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  1. Seriously. MLB better do something about these jerkoffs.
  2. I have it on in the background while I’m replacing a ceiling fan. Apparently I hate myself.
  3. There’s still some untapped 80 year old Jewish ass in St. Pete for tdawg to take down?
  4. Buttrey needs to keep the ball down in the zone. He just keeps leaving them upstairs on a plate.
  5. The Queens Angels has a nice ring to it.
  6. Of course they are. They get outraged over everything. Try telling them their pizza is shit and see what happens.
  7. I know they play in Jersey. I was just pointing out that The Bronx and Queens weren't part of a good argument.
  8. Lhalo

    AOC Thread

    Didn't she marry her brother?
  9. Am I a bad person if I don't really care about HIV?
  10. Yep. Just like Josh Earnest, Tony Snow and every other press secretary that ever lived.
  11. I can respect that. I just find it ridiculous, that's all. If I were king they would be the CA Angels which is what I grew up with. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Oh and suck it.
  12. FYI The Bronx and Queens are boroughs of the City of New York. Anaheim is a different city in a different county. You are comparing apples and oranges.