar last year... He doesnt seem like he should be $30+ million dollar player a year.
  2. HaloNArizona

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    Well...there is that... And I have hair envy... Who wore it better?
  3. HaloNArizona

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    He actually had a solid campaign....but was only given the scholarship because of Bryce.
  4. HaloNArizona

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    My Godson was going to play JUCO ball in Vegas....Bryce decided to graduate early, play a year of JUCO ball and go to the MLB....my Godson's scholarship was yanked for Bryce and his brother to play JUCO ball....
  5. I am hoping his reduce playing team (if Ausmus is to be believed) will help him make a decision. I am hoping Ausmus channels his in inner Dave Roberts, and let's AP play on limited basis. The doggies were paying him $21.5 million to be a role player
  6. My son and I were discussing AP at lunch today and he asked why someone would continue to put himself through off season surgeries only to continue to struggle. He was wondering at what point does AP decide enough is enough.
  7. Chucks little birdies had the wrong name....It was Bour all along.
  8. Remember...Ausmus is thinking of batting Trout 2nd. Fletch Trout Ohtani Upton Bour/AP Simba Calhoun Cozart Catcher
  9. Bour vs RHP (2016-2018) .270/.365/.504 52 HR/158 RBI As a platoon player with AP, for $2.5 million...this is a pretty solid move. Also over the last three years, he has been a pretty solid #5 hitter.268/.358/.480 An .868 OPS with runners on....OPS over .900 when runners are in scoring position.
  10. HaloNArizona

    Offseason Question

    We have 37 players on the 40 man roster
  11. HaloNArizona

    Best way to improve team

    The biggest way to improve this team, is quite throwing stupid money at aging stars. We are starting to see an improvement in the farm, which will translate to the big club. Eppler and more so Arte need to be smart in the player acquistion, and think about today and the next five years.
  12. HaloNArizona

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Verlander has lowered his ERA by almost a run in the last 1-1/2 years and posted a career best in K's and WHIP.
  13. HaloNArizona

    2018 Hot Stove League

    This should scare you.... Over-reaction for a non piece for us.