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  1. Schildog


    Now he's wanting network projections to be the determination of elections rather than actually counting ballots.
  2. Schildog


    MT JS sucks. But we know there's only one reason why Trump forced JS resignation.
  3. Schildog


    Joke president. Joke supporters who can't even condem what is an obvious self preservation move by Trump.
  4. I voted for 6 but I'm amused that maga is upset about it. So swings and roundabouts.
  5. It's too soon but he has the it factor about him.
  6. Schildog


    Blarg is cute sometimes
  7. And again. Stephens will be fired soon.
  8. Schildog

    Stock Market: The Thread

    I knew this would be updated. Never change fan since.
  9. Schildog

    Prop 10

    It's would take away power from the state and give it to local jurisdictions. So I guess you're the facking moron.
  10. Schildog


    Haha. The defending of him to no end is hilarious.
  11. Schildog


    You don't seem to be clever.
  12. It's stupid to have it open to the public but the fact it's massively pissing off blarg and all the other Republicans here is hilarious.