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  1. Maddon is an attention whore
  2. who should we acquire and what are you willing to give up to get him/them?
  3. but the noobs got to play so everything is cool
  4. and some Japanese kid this year
  5. yep. GMs are on the phone all day long
  6. you're crazy. Valbuena and Morris should fetch a standout closer (yes, I said fetch)
  7. time to print the playoff tickets!
  8. I stopped watching when it was 1-1
  9. do you honestly think he isn't trying?
  10. We really need to get Valbuena some protection in the lineup.
  11. Lou

    No connection?

    if I wasn't so lazy, I'd look it up.
  12. the camera angles we were shown never had a shot of the glove actually tagging JMF when he came of the base.