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  1. jordan


    This is exactly how I feel. I love Simba but he is at one position of depth for the Angels and he is one player who could potential bring back much needed help in a trade.
  2. Between the many stat related changes and Angels poor play, the game is really not fun to watch. Hopefully, as tots mentioned, the game will even out with the use of strategies based on all the new data. But the shift, pitching changes, increase in HRs/launch angle, this game is missing the strategy of the last that the game was built on.
  3. Just looking at the Mobile BayBears, they have only won 3 games since July 18th. That’s a lot of losing. Not that it matters.
  4. jordan

    No relief in sight

    I totally agree on not blowing up the system for a small chance at the wild card. The only trade I wanted to see happen was one that could just help this team make it through this season just so this season isn’t a complete embarrassment. This current team is about as desperate for pitching that I can ever recall. One arm could have helped to ease the burden a little bit. But it probably wouldn’t have made a big difference. Overall, this is just a frustrating season.
  5. jordan

    No relief in sight

    The one part I am frustrated about is Eppler not getting any starting pitching before the deadline. Heck, Jordan Lyles would have done wonders for this rotation. There was/is no way this season will end pretty. It seems like Eppler, more times than not, ends up just short on trades and signings, at least in the last year.
  6. jordan

    Get ready for Zack Godley

    Toronto it is. Too bad.
  7. jordan

    How is this possible?

    Garneau hit a 3 run HR off Lester for the A’s tonight.
  8. jordan

    Patrick Sandoval

    With Sandoval breaching the Bigs, who is the next pitching prospect for the Angels in the minors? Seems like the cliff just got really steep.
  9. jordan

    Angels Acquire RHP Drew Hutchison

    Just for reference. He’s just a warm body.
  10. jordan

    Get ready for Zack Godley

    I think Colorado, Milwaukee, or Toronto picks up Godley before Angels get the chance.
  11. jordan

    Get ready for Zack Godley

    Godley also has 3 more years of club control, but no options obviously. Definitely worth a shot in my opinion. Teams can only add players this way, DFA, so I don’t think Eppler can afford to pass on Godley.
  12. jordan


    I don’t think Eppler will be going anywhere. But with the epic failure of all his free agents signings this season, he has created more doubt for me that he can do what the Angels need him to do. He has to land Cole IMO. How he reworks this rotation is a make or break moment for him.
  13. jordan

    A’s claim Garneau....

    At least he’ll get a taste of playoff baseball.
  14. jordan

    Even IF we get Gerrit Cole...

    This is exactly right. Angels can not wait around and then be left at the alter.
  15. jordan

    Even IF we get Gerrit Cole...

    If there was ever a time one team and one player were meant for each other, it would be this off season with the Angels and Cole. The Angels have lots of money to spend on starting pitching, and Cole is exactly what the Angels need. I hate to get too excited about it because I’m tired of being let down by the Angels.