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  1. Probably gonna request a trade to be closer to family
  2. Biggest challenger is probably Utah and maybe Arizona.
  3. JT Daniels and Amon Ra St. Brown dominate 1st scrimmage on offense lots of nice things to read about the front 7 too Its still early.
  4. Chavez throwing his name in the hat to be skipper in 2019
  5. nando714

    Scioscia NOT stepping down

    Arte missing out on a ton of PR by not letting the fans know he’s out bobblehead night Poncho night with a sosh’s face world record night Spaghetti and meat balls at the concession stands for the last month of games smh arte
  6. Short list Girardi ausmus paul willits
  7. nando714

    Gameday: 7/29 Mariners @ Angels

    Gawd I hope we win f Seattle
  8. nando714

    Gameday: 7/29 Mariners @ Angels

    Touchdown Mariners !
  9. nando714

    Gameday: 7/29 Mariners @ Angels

    Ball game
  10. nando714

    Gameday: 7/29 Mariners @ Angels

    Upton’s terrible defense cost us 2 runs already
  11. Sean Newcomb lost his perfect game by walking Puig no hitter alert
  12. Who’s the white lady
  13. nando714

    What If

    They win 10 in a row then lose 7 in a row
  14. nando714

    What If

    Play Seattle a few more and Oakland a ton believe !!