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  1. AngelsLongBall

    Harper to New York

  2. AngelsLongBall

    Can this trend be reversed? SJWs

    How would a safety razor work on one's apple bag? I've used Gillette since I was a young pup
  3. I have, in my possession, a FW: Fw: that I'm going to present which gave me a chuckle. Perhaps a suppressed guffaw? I know I don't normally trade in politics, and this is why I stick to smut
  4. I'll try this. But not pomegranate molasses. I love meatloaf. I do versions with bison meat which gives a good flavor, and then I do a turkey one that I make into a meatloaf roll, with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, provolone, etc.
  5. AngelsLongBall

    RIP Chris Burrous

    Not to be glib, but I read that last second as her act of performing head and I had to do a double take
  6. Extended to April
  7. This is what is holding it up, they were told back in November.
  8. AngelsLongBall

    My New Puppy

    He'd jack off in front of you like Louis CK too. Disturbing
  9. AngelsLongBall

    My New Puppy

    I think we're about to jump back into the dog game. We had a French Bulldog when we lived in a townhome. Wilbur has been gone for almost 5 years. I'll post this pic which I'm sure @calscuf will appreciate.
  10. Go on. Gonna need you to flesh this out a bit since the top hats at HH can't find their asses with both hands
  11. Josh Rosen probably most excited. Good for Kliff, I never begrudge anyone trying to better their lot in life.
  12. Failing upwards a la Kiffin and Sark?
  13. AngelsLongBall


    Commanche Indian?