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  1. It's Official

    which includes y'all.
  2. Card tricks

    i know that guy too
  3. The official 2017-18 LA Kings thread

    his dad wasn't like that. tkachuk is just an andrew shaw.
  4. Las Vegas Shooting

    I don't know why you annoy me but you do.
  5. Las Vegas Shooting

    So the other shooter(s) was/were able to shoot out of the window without breaking a window at Mandalay Bay, amazing. It's dumb I love in a country where it's so easy to obtain an automatic gun. Fuck anyone with a weapon like that.
  6. Fire Scioscia

    extend the contract to 2030.
  7. RIP Hugh Hefner

    not sure there was ever a better life lived by one man.
  8. Holy Crap

    Counter this with you have what's coming if you fuck a dating columnist whilst married.
  9. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    16 td vs 4 ints in 2016 with a 90.7 rating. so balls to your post.
  10. UCLA Football Thread

    Just realized... Gus Johnson loves calling a UCLA comeback.
  11. UCLA Football Thread

  12. UCLA Football Thread

    For sure Corey Paus was a better QB than Rosen is.
  13. UCLA Football Thread

    Worse than Chelsea under mou's last season.
  14. Cops are great

    any recap? can't stand joe rogan.
  15. Game of Thrones

    the north of the wall plot is the downfall of this season for me. so dumb ice dragon brought it down.