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  1. The official 2017-18 LA Kings thread

    I’ll take the 3 points in 2 hostile environments. Doesn’t get any easier against a good Avs team. Have to finish off this week strong. Tough road trip against all contenders
  2. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    He’s pitched in the that bandbox division his whole career so it isn’t anything new for him to be honest
  3. The official 2017-18 LA Kings thread

    This isn’t a playoff team. This road trip will be the straw that breaks the camels back.
  4. The official 2017-18 LA Kings thread

    Season defining road trip .
  5. Blowtani

    Well he isn’t changing sports hes going from Japanese league to Major League Baseball. I stopped reading after criquet
  6. Blowtani

    Japanese media be like....
  7. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    “Mr Alex Cobb we have the angels on line 1 for you”
  8. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    30.86 era. False stat?
  9. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    Another soft homer lol
  10. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    It is? 3 ER in 1 ip
  11. Blowtani

    He’s dominated AAA+ and we’ve seen many prospects before come up to the big leagues fall flat on their face I’ll continue to be patient but I don’t expect much from him after this sample size in 2018 He needs to learn how to work himself out of a slump. Fingers crossed
  12. The official 2017-18 LA Kings thread

    I’m going tonight and Saturday. They usually suck when I attend. Sorry in advance
  13. College Basketball 2017-18

    Hey at least the kids are still playing I guess. Better than ghost game in Dayton? Idk. Extra games can’t hurt the guys coming back? Ucla is now counting sweet 16s? Your blue blood status should be stripped lol the last final 4 was 10 years ago!
  14. College Basketball 2017-18

    The nit is an embarrassment , why would anyone show up? Imo they should have declined the invite sick banners from the 70s. You’re a blue blood program that hasn’t done much of anything in a decade, hasn’t won anything 20+ years and with a scumbag representing the program. Please when does Alford sign the extension? LoL great game last night.