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  1. jordan

    Silver Lining - Luis Rengifo

    Silver lining-fewer double plays on offense.
  2. jordan


    Cozart hadn’t started since last Sunday. I’d say Ausmus has done well not playing him much.
  3. jordan

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    The quiet before the storm.
  4. jordan

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    Nice 1-2-3 inning for Cahill.
  5. jordan

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    Goodwin has now led off an inning twice with a hit and hasn’t advanced 90 ft either time.
  6. jordan

    Gameday 5/15 Angels @ Twins (Walsh debut)

    What’s up with not challenging any more? Damn.
  7. jordan

    Jo Adell... All Day

    This team has such a solid core. It’s just getting that starting rotation to stay healthy and be at least mediocre. If that...when that happens, look out Astros!
  8. jordan

    Jo Adell... All Day

    Though Cincy is only 2 hrs from Louisville. But I get your point.
  9. jordan

    Jo Adell... All Day

    This is what stood out to me as well. It’s nice to see how the big league guys are tuned into the minor leaguers, at least the top prospects. Though you would have to be living in a cave to not know that Adell is huge for the Angels’ future. It’s nice of them to say it at least.
  10. jordan

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Orioles 5/10/19

    I like how Ausmus goes with the hot bat instead of sticking to the veterans.
  11. jordan

    La Stella is second on the team in OPS

    More HRs and RBIs than Trout on May 9th. Either says a lot about La Stella or Trout?
  12. jordan

    Simmons a trade candidate?

    Just last week he was at .185. So he’s had a little bump in a week.
  13. jordan

    Simmons a trade candidate?

    This is one of these things that makes a ton of sense but makes none at all. It would be very tempting to trade him and get some legit players in return. Angels have some players who could take over his spot. But he’s also the heart and soul of this team. He does everything right. He also will be 30 this year and his trade value will probably never be this high again. But I just love Simba and would hate for him to be on another team.
  14. I’ve never met Tim. Never had any interactions, but his fingerprints are all over everything Angels. He will be next to impossible to replace. I wish him the best and it makes me feel good that an Angel will be leading the Hall.
  15. Pujols will get a couple hits tonight and reach 2000 RBI’s.