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  1. HaloNArizona

    Angels compete by what year?

    2020 By then, we should see a "healthy" Ohtani, Middleton, Ramirez maybe Meyer....Guys like Canning, should be up and going.
  2. HaloNArizona

    Next Order Of Business...

    Eppler needs to be extended. No real questions here. The previous GM"s (and Arte) has destroyed the farm and our international presence. Billy has rebuilt that in a few short years. What happened to the team this year, is not a reflection on the GM. Injuries decimated us. I love what Eppler has done thus far...I want to see how he leads this team in the next few years as well.
  3. I think Chavez will be the new manager.... I think we see Dino stay around as the third base coach and Alfredo is replaced. I could see both Johnson and Paul hanging around as well.
  4. Over the weekend, I saw one of Cowarts throws from third to first, and my thought was.....wow what an arm. He could be a nice BP option. He could be a defensive specialist/BP guy.
  5. Agreed...I like the Myers train of thought.
  6. This...I think next year, we see Cozart at 2B, Fletch as the util sub and a new 3Bman in the mix.
  7. I like the idea of either Cozart or Fletch being the back up IF. A guy like Myers who can play both corner IF spots and Fletch or Cozart would make for a very solid IF. For the OF spot, you need someone who can truly play all three OF spots...Even Myers can help out in the OF. This year, fully understanding what Ohtani will be limited to next year should be interesting.
  8. That was his excuse too!
  9. Mike will be making $33 million at the end of this contract....That is your starting point. I would guess something like 6 year at $250-270 million That averages between $40 and $45 million per year.
  10. HaloNArizona

    Ty Buttrey Appreciation Thread

    I was thinking the same thing about Buttrey....Middleton is out for most of next year, and I dont trust Parker to close out games. Buttrey seems like a very nice in house option.
  11. This was in response to another thread about Scioscia's mis-managing his team. I know Cole had to go four innings the night before...I know that we still have huge number of starting pitchers un-able to start. I know last nights game was a bullpen game... By the way...I am blaming my youngest son for the no-no being broken up....we were not watching the game, but I was aware of what was happening, we did not speak of it, until he asked me if I knew was happening....the next few minutes...no-no gone.
  12. HaloNArizona

    Mark Reynolds

    Lou, You still have time to send some Bruin gear for his birthday.
  13. Jim Johnson starting...Must be Scioscia's fault that he missed managed the game yesterday and the team over the course of the year and has to have a bullpen game today.
  14. The injuries, gaping holes at the corners and behind the plate are not Scioscia's fault. As is the lack of bullpen help. Some of the gaping holes can fall at the feet of Dipoto (and TR) for the drafting strategies. You cannot adapt if you do not have the bodies...For example...starting pitching...when you lose Ohtani, Richards, Shoemaker, Ramirez, Skaggs and Tropeano, how do you expect a manager to adapt?
  15. To be a good GM...you need to win today and the next three years. You need to build the capitol to make moves. While previous GM's can share the blame, Jerry traded everything in site. Just as he has in Seattle.