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  1. mrwicked

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    RIP. Deliverance is one of my all-time favorites. With they made movies like that now (in america at least).
  2. mrwicked

    Best bathroom you have dumped in

    One of my all-time favorite hotels - the Mandarin Oriental! That's one of the top luxury hotels in the world, one of only six in the US to hold five diamond and triple five-star. Wild that it was just sold to Waldorf Astoria group, I think it's re-opening soon. The restaurant there Twist is f*cking awesome. Killer spa too, but no casino. The best part was on the upper Tea Lounge level (killer view), there is a champagne vending machine. For I think $25 or $50 you get a token and you take it to the machine and it kicks out a little bottle of Veuve. So fun.
  3. the main page is now over 50% "recipe of the day" threads (11 out of 21 non-stickied). just have a single thread and put the recipe posts there?
  4. i wish they colluded the year we signed pujols.
  5. mrwicked

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Nice singing! If he keeps progressing man that's a great deal. We need someone other than Rakell that can put the puck in the back of the net, glad to shore up Kase for a few years.
  6. mrwicked

    Anyone ever live in the Miami area?

    i f*cking love miami. we try to do a weekend there about once a year. great vibe in that town.
  7. As a Ducks fan I hate Doughty but he's worth it. Dude is everywhere on the ice. Agreed Karlsson is even better though, and deserves slightly more.
  8. mrwicked

    Stock Market: The Thread

    How about Sybian?
  9. mrwicked

    Prime Day

    I don't have carpet but it goes over rugs just fine. I had some hallway runners that would fight with and eventually give up on because they had some curls at the edges I couldn't get out. I kept the Roomba and sold the runners because they pissed me off anyways. But yeah mostly it's pretty tough, it will keep trying and work around things. Only time it gets stuck is if it sucks up a drape or goes over like an apple cable or something. It's rare but it happens. What's bomb ass is when it runs low on juice it will automatically return to the home base to re-charge, and then keep going. And the house and wifi mapping is sweet. You can literally see your entire place and the obstacles it went around, and it can show you low signal wifi spots. These guys have been building this auto-vaccuum tech for over a decade, it's solid. But the downside is the dust tank is not big enough to finish my place (I have two rescue kittens so it's mostly picking up after them in between maid visits). So sometime it tells me it's going to hang loose until I empty it out. But you can tell it just ignore that and keep going regardless. But man even after the maid comes, it still collects stuff. It's impressive.
  10. mrwicked

    Comic Books

    All I know about comic books I learned from Lost Boys. "You can't put the Superman no. 77 with the 200s. They haven't even discovered red kryptonite yet. And you can't put the no. 98 with the 300s. Lori Lemaris hasn't even been introduced." Plus how serious Batman #14 is - only four in existence, and Sam is always looking out for the other three.
  11. mrwicked

    Prime Day

    I have the $1k model, it's awesome. I want to get a second one for rear of my place.
  12. mrwicked

    Waterboy vs. Happy Gilmore

    I wanna kiss you all ova....
  13. spoiler alert! common courtesy you jerk.