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  1. this thread is going to have a tough time competing with the "Cozart Back!!" GDT Edit: Appears they have been merged now
  2. lol @ Cozart Back!
  3. send him to AAA to work on his swing like Calhoun last year maybe call him up mid season as a UT IF
  4. This is the type of innovation Ausmus brings, that we just never got from Scioscia. He must be using analytics.
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  7. Thank you Mike, Arte, and Billy! Great day to be an Angels fan!
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    He's back!!!
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    Can you program it so that every single post on this website gets a Schwing from me? That would really cut out the middle man. Or in other words I like that new emoticon!
  11. Long live the bat flip!
  12. Finally Eppler's plan has been revealed.