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  1. I certainly don’t shit out hundred dollar bills
  2. You had a shot at him in the transfer portal
  3. With your kind of confidence, I should probably pull my kids out of school early and start heading up there to marinate myself.
  4. AngelsLongBall

    UCLA Football Thread

    New AD in 2020.
  5. Friday night is gonna be ugly
  6. AngelsLongBall


    She's heinous
  7. AngelsLongBall


  8. Swann gone. I...did not see that coming either
  9. AngelsLongBall

    Water Delivery

    How many parsecs to complete the kessel run with that bad boy?
  10. I...did not see that coming.
  11. Maybe install the fumblerooski and the halfback pass
  12. Our QB. Our line. Our game management. Our play calling once we exhaust the scripted plays. I could go on
  13. Kostello ruled out for Stanford. Ergo, I would fully expect Helton to escape the axe
  14. I will say, the Coliseum looks great at night. They removed a lot of the clutter. The new seats are for shit though. Too flimsy