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  1. More Thoughts & Prayers

    whats the argument of being forced to trade in a used magazine in order to get a new one?
  2. Car rental scam

    Ocho... Any chance this was europcar? The same thing happened to my wife after our trip in Nov. They're claiming €1.1k for scratches to the hood.
  3. Uber sucks

    Its the same to me as a customer. However, Lyft doesn't seem to get involved in scandals on a quarterly basis.
  4. Uber sucks

    It's the same service without being the awful company Uber is. Most drivers work for both but from my conversations with the drivers they like Lyft better.
  5. Uber sucks Why use them when Lyft is readily available as well?
  6. Someone send her stand and deliver.
  7. Obama rejects Keystone XL

    my god you're tedious.
  8. #metoo

    yeah that's fucked up.
  9. The official 2017-18 LA Kings thread

    Really that one? Anyhow when is Carter back?
  10. Calolfornia

    i feel like that building doesn't suit a floor and decor. bring back albertson's.
  11. Weird fs hasn't mentioned it was a white dude.
  12. As long as the status quo remains
  13. Yellen

    Interesting. Surely she wasn't re-upped because she was an Obama appointment.
  14. And each one is as lame as the original.