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  1. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    I brought this up 2 weeks ago and nobody said a word.....
  2. Sticky, Broke and Confused?
  3. Angels Claim RHP Noe Ramirez

    Maybe, Eppy was asked if he was interested in putting a claim in on Ramirez. And he said Noe! So, they did it.
  4. Angels Claim RHP Noe Ramirez

    Is Noe really the answer?
  5. That is exactly how it would be done if he was a part of it.... That way you could move him or Stanton to LF and make a run at it! Then once its open again for non-waivers deals. You send him to the Marlins as the PTBNL
  6. It kind of aligns with Eppler's thought process in deals made for today and the future. Similar to the Simmons deal of a young player under a long term contract that currently and into the future they could become a bargain under their old deals. Having Stanton in RF and moving Kole to Left would also solve our Left Field issues... You would think Kole would have to be added to the deal along with an assortment of prospects. But, damn! That's a long time with his history of lower half injuries as well.... You would almost believe his option wouldn't be picked up in 2028. And he may not opt out also in 2020. But, if he were you are almost guaranteed Draft pick compensation (unless you sign a type A FA) for 2 1/4 years of playing time. 2018 28 Miami Marlins $25,000,000 2019 29 Miami Marlins $26,000,000 2020 30 Miami Marlins $26,000,000 may opt out of contract following 2020 season 2021 31 Miami Marlins $29,000,000 2022 32 Miami Marlins $29,000,000 2023 33 Miami Marlins $32,000,000 2024 34 Miami Marlins $32,000,000 2025 35 Miami Marlins $32,000,000 2026 36 Miami Marlins $29,000,000 2027 37 Miami Marlins $25,000,000 2028 38 Miami Marlins *$25,000,000 $25M Team Option, $10M Buyout Earliest Free Agent: 2028 I would also want a Left handed bat in a 3Bman to put in the middle of them though!.... For some lineup flexibility and not overly right handed dominant. But, if you could add Gordon then your speed at the top of the order remains since you wouldn't need to resign Maybin unless Calhoun was added to the deal. Move Cowart to 3B and your lefty is your lead off hitter in Gordon! I love those slappy quick dudes.... I would still like another Lefty bat though even if Gordon was added... A 1Bman? and move Cron. Maybe, there has been some mention that AP#5 is considering playing season to season with his foot issues. He's hit #600 and everything else he is guaranteed to be a HoF'er what else other than $$$ is there to play for since he will not get to the HR record.
  7. Our farm??? or lack thereof

    Thanks IP! I don't remember that stuff remember the players though as they came up and stayed or left.
  8. Our farm??? or lack thereof

    Have we ever?.... Maybe, 2 or 3......
  9. Why not Howie

    Our fan base always tries to find someone to BLAME for EVERYTHING!!!!.... I mean just this year its been Hamilton, AP#5, Espinosa, Wright, Nolasco, Street, Bailey, GRICH, Sliders, Chavez, Bud, Arte, Dipoto SVEN, hitting coaches, the Split finger fastball and Trouts thumb.......The List is LONG!
  10. Stanton Clears Waivers

    That means nothing. He is still their only marketable asset for MLB and even the games on TV....
  11. Stanton Clears Waivers

    Would Jeters group pull their offer if Loria were to start another purge?....... I would think so! Wouldn't that also decrease the value of the Marlins in a marketing stand point?.... If they dealt their most marketable commodity in Stanton?....
  12. Why not Howie

    Where is the thread where I told someone to not jinx it for fear that Howie would hit a Granny against us and vs Bud?..As he was filling in for Harper.... Oh well, 2 solo shots were enough! And thanks for jinxing it whoever it was!.......
  13. Rob Fukuzaki sucks Dodger Dogs........

    I was channel surfing last night and got hit up for a quote on a job and left the tv channel on while I was doing it. And Sports came on I hadn't watched local news in years! It was just a gobbling drool fest.... I laughed and switched it to HBO.