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  1. mrwicked

    Prime Day

    I have the $1k model, it's awesome. I want to get a second one for rear of my place.
  2. mrwicked

    Waterboy vs. Happy Gilmore

    I wanna kiss you all ova....
  3. spoiler alert! common courtesy you jerk.
  4. I don't see nothing wrooooooooooooooong, With a little bumpy griiiiiimes.
  5. mrwicked


  6. mrwicked

    Recipe Of The Day: Grilled Shrimp Taco Bowl

    lettuce, tomatoes, corn and beans: "mexican inspired"
  7. mrwicked


    Update on this fun experiment. So I cured my oak barrel in port for 4 months, rotating it every week or so to make sure it aged evenly. I was going to do 2 months but f*ck it, I let it ride and I'm glad I did. The idea is to kind of fake a barrel that was used to make port. I figured the port would taste really gnar and oaky after. Or worse taste like the port you open for a party, close up and somehow forget about for a year - so when you do open it it tastes like nasty, acidic booze fruit juice. So I didn't have high expectations for the port itself. But I kept tasting it along the process and it was pretty good, but man when I poured it out the other day after 4 months (through cheese cloth and a Chemex coffee strainer), holy sh*t is it f*cking good. I mean just really smooth now; very very tasty. My 2 liters of port went in, and 1.5 liters came out. F*cking angel's share man (and me sneaking tastes). So, into the oak barrel then went the manhattan ingredients. I went with one of my all time favorite ryes, Willett Family Estate 3 year. It's high proof (106), which is important since it's going to get calmed down by the barrel. It's very highly rated yet not too pricey, but can be hard to get. But I'll be god damned if I didn't find a bevmo that had it down the peninsula. Total score. That plus the only vermouth that matters for Manhattans IMO, Antica Formula. For bitters I just used the old faithful angostura. Now letting it age, should be ready in 5-8 weeks (about the time I'll have some celebrating to do).
  8. mrwicked

    Nest vs. Ecobee

    I have the Ring Pro, with the chime pro. It's fine; currently the best of what's out there. But it's not perfect. Make sure you have good wifi hardware. The POE Ring would be cute, but it's way over-priced and only interesting for new construction. I don't use alexa or google home.
  9. minced garlic is allowed under one condition: you make a couple for me. do you ship to san francisco?
  10. wicked's burger tips: salt and pepper only. don't smash the hell out of your patties; keep it gentle. you're welcome.
  11. mrwicked

    The gardening thread

    look up microblading. big $$.
  12. mrwicked

    The gardening thread

    Ha. I am helping a friend start a growing company to do this. The biology is amazingly straight forward but holy sh*t you have to be meticulous.
  13. mrwicked

    Garage Sales

    movin' to the country....