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  1. nando714

    The Angels rotation

    Yeah let’s not sign a vet who can eat innings and who is rarely injured bc most of our young starters will be on a innings limit this season
  2. nando714

    The Angels rotation

    Until he signs with the Angels
  3. nando714

    The Angels rotation

    Gio Gonzalez anyone?
  4. We won the muzzin trade lol
  5. nando714

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Not a bad deal at all. Also a good guy to have in the clubhouse
  6. I was also there on Thursday vs STL. It might have been more empty
  7. Driving out Thursday. I’ll be at the game in maryvale on Thursday and the game in Tempe on Friday
  8. @Thomas its 2005 empty tonight I’m enjoying the elbow room
  9. If Trout doesn’t sign this next off season you have to trade him you can’t risk only receiving 1 draft pick for him don’t want to end up like Washington
  10. It’s good background noise when there’s a prospect I wanna see bat or pitch I pay more attention but 85% of the game is just noise
  11. It’s Bryce szn already recruiting trout in his presser
  12. Like angel games 38k sold and announced...15k in the stadium