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  1. Long live the bat flip!
  2. Finally Eppler's plan has been revealed.
  3. Chris

    Bourjos Back!

    Offseason complete!
  4. Chris

    2019 Steamer projections...

    Kevan Smith and Jose Briceno sightings
  5. Chris

    Another interesting trade (s)

    another interesting thread
  6. how about those M's, Red Sox, and O's?
  7. and by the way, did you see the Mariners' ranking on that Fangraphs farm system rankings?
  8. Great work! Thanks for getting this out early in the offseason. It will be a great reference during the offseason and beyond.
  9. Chris

    Meyer shut down....

    offseason over
  10. Jerry Dipoto = 100% Grade A Snake Oil Salesman
  11. Chris

    Creating Roster Space

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Cozart at 3B, Fletcher at 2B, Rengifo as bench MIF, with Ward at AAA for more seasoning to open 2019. I think Fletcher is a bit ahead of Ward at this point.
  12. This Southern California sunshine picks up my spirits...just saying.