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  1. Lhalo

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    Scioscia sitting next to Lasorda in the stands tonight.
  2. Lhalo


    What does Bezos’ cock taste like?
  3. Lhalo

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    The NeoCon RINO rag The Weekly Standard is thankfully going out of business. The responses to Bill Kristol’s tweet are fantastic.
  4. Lhalo


    No it’s really not.
  5. Lhalo


    Time to abolish the IRS and institute a flat tax.
  6. Lhalo

    ISIS delenda est

    Seems like every year a European Christmas market gets lit up by the religion of peace.
  7. Where the hell are Glen and Red? I genuinely miss those dudes even though they’re on the other side of the fence from me.
  8. Hey guys the Stones are playing at Altamont next weekend. What are you up to?
  9. Charges filed. @mp170.6 https://ocweekly.com/fullertons-ex-police-chief-and-captain-charged-in-chokehold-assault-of-emts/
  10. Nobody watches that shit anyway.
  11. Lhalo


    Ohs noes!!! Not the lizards and frogs!
  12. Lhalo


    More like Mueller doesn’t have shit.