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  1. What have you watched recently? “It took a different kind of revolution to kill those films. What Beatty and Dunaway achieved in 1967, Lehman Brothers did in 2008, the financial crisis spooking the studios – or the conglomerates that now owned them. Overnight, the middlebrow, mid-budget awards-season fodder that had come to define “Hollywood” was judged a bad risk. For a decade since, the film business has been strictly binary, split between micro indies made for pocket change and studios turning out jumbotronic superhero serials.”
  2. Game of Thrones

    im excited for the spinnof they just announced: where tormund and the hound get an apartment together in new york.
  3. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    i am assuming its just a stop gap. lindholm and vatanen wont be recovered from their surgeries for a few weeks into the season.
  4. Stanton Clears Waivers

    trade for stanton. sign bryce harper. win every game with a score of 22-21. plan the parade.
  5. Rancho Santa Margarita Little League

    they had little league world series on TV at bar recently. its hilarious to watch. "batting in the five spot is third baseman tyler cash. he's 4'11, 104 lbs, right hander. his favorite subject is social studies and he has a turtle named pickles."
  6. Barcelona, terror attack?

    Wow what a nightmare. One of the busiest streets in the world for foot traffic. I was just out there (and had to call down the thunder on two dudes who grabbed my wife and I on that same street, Las Ramblas). The world is going to sh*t.
  7. MyPillow and other gimmicky stuff

    im more impressed that fry's is still around. i went into the palo alto one recently to buy a keyboard. those places are a trip, the one here is western/cowboy themed.
  8. What have you watched recently?

    Loved The Founder.
  9. Leasing a car

    hey you calling me a lawyer?! those are fighting words.
  10. Today in the Bay Area

    It's not a terrible idea. I mean there is a lot of $$ muscle behind the scenes that will want to prop them up and at least get their money back. Plus the vast majority being underwater with their stock, means they will start to jump ship. Not terrible idea to buy now and just see what happens. But I'm not, those social tech stocks (and the underlying teen demographic) are too volatile for my taste.
  11. Leasing a car

    seriously. im appalled.
  12. where have you been

    ha is that his steak place? never been. a cheaper option is his pub at caesar's we love it. that sucks on the bread - darn kids. for steak joint: HIGHLY recommend STK. rented out private room last year for my wife's 30th birthday party with bunch of our friends. holy sh*t it was legit. i love that hotel and their restaurants/bars. very loose craps tables too.
  13. What have you watched recently?

    this looks fun
  14. where have you been

    ha. i love the casino and restaurants at paris in vegas.
  15. Today in the Bay Area

    lol @ snap. what a disaster. down what, 70% since IPO? IPO'd at $30/share, founders each got nice $700m bonus for that. now barely hovering above $10/share. employees still under lock up so can't sell. the vast majority are underwater anyways so it's worthless except for the few early people and investors. what a nightmare.