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  1. HaloNArizona

    Angels DFA Jonathan Lucroy

    The Twins released Allen. Didnt like the CAhill signing...I like the Harvey signing....ugh!! We should have kept the catching unit from last year.... Again at least they are all one year signings and didnt cost anything to acquire them.
  2. HaloNArizona

    Is Billy E passive?

    While our starting pitching has been horrible.... He has addressed in some ways: Canning was a 2017 draft pick Ohtani will be huge in the next few years He plucked Sandoval away from the Astros He inherited Skaggs, Heaney and GRich The health issues have hurt more than anything...that and not wanting to over spend. He has focused on position players, because we truly were lacking in that area...He was expecting the pieces he had to be healthy and successful.
  3. Veteran shortstop Troy Tulowitzki has announced his retirement after 13 Major League seasons. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/07/troy-tulowitzki-announces-retirement.html
  4. HaloNArizona

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    A few years back, when Dusty Baker was managing the Giants, talked with him and his family at a Scooby Doo Live concert in Phoenix. This was during Spring Training time. Met Tim Salmon up here in Prescott AZ...he was coaching his sons travel ball team (Also had Tom Candiotti's kids on the team). Salmon played ball with the guy I used to coach little league with. When Salmon was up here, he called me up. Not an encounter I had...but Jose Canseco is now playing means slow pitch softball. He was up in Prescott VAlley a few weekends ago playing in a 50+ tourney. A friend of mine plays and umps...said Jose could still mash the ball....but couldnt run to save his life.
  5. HaloNArizona

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    Played little league against and graduated high school with Robb Nen Graduated high school with JT Snow's sister Met OJ before he killed his wife...he was filming a commercial and hitting golf balls on the football field. He introduced several of us to Roger Craig Mark Creese (former Dodger coach) lived in my neighborhood when I was a kid...he used to give us the handles of the bats of Dodger players (Bill Russell, Ron Cey, Garvey, Yeager)....of course we played whiffle ball with them.
  6. It's not ideal...but if we let Calhoun go and Adell struggles...for short time, you can move Fletch to RF, with and let La Stella, Simmons and Rengifo play in the IF. Again, not an ideal situation, but a decent back up plan...to go along with someone like Goodwin or Herm.
  7. HaloNArizona

    Roberto Pena?

    Ward will be called up to be the emergency back up catcher.
  8. HaloNArizona

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Such a class act....Our family will keep you the Skaggs family on our thoughts and prayers.
  9. HaloNArizona

    Angels and Marlins match up well for a trade

    I could be crazy....but I would like to hang onto Thaiss.
  10. Coming back down to earth... 3-15 .200/.368/.200/.568 OPS 3 BB/3K's 1 RBI
  11. The average baseball fan in SoCal is pretty bad....Went to a Cubs game last summer....They made Angel fans look like we were little league parents, who left the game after the kids stopped playing.
  12. HaloNArizona

    Another Trout Slump

  13. HaloNArizona

    Angels farm ranked at 21

    Can someone with more knowledge of the minors and draft answer me this: Wilson, was picked at #15, MLB had him ranked as the #21 prospect in the draft... I know pitching is a need, but how is this one of the worst picks in the draft?? Bleacher report is the only place I have seen that Wilson was not a good pick. Will Wilson | Rank: 21 School: North Carolina StateYear: JuniorPosition: SSAge: 20 DOB: 07/21/1998Bats: R Throws: RHeight: 5'11" Weight: 175 lb.Previously drafted: Never Scouting grades: Hit: 50 | Power: 50 | Run: 40 | Arm: 50 | Field: 50 | Overall: 50 For the second time in five years, North Carolina State could have a shortstop selected in the first round. Wilson isn't as tooled up as Trea Turner or the other top shortstops in a deep college crop, but he has a high floor as a steady up-the-middle defender with surprising power. He was one of four players to hit 10 or more homers in Atlantic Coast Conference games in 2018, joining Giants No. 2 overall pick Joey Bart, Astros first-rounder Seth Beer and Blue Jays second-rounder Griffin Conine. Though he's not physically imposing, Wilson has quick hands and deceptive strength that give him at least above-average raw power. A right-handed hitter, he has a knack for putting the barrel on the ball. He shows the ability to hit for average and power, and he has done a better job of drawing walks this spring despite his aggressive approach. The biggest knock on Wilson is his below-average speed. Most big league shortstops run better than that, though some scouts think he can stay at the position because he has quick actions and hands. Others believe his speed and average arm will land him at second base, where he played as a freshman and still would profile well offensively.
  14. HaloNArizona


    He can pitch two or three innings for Pena.