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  1. Los Angeles Rams thread

    Rams look like a complete team amazing
  2. Arizona Cardinals

    This is a big game. The west is wide open. Rams usually play well against the birds
  3. Finally got to watch the game 1) usc doesn’t go live hitting in practice and it shows. Takes them a entire half on defense to get going. Rector leads the pac in sacks and he’s been playing well. When Gustin gets back a DL of Green, Rector, Green, and Fatu might be really good. 2) Tale of 2 half’s for the offense. 3 turnovers and no rhythm in the first half. 2nd half I was surprised. The OL surprisingly wore out Utah. The 2 true freshman on the same side of the OL look like they’re finally getting comfortable. Also allowed no sacks (huge thanks to the qb scrambling). Darnold looking amazing 1 play the next completely lost. Ronald Jones might be the 3rd best RB in the nation. Vaughns is growing up. 3) Utah had to go for 2 bc they were not stopping the usc offense. Defense was nails all second half except the last drive vs Utah and Whittingham imo didn’t have munch confidence in OT. Not a bad call. Huge game in South Bend!
  4. UCLA Football Thread

    457 yards allowed on the ground! wth!!
  5. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    When they slumped he was on the DL
  6. They made it last year with pretty much the same schedule and 1 loss
  7. Friday the 13th night of upsets
  8. Had to sell my tickets damn sister is getting married. Lol
  9. Out for the season . Back surgery. Staff said he could be back next season
  10. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    Chili Davis who’s manager was just fired
  11. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Their younger generation fans are total d bags