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  1. Kinsler claimed...

    I'd be ok if it's the Angels. He's always been clutch and good defense. Move Cowart to 3B, and Valbuena to purely utility IF. Kinsler only gets $3 mil rest of season with a team option for '18 for $10m or $5 m buyout from what I read. Just not sure what it would take prospect wise to get him. I can't imagine a whole lot. Within the Angels capability.
  2. Baseball is dying in America, is it dying within you?

    I watch just about every game on and go to a 2-4 games a year in person, especially when Angels are in town (Arlington). This is a game of building up suspense, and a game of inches. When you get a fielder just missing a ball by an inch or a hitter who just misses a home run by an inch, it can be frustrating and exciting. I'm kind of rambling, but I love baseball. I went to my first Angels game at around 1 yr of age. And have loved the game since. I have lost my love of the NBA though. Because the Lakers have stunk. There's no Kobe. And there are too many whiny brats in the league.
  3. Middle of the Pack

    Just remember the 2006 Pujols led Cardinals snuck in the playoffs 5 games over and won it all. Anything can happen if a team gets hot at the right time.
  4. Maldonado's Presence

    Just a couple of Maldonado pics from this past weekend series against the Rangers.
  5. Come from behind wins

    I don't think Pounders was used well in his first game. His first game, with men on base and a tight game. So I still think he may turn out ok. Time will tell, but too soon to write him off.
  6. Billy Eppler on Rebuilding the Angels

    I think after Reagins, DiPoto seemed like a God send. So yeah, there were "love letters" as you say. But then the honeymoon was over and we realized that DiPoto wasn't clicking for this org. Eppler is finally the right fit.
  7. I'd like to know what Trout and the org is going to do with #27 when Vladdy makes it to the Hall. I never understood why they allowed Trout to have it.
  8. Imagine if we get Richards back at 28, with a 20 year old arm! Basically brand new UCL. That sounds very nice!
  9. Hamilton placed on unconditional release waivers.

    He's just going through the motions until his contract is up, then he'll announce his retirement.
  10. Doesn't take a genius to know this will happen.
  11. Geovanny Soto needs to start at catcher

    FWIW-Living in Texas, I'm forced to listen to the Rangers broadcast when they play the Angels. Anyways, the Rangers broadcasters yesterday said that they've never seen Soto look so good, that he's trimmed down and is moving around better. Soto was a Ranger 2013-2014.
  12. I don't know if I should be mad at mlb replay or Pujols. I think I'm more mad at Pujols. He tends to try to do more than he is capable of and ran hard around the bag unnecessarily, playing games with Desmond in CF. There was no way in the world Pujols was going to make 3B and he was messing around. If he had just gone right to the bag and stayed there would have been no throw, and no stepping off the bag. I blame Pujols.
  13. A look back & ahead to Texas

    I live just south of Dallas, about 40 minutes from Arlington. I'll be there tonight in left field, hoping for a pull shot by Pujols. I hope the bats stay hot and Santiago keeps the balls in the park.
  14. What the F happened this weekend?

    The good thing from this weekend is that we know this team is better. Well at least we know that Trout is better. If he had just gotten a couple of measly singles when runners were on, the series likely would be been 2 out of 3 good guys. This team will go the way of Trout.