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  1. full circle's schtick completely contradicts his pennywise persona.
  2. It would raise an extra $15k in revenue from this thread alone!
  3. Schildog

    Good News for Republicans

    So it's real voter fraud vs I know a lady. F*ck you
  4. Um switching to renewable energy is something that we should be aiming for. You know why... Because it's Facking renewable.
  5. This is amazing. No INO and this to boot. You'll need to click on it then follow the thread down.
  6. Schildog


    It's so weird
  7. So the cons really should be afraid of cons when it comes to voting fraud.
  8. Well considering she's a rep and not a senator, no. Meme makers need to do better.
  9. Schildog

    Stock Market: The Thread

    Is fs an economist now?
  10. Schildog

    Katie Porter

    Did anyone ever think they'd live to see all of oc blue when it comes to the us house?
  11. Schildog

    Any Ben Shapiro fans here?

    Shapiro is a c*nt whose best skill is annoying people. So it makes sense he would have a good following on this forum.
  12. Schildog


    You've had a bit of a nightmare there Larry