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  1. Jobu


    Yeah but it had lots of cracks and defects, so you wouldn't be interested.
  2. Sounds like you need anger management classes.
  3. Who are the people who are outraged? I scrolled through a whole Twitter feed and basically only saw bad Red Sox and Papa John's jokes.
  4. Dick B Back Back Back Back Back Back....
  5. I distinctly saw chem trails coming from those homeruns...
  6. Jobu

    Cards fire Mike Matheny as manager

    Matheny was fired for failing at quite possibly the only thing that everyone agrees Scioscia is good at: keeping a quiet, drama-free clubhouse. It's really the Cardinals ownership and upper management that wants to frame this as ".500 baseball isn't good enough for this organization".
  7. Jobu

    The manager

  8. Jobu

    The manager

    Oh Tania?
  9. That's no way to talk about Mark Teixiera's wife.
  10. When was the last time a guy signed a 9 figure free agent based on where his BFF was?
  11. Jobu

    Trade Garrett Richards

    More clever roster manipulation by Eppler.
  12. Jobu

    Access Journalism

  13. Jobu

    Mariners extend GM Jerry Dipoto

    Are any of these coach or management contracts guaranteed?