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  1. Tank can't decide what to order.
  2. 3 ERs in 6 innings is a 4.5 ERA. Quality Starts are a dumb stat.
  3. he asked about Verlander, who is a free agent next year.
  4. Lou

    Come eat your crow

    I did
  5. Lou

    Come eat your crow

    excuse me?
  6. Pujols has averaged 95 RBI over the last 5 years.
  7. Tropeano and Pena combined to go 8-11 for a total salary of just over $1M. Keuchel went 12-11 (on the Astros, mind you) and will cost, what, $10M + a draft pick + int'l slot money?
  8. he only won 12 games last year on an Astros team that was 6th in runs scored in MLB.