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  1. Kody Mac

    Andrew Heaney today

  2. Kody Mac

    Andrew Heaney today

    Great performance but also super frustrating. You know what kind of talent the guy has, but wish it would translate.
  3. Kody Mac

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    Not liking a player and “laughing if they died” are two very different things. I’m ok with not liking him. He screwed over the Angels with his poor decision, but that’s exactly what addicts do. I can’t tell you how many times my own brother has done something to screw with the family when he relapses. Then he goes to prison/rehab and is good for a little while again. Deep down he’s a good person and we see that when he’s healthy and off drugs. I don’t like Josh Hamilton, but I’m not going to sit here and wish any ill will on the man
  4. Kody Mac

    Gameday Thread: 8/17 White Sox @ Angels : Trout DH

    At this point I’d rather see Cahill pitching than Suarez.
  5. Aw man I missed the fun.
  6. They’re in a league of their own, duh.
  7. Kody Mac

    Trout buys $9 million Newport Beach mansion

    But hey, back on topic, when is the open house party?
  8. Kody Mac

    Trout buys $9 million Newport Beach mansion

    Definitely sounds like a Trump tweet. Who knew he was an Angels fan?!
  9. Kody Mac

    Freddy Galvis

    We don’t need any more infielders
  10. Why does it feel like it’s been forever since the Angels opened at home?
  11. Kody Mac

    AngelsWin.com Members!!

    Fire Chuck!!!!! Jk
  12. I wonder if the Angels will ever have a starting pitcher than can pitch a complete game again.
  13. Huh I guess I didn’t realize how bad Votto was doing this year
  14. Joey Votto isn’t what he used he used to be, but he’s still leagues ahead of Cabrera and Pujols. It’s not even fair to put his name in with them right now.