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  1. Kody Mac

    Brad Ausmus interviews....

    It's extremely rare that a manager calls out his players to the media, I don't even know why they bother asking at this point. You'll be able to tell if he cares by whether he keeps putting him out there in the 9th.
  2. Kody Mac

    It's April 21st...

    Remember, this is the April version of the Mariners, even Dee Gordon has a homer. Hit me up in July and we'll see how they're doing .
  3. Kody Mac

    Cody Allen

    Yeah I'm pretty sure you have to be 60+ to sell concessions. Alas, I am only half of that
  4. Kody Mac

    Cody Allen

    Never thrown one, but I bet it's get hit out less than Allen's
  5. Kody Mac

    It's April 21st...

    Just like I predicted in November.
  6. I mentioned this in another thread, but it's something that's worked in the past. What about Canning becoming the closer for the rest of the year and then put him in the rotation next year? Kind of like what the Cardinals did with Wainwright.
  7. Kody Mac

    Cody Allen

    Thanks man, just remember to mention that I could use a new job too, see what they got.
  8. Kody Mac

    Cody Allen

    Idk he was starting to collapse last year too.... I'd rather just pull a St Louis Cardinals and have Canning close for us before he starts next year, kind of like they did with Wainwright
  9. Stella has the second most home runs out n the team.... 1 behind Trout. Who saw that coming?
  10. Ooooooh are they going to strand Trout again???
  11. Kody Mac

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    I wonder if more players will follow Harper's lead and bunt against the shift. Notice they didn't shift against him the next AB