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  1. Schildog


    Amazing work in here from the Trump boys the past couple of days.
  2. call it the angels factor, but the ilya signing has me terrified.
  3. Schildog

    I don't think it is just politics

    well if i was a retailer in the cannabis industry i'd why want my suppliers to be laid back and not uptight. this lady falls in the latter category.
  4. Schildog

    I don't think it is just politics

    sure patty didn't do anything illegal. however, she's definitely a c*nt. that makes the customers choice to go with other suppliers easy. that's why she's stepped down.
  5. if you don't pay the fees, you don't get the benefits of collective bargaining. it seems straight forward to me.
  6. i'm just curious why someone would go to an anti-abortion center to get information on an abortion in the first place.
  7. Schildog


    strange as trump isn't known to embellish anything.
  8. Schildog

    Rougned Odor

    Odor doing what he does best, being a c*nt
  9. Schildog

    The Train

    ah F*ck, my pregnant wife won't like that. edit: wait it's on the angel stadium side of katella?
  10. Schildog

    The Train

    where is the stop at? am i correct thinking behind leftfield?
  11. Schildog

    Matt Harvey DFA'd

    do. not. want.
  12. 25-1 to win the ws you say?
  13. Schildog

    The official 2017-18 LA Kings thread

    ideally the kings finish 7th but that's not going to happen. will pretty much wrap third in the pacific with back to back wins today tomorrow. that half point for better row looks to be big over the ducks.
  14. Schildog

    More Thoughts & Prayers

    whats the argument of being forced to trade in a used magazine in order to get a new one?