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  1. Clay Helton and Chip Kelly talking football strategy
  2. Chris

    Look who's back!

  3. Chris

    Look who's back!

    wonder what happened with Briceno
  4. Chris

    Pena, Canning, and Simmons to the IL

    Trade for Puello and teach him to pitch.
  5. Chris


  6. Chris

    Even IF we get Gerrit Cole...

    I'm afraid our rotation will be quite operational next season when our friends arrive.
  7. Chris

    What's our rotation now?

    Cash Considerations - PTBNL - Waiver Claim - DFA Trade - Minor League Signing - Guy off the scrap heap - Clean Peanut
  8. Chris

    Skaggs and In-N-Out

    If it's a truck it's usually burgers and bags of chips, no fries.
  9. Chris

    Ready to punt 2019 or no?

  10. Hinch certainly respects the Angels, "their best team is really good."