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  1. I'm dying to watch it but I need to finish Mindhunter first.
  2. Yep. In his last 14 starts he has an era of 5.49
  3. Lou

    Players weekend uniforms

    If not for Pinktober, I would never know that breast cancer existed
  4. Lou

    Players weekend uniforms

    I've heard all weekend long that "I'm not the target audience". My question is, who is? My nephews hated them, too. In fact, I don't know anyone, regardless of age, that liked them
  5. Lou

    Gameday Thread: 8/25 Angels @ Astros

    The best thing about the rest of the season is that we don't have to see those hideous uniforms again
  6. Lou

    Andrew Luck retiring

    Classy Colts fans boo Luck. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/andrew-luck-retires-appears-to-be-savagely-booed-by-colts-fans-in-indy-after-stunning-news-breaks-during-game/amp/
  7. Lou

    Andrew Luck retiring

    Neither one.
  8. Lou

    Andrew Luck retiring

    Steve Beuerlein had more career passing yards then Luck
  9. Lou

    Andrew Luck retiring

    "The Indianapolis Colts have reached a financial settlement with Andrew Luck and will not recoup $24.8 million from the retiring quarterback, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports, citing league sources"
  10. Lou

    Andrew Luck retiring

    Disappointing career
  11. Hard to win on the rock. Did anyone watch it? It was incredible. Arizona had the ball on Hawaii's 31-yard line with 10 seconds left. Tate scrambled and decided to run the ball. He made it to the 1-yard line before being tackled as time expired. https://www.espn.com/college-football/video?gameId=401114164
  12. Lou

    Gameday Thread: 8/24 Angels @ Astros

    Why aren't you guys watching CFB?