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    I'm outraged!
  2. AngelsLongBall

    USC (and more)

    There's numerous events that have happened.
  3. AngelsLongBall

    USC (and more)

    You're right. This is the result of a lack of leadership. Steven Sample must be rolling in his grave. If you will allow, I will rant; In my opinion, this is all the result of Max Nikias. He was in charge of compliance when the Bush shit went down. He got a promotion to President after Sample retired. His focus was fundraising. If you earned, you were golden. He turned a blind eye to the dean of Keck and his misdeeds...because he was a fundraiser. He turned a blind eye to the POS campus Gyno I read a report that said these "bribes" didn't go to the coaches, that they were passed off as "contributions" to USC Athletics (probably got a tax deduction as well). The fish rots from the head down. It's time to clean house. The BOT needs to probably get turned over. Administration needs to get turned over. Heritage Hall needs to get fumigated. I hope this tarnishes the "legacy" of Max Nikias and hope he goes away forever. This is unacceptable
  4. There was a shirt they sold back in the 90s when I was at SC that said something like “it’s only a hop, skip, jump, duck and roll for cover from the coliseum” What’s the mpg on the drive to the RB?
  5. AngelsLongBall

    I want to buy a dog ASAP

    LOL Rally gonna start a leper colony
  6. yk's "update on Barbaro" gif
  7. AngelsLongBall

    AOC Thread

  8. AngelsLongBall

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    I never make it west on Anaheim past Temple.
  9. Is also listed as a Prop 65 hazardous chemical
  10. AngelsLongBall

    Weaver Tweets with friends about his son and little league.

    Yeah, we conduct evals for safety and to balance the teams. But they’re not tryouts; if you want to play, you’ll be put on a team
  11. HE WAS OVER 40!!! OH NOES!!
  12. Bummed that Trevon Sidney is transferring. Dumpster = Engulfed
  13. This, all of this, stems back to Max Nikias, the former president, and the culture he allowed. From what I can tell, his focus was on fundraising and building the endowment. And the former Med School Dean who kept company with drug dealers and hookers was a tremendous fundraiser. So, along with the campus gyno, it was the straw that broke the camel's back and Nikias was forced out by the BOT. Half the board supported Nikias, and felt it was a sign of disrespect Rick Caruso forced him out immediately instead of letting him stay on until a successor. The interim president wanted to show a sign of force and basically fired the Business School Dean, a very popular professor and very successful Dean, under the guise that he allowed an environment of sexual harassment and racial discrimination/inequality. The faculty, students and some trustees were furious as there was no evidence of misconduct, and he never had a chance to defend himself. The Chairman of the Board held a kangaroo court and basically forced the rest of the BOT to vote on the issue without seeing the independent report (which allegedly exonerated the dean) and pressing that the interim president has the authority to ask for a resignation without a reason. So now we have a pissing contest between rich white old men. I hope they clean house. We need a new president, who can hire their own AD, who can hire their own HC. This is why Helton wasn't canned