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  1. i tried white castle once in the tiny town of chillicothe, ohio. it was f*cking disgusting.
  2. mrwicked

    Armored Truck Cash Spill

    needlenose ned, ned the head.
  3. mrwicked

    Hawaii trip

    Fun as a single guy. But nothing sounds better to a wife than "hey let's save a few bucks and skip the resort/pampering/room service/maids/swim up bar/spa. Plus you can cook and clean for us just like you do at home." Doesn't sound like much of a vacation from her perspective. We go often. So f*cking fun. Definitely go eat at Lahaini Grill in Maui. It's routinely rated as one of the best restaurants in the country - by far the best in Maui, and not super expensive. Have a cocktail first at Kimo's on the water. Oh and spot by Lioda's too for drinks, a hot dog and a mini pie. As for lodgings and other restaurants or activities - I have suggestions if need be for both islands.
  4. mrwicked

    Scandalous Family Secrets

    Yep. I've heard stories of families torn apart because the results of DNA kits like 23andMe show fathers aren't the real fathers, etc. Crazy.
  5. mrwicked

    Stock Market: The Thread

    Gambling and speculating can be fun.
  6. mrwicked

    Three favorite movies?

    sera. s-e-r-a. sera. love that movie.
  7. mrwicked

    The Official 2019-2020 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    The Ducks are in transition, and bringing up a ton (prob half a dozen) of their prospects this year. Eakins knows them all. He's got the leg up, and has proven success. It's a smart move for where the org is at the moment. Not sure why the lengthy interview process seems odd - he's done this every time. He always hire like mid-June, after SCF. He's thorough, as long as it got done before the draft who cares?
  8. mrwicked

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    there you have it.
  9. mrwicked

    Ongoing NBA Thread

    He has a player option for like $32m. One idea: he accepts it, sits on IR all season, comes back for the Warriors in the Finals. Then goes free-agent.
  10. mrwicked

    People Who Owe Me Beer

    In the right circles... they never stopped being a thing.
  11. mrwicked

    People Who Owe Me Beer

    lol oh man. F*ck looks like they brought it back in 2017 after 10 year hiatus, but discontinued again in 2019. We missed it! Pretty sure they still sell it in Japan though. Next meetup in Tokyo? From Wikipedia: ”Its production in the United States ceased in October 2008, but the product is still marketed in Japan.[2] On June 2, 2017, MillerCoors announced a limited release of Zima for the US market. The beverage was sold again in the U.S. in summer 2017 and summer 2018. It did not return in 2019.”
  12. mrwicked

    People Who Owe Me Beer

    Any friend of Lou's (that owes him a beer), is also a friend of mine (and in turn also owes me a beer). Nice to make new friends!
  13. mrwicked

    Stock Market: The Thread

    Baller! Only true badasses have the stomach to trade in pork bellies, used to make bacon. Which you might find in a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.