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  1. Kody Mac

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    They couldn’t have done that 3 weeks ago?
  2. Smith is about to be 31 and seems to be a career AAAA player. Did he magically turn a corner or is it a mirage?
  3. Kody Mac


    I noticed Trout didn’t get up to celebrate Ohtanis cycle. He must hate him. Drama on the horizon. /s
  4. Kody Mac

    Jared Walsh sent down

    People! Listen! Goodwin isn’t going anywhere! He’s the only other guy besides Trout who can play CF!!!! Get it through your skulls!
  5. Why is Fletchers defense surprising? I thought that was the one “for sure” thing about him, but they weren’t sure how his bat would play. Im going a different route. I never thought Bour would play as bad as he did. I was seriously rooting for the guy (I still want him to do well) and totally wasn’t expecting the terrible play.
  6. Kody Mac

    Jose Suarez removed from start, not injured.

    Can Suarez be called up so quickly though?
  7. Kody Mac

    Jose Suarez removed from start, not injured.

    Traded to the Reds
  8. In before “The Piece!”
  9. I would nut want that to happen to me. I’m surprised they had the balls to release that, I would have just called it a groin injury. In all seriousness I hope he heals soon, he’s a good player and I hate seeing good players hurt. Testicle.
  10. Kody Mac

    Keuchel signed

    Maybe he’s hoping he can show them enough that they’ll offer him an extension and he’ll take it to avoid Free Agency
  11. Kody Mac

    Keuchel signed

    Nat King, or Hamels? Or Garret? Or Bob? Wait, that was Dole. My bad
  12. There comes a time where you need to stop trying to outsmart the hitter and trust your stuff
  13. Kody Mac

    Keuchel signed

    So if you could have Harvey or Kuechel, at the same price, who would you rather have?