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  1. AngelsLongBall

    RIP Tardar Sauce

    Didn’t they name one of the engines on Big Thunder Railroad after him?
  2. AngelsLongBall

    Can this trend be reversed? SJWs

    You guys gonna complete the space dock?
  3. AngelsLongBall

    Game of Thrones

    I thought this was well done
  4. I can see where babies come out
  5. AngelsLongBall

    Our legal system at its finest...

    But what about hookers and blow?
  6. AngelsLongBall

    California Golden Bears Football

    You guys can borrow SC's flamethrower
  7. AngelsLongBall


    I'm outraged!
  8. AngelsLongBall

    USC (and more)

    There's numerous events that have happened.
  9. AngelsLongBall

    USC (and more)

    You're right. This is the result of a lack of leadership. Steven Sample must be rolling in his grave. If you will allow, I will rant; In my opinion, this is all the result of Max Nikias. He was in charge of compliance when the Bush shit went down. He got a promotion to President after Sample retired. His focus was fundraising. If you earned, you were golden. He turned a blind eye to the dean of Keck and his misdeeds...because he was a fundraiser. He turned a blind eye to the POS campus Gyno I read a report that said these "bribes" didn't go to the coaches, that they were passed off as "contributions" to USC Athletics (probably got a tax deduction as well). The fish rots from the head down. It's time to clean house. The BOT needs to probably get turned over. Administration needs to get turned over. Heritage Hall needs to get fumigated. I hope this tarnishes the "legacy" of Max Nikias and hope he goes away forever. This is unacceptable
  10. There was a shirt they sold back in the 90s when I was at SC that said something like “it’s only a hop, skip, jump, duck and roll for cover from the coliseum” What’s the mpg on the drive to the RB?
  11. AngelsLongBall

    I want to buy a dog ASAP

    LOL Rally gonna start a leper colony
  12. yk's "update on Barbaro" gif
  13. AngelsLongBall

    AOC Thread

  14. AngelsLongBall

    New Angels Stadium in Long Beach?

    I never make it west on Anaheim past Temple.