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  1. lol "im an oil man" works in every context. just remind folks of your son "ayche dubya" and you're all set.
  2. What have you watched recently?

    Yeah it sucks that I know it's going to end before it rightfully should. Like Carnivale - one of my all time favorite shows, but they just ran out of money. It and Deadwood were before the big budget tv epics were a more viable thing.
  3. Camping and Hiking Thread

    When I did the big sur hike I mentioned here (sykes hot springs, which is actually closed currently) it started to rain the middle of the night. Since you're camping just meters from the river, in flood plane area, you gotta keep tabs on that. I put a handful of sticks out from the river distanced one meter apart. I would wake up every 10-15 mins and check. If the river started touching the sticks, the plan was to bolt. Well it touched them, and within 15 mins we were packed and heading out of that canyon. Didn't take long for that sh*t to get nasty, we watched from the ridge. People have needed to be airlifted away. Camping in the rain is fun as long as you stay frosty.
  4. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    bieksa: -13 next worst dman? fowler at +1. why the fuck is bieksa getting ice time?
  5. i just had to google "hydroflask" too. reminds me of hydro-electric by MDFMK.
  6. "This is an opportunity of a lifetime and people achieve it every day."
  7. What have you watched recently?

    I never got into the Wire. Tried starting it twice, just didn't latch for us. But I'll likely give it another go. I haven't checked out Rome yet, but have heard great things.
  8. Pliny is a double IPA - thus the hops (I like it better than standard IPAs). I buy two cases every time I'm in Santa Rosa, just really good beer. Pliny the Younger is even on another level, man it is just comically delicious. Also their Bling Pig standard IPA is really good. Lagunitas is great, very popular around here, fantastic to go up there for lunch. I love me some Sculpin too. Bummer you don't move up sooner, the Bay Area brew festival is in a couple weeks and always a good time. Folks here know IPA better than myself, but I also like Citra from a place down in Kern County called Kern River Brewing.
  9. Anyone here get the SNES classic?

    but cds will never have the presence of an original 78. wrong! a digital transfer adequately mastered will sound identical to the original. do you have a decent equalizer? i have a klipsch 2B-3. well, obviously the problem! wou expect a 10 band equalizer to impart state-of-the-art sound?! dream a little dream, it's never gonna happen!
  10. Oh HAL yeah!

    And not have it invade your privacy so they can pile up comical amounts of personal data to sell to advertisers.
  11. Anyone here get the SNES classic?

    i bought the nes classic, played it once so i could school my nephew in punchout. then he went back to minecraft. been collecting dust in my closet ever since. still might get the snes though. does it have mortal kombat or street fighter?
  12. The Official 2017-2018 Anaheim Ducks Thread

    The D finally looks like they have a legit top-4. The lindholm/mason pairing has been stellar, as always. But the Fowler and Montour pairings with the old guys... eesh. I like putting Fowler with Montour, and letting Petersson play with the dinosaurs. Lindolm/Manson, Fowler/Montour is what we kind of all expected to happen eventually. Nice to see them gelling already. Seems like night and day the last few games.
  13. What have you watched recently?

    "you wait and see, mr. caruthers. i will be mayor. i'll be the most powerful man in hill valley and i'm gonna clean up this town!"