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  1. Road rage

    I believe the correct response is "Sweep the leg!"
  2. Religion of Peace

    Austria just voted in far right party to counter migrant policies. We need a “Hans, get the luger” meme
  3. Going for the win on the road
  4. So the experience with the boy was fun. First time ever that I was in my seats 45 minutes before kickoff. I sure could’ve used another beer. First half sucked, we had a Utah fan in front of us that was a loud clapper. We left at half as per our plan, got home and I started gassing whiskey. And we won! Ergo, whiskey for the win. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect my horizontal game
  5. It’s my sister’s husband’s sister. I got black out drunk at the wedding off Knob Creek. FYI
  6. Damn family getting in the way! I missed Stanford due to my brother in law’s sister getting married in Tahoe. And both of them were SC grads!
  7. That's, uh, good news I guess. Taking my boy to the game tomorrow.
  8. Fires

    Holy shit that was close!
  9. The Issue Of Our Time

    What if it's this big?
  10. Welcome to college football Tyler Vaughns. We need you. And Matt Fink has some wheels! this game was dangerously close to competing with a nap since we were up all night due to my daughter swallowing a penny. Xrays this morning showed . . . . . No penny. FML
  11. Can this trend be reversed? SJWs

    Because, as the thread details, you're an ahole?
  12. Las Vegas Shooting

    Down the stairwell adjacent to his room? No one knew who the shooter was, PD on the way up wouldn't have stopped his escape, I wouldn't think?
  13. Las Vegas Shooting

    So he probably did train with the bump stock, if he planned that out, along with stockpiling weapons over a number of years.
  14. Las Vegas Shooting

    I'd have to imagine an AR's barrel couldn't handle the heat after more than a few dozen rounds. My AR would practically glow in the dark after pulling the trigger 30 times fast back in the day