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  1. Mike Trout's Wedding

    Had same experience at Four Seasons on Maui - the service was amazing. Just unreal and by far the best I've ever come across.
  2. MLB investigating Ohtani medical info leak

    the devil went down to georgia he was lookin' for a soul to steal..
  3. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    time to swoop in and finally land mcab.
  4. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    rayvs. Just like toews.
  5. What have you watched recently?

    We are on episode seven of stranger things season two. I won't give spoilers, but definitely my least favorite episode of the series. The story line with "8" is kind of meh. The Lost Boys vibe was kind of fun though, I wish they had dropped some actual references to it.
  6. What have you watched recently?

    Ha. One of my all time favorite movies. But the book is even better (written in 1930s and non-fiction). I loved Fight Club movie, but the book was trash. All his books feel like freshman highschooler taking their first artistic writing class.
  7. Whiskey

    Got my barrel - going through the cure process now which takes a week or so. Trying to figure out if I want to age the cocktail in the virgin charred oak, or "prepare" the barrel itself by letting some port or madeira sit in there for a while to get that flavor. I might ask the Polo Lounge what they did since I have no idea what the f*ck I'm doing. Next step is to choose a high proof rye, so that will be fun.
  8. insanity. highly recommend this documentary on munchausen by proxy: Mommy Dead and Dearest. i think i mentioned it in the "what have you watched" thread.
  9. Thoroughbred Racing

    Damn didn't know you lost two photo finishes. Good times anyway.
  10. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    these could work in our favor. kesler ran out of gas last year. he should be full energy for entirety of season. same with getz. and hell, giving perry a breather won't hurt. the pacific is such crap this year, we might be able to spring board to another division title, and go far in playoffs with well-rested team. ... as long as we don't face the f*cking predators.
  11. Mike Trout's Wedding

    I went to a wedding there last year. Awesome place. On that trip we hit up Atlantic City because I'd always wanted to check it out. It was like a demilitarized zone.
  12. Would you rather . . .

    i was just up in alaska and it's f*cking sun light all the time there. it's trippy. for the record i go with calscuf - ie the option that implies more boobs.
  13. why cut/paste the entire article, if you are going to add a "view the full article" link?
  14. A possibility regarding third base

    have to think you could pick up longoria for the right price. everyone but yankees and sox need to blow it up in the al east.