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  1. Then imagine next year with Adell, Thaiss and Rengifo. Its gonna be insane.
  2. Bronson

    Hypothetical Ridiculous Questions

    I like how he was 21st in the MVP voting but wasn’t in the Cy Young vote at all. Makes sense.
  3. Probably just tweaked something. I don’t think it’s gonna be a big deal.
  4. Yeah I have full confidence in it which i haven’t had since 2014.
  5. I bet the Red Sox wish they still had Buttrey. He’s gonna be a dominant closer in a couple years.
  6. I would have. I would have told him to just take every pitch lol
  7. Wow La Stella is bad. DFA his ass tomorrow. Jesus. Couldn’t even hit a sac fly.
  8. Still early boys. I think the bats are waking up tonight.
  9. There’s no need to change the uniforms. The current ones are really nice and I hate teams that have to constantly rebrand. Keep with one that’s nice and works. The current Angels brand is just fine. Leave it alone.
  10. I really think our bullpen has the potential to be something special. I’m only worried about Allen.
  11. Stro’s are 1-3 also. So we are just as good as the Astros. That’s what I take away from this record.
  12. You’d first point made sense. The other two not so much. i was quite impressed with our SP so far and especially our bullpen. It might actually be a strength this year.
  13. What’s wrong with Simmons? And he would be way cheaper then Lindor.