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  1. AngelsLongBall

    Angels DFA Matt Harvey finally

  2. AngelsLongBall

    LOL Angeles

  3. AngelsLongBall

    LOL Angeles

    LA Times pinned the defeat on older white voters who don't care that LAUSD has mostly poor students of color
  4. AngelsLongBall

    Cops are great

    Mermaid Theory
  5. AngelsLongBall


  6. AngelsLongBall

    Can this trend be reversed? SJWs

    Because that guy has to pee sitting down!
  7. AngelsLongBall

    RIP Tardar Sauce

    Didn’t they name one of the engines on Big Thunder Railroad after him?
  8. AngelsLongBall

    Can this trend be reversed? SJWs

    You guys gonna complete the space dock?
  9. AngelsLongBall

    Game of Thrones

    I thought this was well done
  10. I can see where babies come out
  11. AngelsLongBall

    Our legal system at its finest...

    But what about hookers and blow?
  12. AngelsLongBall

    California Golden Bears Football

    You guys can borrow SC's flamethrower
  13. AngelsLongBall


    I'm outraged!