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  1. jordan

    Angels runs scored contest

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  2. jordan

    Optimism for this season

    I will say this, what has enthusiasm and optimism brought us in other seasons? Not much. So if we don’t feel it now, doesn’t mean the season is doomed. You can find optimism in that.
  3. jordan

    The Angels rotation

    The Angels really need to take advantage of a rare opportunity which is a front line starter being available in mid-March. The need is obviously there. We have Heaney and Skaggs with arm issues. It makes too much sense.
  4. jordan

    The Angels rotation

    I know the OP is about the rotation, but honestly, that mid-high fastball Allen threw to Pence yesterday that Pence hit out is concerning. That is the pitch that got Allen out of the closer spot in CLE. But, yes, I am worried about the rotation. A dependable Keuchel would solidify things. I don’t care about a 2nd or 3rd rd draft pick going to the Astros.
  5. jordan

    Fantasy Advice

    I’d keep Votto, Lindor, Bauer.
  6. He gets his signing bonus annually at around $800k. So both numbers are correct.
  7. jordan

    Trout recruited Harper to Philly

    I hate to feel wishy washy, but this makes me feel uneasy about Trout staying long term with the Angels. If they talked the entire month process, then surely they had a conversation about playing together.
  8. jordan

    30 Clubs in 30 Days

    Trout talked about the elephant in the room...Eagles letting Foles become a FA. Angels system is vastly improved. A very good vibe in camp with Ausmus taking over. Upton is “numb” to the switch to Ausmus. Harvey expects to get back to his old form. Simmons follows what the coaches tell him unless he feels something is off and he will do things his way. He didn’t mention what side of the ball this was referring to. I think that is about it. Not a mention of Pujols that I remember. Others can add more.
  9. Is that because you feel he will stay or that the Angels will be fine without him?
  10. This tweet has already been hashed out in the Predict thread.
  11. It’s actually not that far. But I still think he stays in Anaheim.
  12. I wonder if Trout would take a hometown discount of 10/350?
  13. I definitely think it will take more than 10/350, especially with California taxes. $38-$42 a yr should get the job done.