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  1. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Noe Ramirez

    Well, most of our arms have ZERO clue where the ball is going 100% of the time anyway. So, the first part of the statement is the definitive "Noe meant to throw at Marisnick".
  2. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Noe Ramirez

    Most of the time... The Game dictates it.... Depends on a few things... Lead middle or late in the game, an out or two (don't normally do it to a lead off batter), no other runners on base and if he is a real tool and you are down in the count 3-0 or 3-1 and you know your stuff is crap for the night and someone is getting loose behind you and you know this is your last hitter... Make him feel it on the way to 1B.... Ker-Plunk! But, I never did it... The fun time, is when you know stuffs coming and a infield meeting is called and everyone comes together at the mound and starts talking about who they are taking when the benches clear... Good Times!
  3. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Market Heating Up for Ray?

    Well, he better not come here, that isn't available here!
  4. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Mike Trout to Undergo MRI Tomorrow

    Well, you know the joke.
  5. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Mike Trout to Undergo MRI Tomorrow

    in before Dehydration.......
  6. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Thoughts on Thaiss?

    I'm leaning towards 1982-85 Mike Hargrove minus the 12 minute prepitch ritual. or a .250-.260 Bruce Bochte Probably closer to John Mabry
  7. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Ausmus pulling pitchers early

    Well, he does wear that hoodie well.
  8. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Performance Grades at the Break

    Are we reviewing Clerks?
  9. SlappyUtilityMIF

    A difficult decision coming on Ohtani

    They should have always built their rotations this way! You never count on an arm coming back from injury until they are back and putting in the innings as before pre-injury! That's how we always get in to trouble. It's happened with GRICH, Heaney, Skaggs, just in the last few seasons! An injured pitcher should never be counted on or included into your depth chart until they are 100% back! You build it up until it is an area of strength and then you deal from it to build or strengthen another part of your roster!
  10. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Billy Hamilton Rule...

    He couldn't Steal 2nd or 3rd how is he stealing 1st?...
  11. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Billy Hamilton Rule...

    I guess, the rule would be similar to a infield fly runner may advance at that their own risk.
  12. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Who Do You Trade?

    Now you guys want to TRADE Tyler Ward?..... But, I thought he was going to be Great! Or, at the very least League Average.... Meh~ It's telling when a pitching staff don't want to work with you. Or, pitchers are asking for the other guy.
  13. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Cam Bedrosian

    He still looks scared on the bump or looks like he is making diamonds out of his butt.
  14. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Cam Bedrosian

    Come on now, you guys! Can't jump off the BEDROCK Bandwagon...I was saying this stuff 1-2-3 years ago and everyone kept ripping on me! It's hard to go through life when you only have 2 pitches. 1 is a straight fastball that you hit the strike zone 50-60% of the time and the 2nd a slider that you throw in the dirt 50% of the time.
  15. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Sven and Tim Mead both are gone and both were Rocks during the Adenhart tragedy.