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  1. Lou

    Please stop!

  2. Lou


    yeah, my buddy used to do that for the Final Four every year.
  3. Lou

    Worst possible debut for Ward

    I agree
  4. Lou

    Political Gallery

    did someone mention handcuffs? 0
  5. Lou


    mine was, too, until he cho$e to go into the HOF as a Ranger. F him.
  6. Lou

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    the Queen of Soul died on Aug. 16th, same as Elvis, the King of Rock & Roll.
  7. Lou

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    she didn't even sing the chorus. plus, Tank agrees, and that's enough for me.
  8. Lou

    Trabuco Canyon Fire

    my agency isnt the handle so dont quote me on this, but I've heard that it's better to burn out than to fade away. (YES!!!)
  9. Lou

    How about all-in on Corbin?

    You backpedaled as fast as he did.