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  1. Fires

    Or his ISIS counterparts.
  2. Stanton wants out if they rebuild

    It'll simply comes down to what Jeter and co. desire more of, prospects or more payroll flexibility. They could tell teams we will only pay so much and then expect a top tier prospect in return, or they could say we just want this contract off our hands. We have yet to find out what the Marlins really want to do.
  3. The window for Baltimore and Machado is getting smaller by the day. They will want something for him instead of letting him walk.
  4. If Adell can be packaged for a Manny Machado or Arenado (not that COL is looking to trade him, yet), you gotta do it.
  5. Red Sox or Astros?

    Which team are you all pulling for? I'm sure most will not be pulling for Boston at any cost. I'm in that boat. The Astros have a fun group to watch, and it'll be fun to see them beat the brakes off the Red Sox. But ultimately, I think Cleveland will be representing the AL in the WS, and winning it.
  6. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    So what do you say about a teacher who abuses their power to molest a child? Does this spoil all teachers?
  7. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    This world is full of bad people. Some work as police officers, some work as professional athletes, some work as politicians, some work as school teachers, some work as bankers, some work at the 7/11, and so on and so on. Yes police officers carry the power of the badge, but it doesn't change that bad people still make it through. That's the way the world is. But to stigmatize the thin blue line does nothing to improve things.
  8. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    Totally agree. It's gone on over a year now, and it's time to figure out step 2, which in my opinion goes to what I originally said...athletes and cops and let's include politicians (gulp), into the mix of coming together to educate people on different cultures, the struggles people face, etc. There has to be a peaceful step 2, and the angrier people get on both sides, that won't happen.
  9. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    I said nothing of what Trump said. I agree it was also very divisive and not at all healing.
  10. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    Yes, but my main point is that people have to come together in order for change to happen. Kneeling tends to be more divisive than healing, and we need healing.
  11. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    What needs to happen is that these athletes need to combine with the cops/community and work hard to educate people. Athletes and cops have got to come together for things to change. Kneeling during the anthem only incites anger and is a distasteful way to make their objective known.
  12. Angels roster could change a lot before 2018

    I think just moving Pujols down in the lineup, and even using other DH's, giving him only 4-5 games a week, will be enough to entice him to retire. He will not allow himself to be a part time player. So I think if Scioscia can man up and do this in 2018, Pujols won't be back in 2019.
  13. Angels to Acquire Justin Upton

    I think it just shows how hard it is to be a real GM. Eppler got Hernandez for nothing and flipped him for a potential decent player. It's a gamble either way.
  14. Angels to Acquire Justin Upton

    I agree. This also shows that the Angels were likely to go in big this offseason.
  15. Kinsler claimed...

    I'd be ok if it's the Angels. He's always been clutch and good defense. Move Cowart to 3B, and Valbuena to purely utility IF. Kinsler only gets $3 mil rest of season with a team option for '18 for $10m or $5 m buyout from what I read. Just not sure what it would take prospect wise to get him. I can't imagine a whole lot. Within the Angels capability.