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  1. mrwicked

    The Sopranos

    Cute title. Nice take on Moltisanti, which is Christopher's family, which means "many saints." Guessing the time line is about his Dad Dickie?
  2. mrwicked


    out on bail fresh outta jail...
  3. mrwicked

    Any Fisherman on this site?

    why would you come here asking if there are any fisherman? this is definitely the wrong place for that. is primarily a recipes site. learn the rules.
  4. mrwicked

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Kesler's NMC isn't in effect that final year, it converts to a NTC so he won't need to be protected. But agreed, might buy out anyways if we need the cap space and he's still playing like garbage.
  5. mrwicked

    It's about time, Cory

    Congrats baller - nicely done!
  6. That's not even a recipe - it's clearly an ad for a coffee machine. If is going to have these ridiculous threads generated for every article on, would be trivial to add a filter for the phrase "SPONSORED CONTENT" in the body.
  7. mrwicked

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    It's great when that one dimension is the primary dimension we were comically lacking. Great pick up!
  8. mrwicked

    Stock Market: The Thread

    yep. poof. what's crazy is people were mortgaging their houses to buy bitcoin when it was like $18k a coin. it's now down to the mid $3ks. ouch.
  9. mrwicked


    Just watched the bourbon documentary Neat. Thought it was fantastic. Highly recommend!
  10. mrwicked

    AW non obligatory tipping pros

    always tip cash. f*ck taxes.
  11. mrwicked

    Video Game Reviews: What Are You Playing?

    That red dead redemption game might be the thing that gets me to buy an xbox one. ... probably not. but it does look fine and ive heard its a blast.
  12. mrwicked

    Connecting Flights

    Never do less than an hour, else you're risking the slightest delay on your inbound flight to cause you to miss your connecting flight. And if it's the only one out.. you're stuck for the night. If not looking for lengthy layover, which have their merits, best to aim for 90 mins to two hours, and have some cocktails at the bar.
  13. mrwicked

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    I think Kase wasn't bumped, as much as he's been arguably our best winger. So it's safe to put him on that line and give Sprong some skilled linemates out of the gate. Kase seems to do well regardless. Agreed on net presence. Man if Eaves comes back fron skurvy we might actually have some legit scoring depth for once. Sprong looked great. Clearly needs work on the defensive side but we can help him with that.