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    AOC Thread

    1. according to her scorecard, we're way ahead 2. there has always been regional instability 3. when has the US ever cared about its reputation?
  2. the announcers stated that both Ichiro and Jeter would be unanimous first-ballot Hall of Famers. seriously.
  3. I was hoping the A's leadoff hitter would hit it out
  4. "Ichiro Suzuki, in what has been a perfect career" yeah, except for that whole World Series thing.
  5. M's bullpen coughs up lead in the 7th. 4-4
  6. Ichiro retiring again.
  7. damn, I forgot about the game. wanted to watch him pitch.
  8. that one time Cam came into the game and didn't walk anyone
  9. Lou


  10. Lou

    Trout press conference question

    tbh, if it's not in an article you write, there's a 98% chance I won't read it. i'll definitely turn down the volume on whichever college bball game(s) I'll be watching to hear (and see) what he has to say. to me, this is one of those moments in franchise history that will resonate forever.
  11. Lou

    NCAA Bracket

    best 2 days in sports
  12. Lou


    The only baseball player whose stature amazed me was Frank Thomas. Then there's Shaq. Holy crap.
  13. Does anyone know the breakdown of years/annual $$ ? @Jeff Fletcher?
  14. Lou


    Three of the most exciting players in baseball - Trout, Ohtani and Simmons. We get to watch them on a daily basis. Edge: McPherson
  15. Pujols is batting .375 with an ops of 1.038