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  1. Spring Training is officially over for Ohtani.
  2. Bronson

    Gameday: Jun 11th Dodgers vs Angels

    Wtf was that challenge all about??
  3. They want to keep him at short. What does that mean for Simmons??? I think they should try to convert him to third base.
  4. I was talking about the umpires....
  5. These assholes make six figures a year. Bullshit. Time for the computer.
  6. Bronson

    Gameday:Jun 7th Mariners 6 vs Angels 2

    F*ck these overpaid umps. Time for the computer.
  7. Bronson

    Gameday:Jun 7th Mariners 6 vs Angels 2

    It touched the fans glove first. Doesn’t that mean it’s a dead ball....
  8. Bronson

    First Angels game last night -- I'm a fan

    No. You need to build a brand and you don’t do that with rebranding constantly. There has been way to much rebranding in this franchise and there doesn’t need to be another one. There’s nothing wrong with our current uniforms and logo. There’s no need for change.
  9. Bronson

    Unwritten Rule

    Who cares? A bunt doesn’t guarantee a hit anyways.
  10. Bronson

    Gameday Thread:Angels @ Mariners 6/1/2019

    Wow Heaney hit 95....
  11. Bronson

    Gameday Thread:Angels @ Mariners 6/1/2019

    Is it just me or are these so called “neutral” announcers pretty biased towards the Mariners.
  12. How hard is it to make Buttrey the closer?
  13. Wtf why aren’t you walking Gallo???