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  1. These are the most improved teams in MLB

    I'm sorry. But, CJ Cron doesn't provide $#*+
  2. Something I Never thought I'd see

    LMAO! locking thread.
  3. Something I Never thought I'd see

    He's got the power of Paul Bunyan with the arm of Ohtani......
  4. Come on down Moustakas!

    I know, I shouldn't, But, I kind of feel bad for Moose! Not only did he get screwed by the process. But, then he still has to pay Bor@$$....And of course go play for a Royals team that isn't going to do much... 6.5M .....All I can say is WOW!
  5. Will We See an Extension for Richards?

    I'd wait to see if this arm falls off first.......
  6. Come on down Moustakas!

    I figured we were in trouble yesterday when I saw the lineup online and it said that Simmons was playing Shortstop and Pitching!..... Fare de well Babarro~
  7. Come on down Moustakas!

  8. Greg Holland

    In June ok! Before the draft no!
  9. ESPN hosts watched porn at work

    I haven't done that in years! At a fine grocery establishment not near my home.....
  10. Section 10 row G last Friday $58.00 - Tempe vs Cubs -Directly looking down 3B line behind home plate. Section 14 row E last Sunday $30.00 - Tempe vs Rockies 4 rows from Billy and his interns behind the coaches.
  11. Angels sign Juan Contreras

    Dominican 18? = 21 Cuban 18? = 25 USA 18? = 17 1/2
  12. Angels sign Juan Contreras

  13. Chance of a lifetime for just $50

    Yeah and the parking there will be out in the back 40!!!! further than the all purpose field at Tempe Diablo.....just sayin~ All the minor league/practice fields are on the opposite side of the complex so there wont really be anything to see as your hiking! Also, Cubbies sellout most if not all of their games! Take an UBER!