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  1. Another bi polar season next @uw and @nd washington will be missing one of their top defenders for one half Bc of a targeting call yesterday. I say they go 0-2 the next 2.
  2. nando714

    UCLA Football Thread

    Chip gonna get fired before Helton?
  3. nando714

    2019-20 Official NFL thread

    Probably will play Monday all is well One Nation!
  4. nando714

    2019-20 Official NFL thread

    Packers and Bears what a dud !
  5. nando714


    LSU vs Texas. I wanna go LSU but Texas has the coaching advantage. It may not have the size and speed that LSU has. I just think Herman will out coach Ed O. SEC takes another hit. Back up Bowl. USC vs Stanford. Costello is also out.
  6. nando714


    The SEC is so top heavy losses to Georgia State , Wyoming, UNC, struggling with Toledo, Portland State, Louisiana. If the pac 12 did that they’d be hanging the conference publicly on espn between Georgia and Bama again. I doubt A&M and LSU will make that much noise.
  7. He’s done for the year i actually didn’t mind the performance overall. Cut the turnovers down and secondary is young and will have some growing pains. Run game seemed pretty solid Solvis was good, didn’t do anything to lose the game. Stanford might have their back up qb start as well with Costello going out with a concussion
  8. nando714

    UCLA Football Thread

    Where was Kaz Allen against cinci? Hurt? hardly any rotation at RB with Kelley out
  9. nando714

    UCLA Football Thread

    I don’t like your facemask color
  10. I will be at the game Saturday Ugh idk why I do this to myself
  11. nando714


    That’s their 2nd starting linebacker they’ve lost for the season I believe Bulldogs licking their chops to take over the SEC this fall
  12. nando714

    Gameday Thread: 8/20 Angels @ Rangers : Game 2

    Oleeeee by Albert cost the halos the game
  13. We’re less than 2 weeks away from the start of the new season... Week 1 schedule looks kinda weak on paper. Oregon /Auburn and Miami/Florida look to be the marquee match ups the upsets are always fun. Don’t be surprised if SC falls to Fresno State. Season predictions? Final 4?
  14. nando714

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    I believe it was a panic move by Moreno Bc we just like Grienke to the dodgers and he wanted to grab headlines Josh just retire to your ranch, live a good life, and never be heard from again. Thank you
  15. nando714

    Gameday Thread: 8/14 Pirates @ Angels : 5:07 PM PT

    Sat in a dug out suite tonight not a bad way to experience a game