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  1. Lou

    Cookie Policy Tab

    if it's not eliminated I'm going back to the ESPN board
  2. Lou


    lol at you thinking Hans Gruber really died.
  3. Lou

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    the day Malcolm X was assassinated? um, ok . . .
  4. Coach K doe$n't care if Nike ruin$ career$
  5. Lou

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Harper is not going to take a short-term deal
  6. so, Jim Boeheim killed a man yesterday . . .
  7. Not everyone drinks it.
  8. Well,granny, you've lived a long life. However . . .
  9. This is the whitest thing I've ever read on AW
  10. you are absolutely bat shit crazy if you think Kuzma has more star power than Pujols
  11. Lou

    Cookie Policy Tab

    I still get it and am tired of clearing my info to try and get rid of it. I don't understand how out of all the sites I visit, this is the only one in which it constantly appears.
  12. that's some good old-fashioned high moral character right there, pal
  13. Lou

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    it's ridiculous. anyone who pays that much for a phone is an idiot