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  1. Christopher Mancusso is a clown

    I prefer listening to Bart Mancuso. His Morse is so rusty, he may be sending Playmate of the Month dimensions
  2. Wow, that would be a reversal. You going to the game?
  3. The popup ads

  4. The popup ads

    I got no problems with pop ups. Then again, I paid the $100 for ad free, so
  5. Southern California Firestorms

    I have a good buddy that lives in the hills in Ventura behind Ventura High School. His entire neighborhood is gone with his and his neighbor's house being the exceptions
  6. Whiskey

    Here's a 1L "barrel" that also includes a kit to turn vodka into spiced rum or bourbon Can also get a 2L barrel for wine or aging cocktails
  7. UCLA Football Thread

    Wait, in another thread you stated your Dad paid your tuition to SC, so I’m assuming you’re an in the F are you a ucla fan?
  8. Kinda cool in a “I’ve never had my shit pushed in” kinda way?
  9. Whiskey

    Well hell, I’d do a 55 gallon like the pro’s but my wife may object
  10. Whiskey

    I’ve never barrel aged but I have infused. I had a barrel aged OF at Arroyo Chophouse and it was awesome. Small batch. How big an oak barrel you think, 1 gallon?
  11. Favorite places to take a wiz

    Backyard, or on cheap hookers
  12. 2017 College Football

    Kiffin actually doing something well!