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  1. Opiates vs. alcohol

    Real life narcos. Please tell me you noticed the photo credit name
  2. Game of Thrones

    A motherfucking zombie ice dragon??!! Aw shit
  3. Something must be in the water at 7th Fleet. USS John McCain collides with oil tanker Another U.S. Navy destroyer collides with a merchant ship, rescue efforts underway - The Washington Post
  4. Carjacker picks wrong car to jack

    Sorry I missed you on the initial go round
  5. Confederate Monuments

    Is that the artist's interpretation of @Adam fighting 4 year old's?
  6. Game of Thrones

    Wights are the dead that are raised by the White Walkers. They are killed by fire White Walkers are a species of man created by the Children to fight the early men. They have the white hair and piercinging blue eyes. They can only be killed by Valerian steel or dragonglass
  7. Game of Thrones

    I thought Gilly said Rhaegar annulled his marriage to Elia Martell and married Lyana Stark? So that would have been Dany's sister in law not mom/aunt? Or am I reading your quote completely wrong?
  8. Gameday: 8/12 Angels@Mariners

    "...and my favorite player is Derek Jeter"
  9. Gameday: 8/12 Angels@Mariners

    Rancho Santa Margarita
  10. Clubs

    Already done and invite sent!
  11. Porn Board Dead

    If I can't remember who you are, send me a PM
  12. Porn Board Dead

    I have created the AWAD Redux Club.
  13. god bless nevada

    I drove from SLC to Idaho Falls (and back) this past weekend. Most of I-15 is 80. It was fantastic
  14. Porn Board Dead

    I liked to think of them as my gifts for everything you do