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  1. Yes, if only there were some development going on in Anaheim.
  2. The lease already existed. I think he just declined to exercise an opt-out.
  3. Jobu

    Pit Bulls = Killers

    It's a mix, you guys!
  4. Jobu

    Terry Smith

    When Terry is on TV, Gubi talks less.
  5. I think some people read this and see ego and a demand for playing time.
  6. Jobu

    Ervin Heaney, Andrew Santana

    Only start him against the White Sox?
  7. Beltre comps are dumb unless Albert gets to take testosterone.
  8. Jobu

    Trabuco Canyon Fire

    True, but they couldn't even make it to park first.
  9. Jobu

    Please come back Claude

    Turns out, jet fuel can melt Claude.
  10. Jobu

    Trabuco Canyon Fire

    The valley can't deal with snow, which is relatively rare (once or twice a winter). But when it hits, man, everything grinds to a halt. They don't salt the roads, and there's no real plowing. In Portland, people end up sleeping in their cars stuck on the freeway.