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  1. mrwicked

    Stock Market: The Thread

    I used to listen to replies of that show at night when I was a kid. I think it was KNX 1070 AM, called "drama hour." Every night at 9pm was a different show from the 50s/60s. Stuff like Dragnet, Cisco Kid, etc. I remember loving "X minus 1" the sci fi program.
  2. mrwicked

    USC (and more)

    What a wild story. College admissions has been a black market for ages though.
  3. mrwicked

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    I just ran it once, and predicted the Ducks getting first overall, and 20th overall (from STL). Basically the absolute best case scenario. So it's a lock! Plan the parade.
  4. mrwicked

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    Can you imagine if this is the year the league doesn't rig it for them.. and they actually do get first overall? Ha. Crazy the avs could get #1 and #2.
  5. New True Detective. Only through 2 episodes but we are digging it so far. Feels better than season two, which was too jumbled.
  6. mrwicked

    The Official 2018-2019 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    oilers already have hughes locked up. it's the battle for #2 overall at this point.
  7. mrwicked

    Your Favorite NL Team(s)

    Giants. - Have gone to every single Giants Opening Day since the ballpark opened in 2000 when I was a freshman at Cal. - I live in San Francisco now. - F*ck the Dodgers. - Hurray bacon dogs. - Best ballpark in baseball. - F*ck the Dodgers.
  8. mrwicked

    Fyre Festival

    count me in to buy your mixtape.
  9. mrwicked

    Recipe Of The Day: Refried Beans

    seben bushes!
  10. mrwicked

    Fyre Festival

    pissed off ja is the best ja.
  11. mrwicked

    The Sopranos

    Cute title. Nice take on Moltisanti, which is Christopher's family, which means "many saints." Guessing the time line is about his Dad Dickie?
  12. mrwicked


    out on bail fresh outta jail...
  13. mrwicked

    Any Fisherman on this site?

    why would you come here asking if there are any fisherman? this is definitely the wrong place for that. is primarily a recipes site. learn the rules.