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  1. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Since April 5th...

    Great Read, Very informative, keep up the Great work!
  2. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Trevor Cahill

    Heaney is the only Starting pitcher that we have that has shown the ability to pitch consistently 5-6+ innings.... SKAGGS flip a coin~
  3. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Trevor Cahill

    I have brought this up every time we hopped on the Waiver wire and added another Scrub to our roster.. Our depth is full of minor league journeymen with high k-rates and higher ERA's ... Cahill Stats were based either in the NL or in OAKLAND with the huge foul territory! His ERA historically in OAKTOWN was much better than anywhere else. I already added all of the stats to support it previously. I'm not going back. Also, the other night Harvey was compact and closed in his motion to home plate on his Curve and Slider.... If you saw his Fastball they were up or out and his front side was flying open and he was pushing the ball. Hopefully, White will see this in the video replay~ And fix it! Otherwise, Harvey should be throwing his offspeed stuff 75% of the time on going. Until he figures out he can't rush through his motion on his fastball and expect it to hit his spots. I was excited also about BEDROCKS 4 pitch 2 outs last night! But, then something in the back of my head said he will end up at 20+ like normal~ BEDROCK once again does not DISAPPOINT!
  4. Then respond to all of the statements.
  5. Thanks for cherry picking Lou!....Bravo~
  6. Our rotation is dog shit! And EPPY spent bank on Cahill and Harvey! Harvey should had been offered half of that and Cahill should had been an invite/minor league deal. Should had made a run at Gio Gonzalez when he bailed on the Skanks! Who is the next 4 inning pitcher on the new Novella As the Angel's Rotation Turns... And when someone decides to say that's baseball now 5 and a bully....Bullshit! It's not sustainable across a 162 game season plus playoffs and then a shortened break. You turn and burn good arms in 2 seasons! The next person that says Skaggs is going to be our #1 dont worry he'll be gone next year too. Invest in a rotation Damn it!
  7. At least your Mom still loves you!...
  8. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Jared Walsh Alert

    It's a Great Feel Good Story! Who doesn't love them.... I'm always willing to cheer for the next Jim Morris! I could be wrong, I just don't see it happening him suddenly having a solid MLB career. He's a toolsy guy that can play the OF, 1B and now has the ability to be a Loogey~ I see him more as a meh pitcher.
  9. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Justin Bour optioned to AAA

    Statement regarding the play at the plate last night. LaCroy who was on deck after Goodwin's single and on the throw to the plate.... LaCroy should had cleared Goodwin's bat from the box area and took up position behind the umpire letting Ohtani know to slide or not inside or outside.... He was not there. I called the Ausmus hire and eventual replacement of Sven when he was hired as an Assistant to Eppler.... I remember many people on here were rooting for others. However, Eppy wanted Brad. He's made some head scratching moves. But, on the other side our offense has been dogshit all season without Upton, slow start of Bour "Who is now in AAA", and Cozart bat disappeared/injuries.
  10. I was impressed. He'll improve over his first start jitters. He was humping up his slider for the most part. Once he relaxes more and gets it in his head he's good enough he will flourish!
  11. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Brandon Marsh with a cryptic Tweet.. hmmm

    You would be paying someone to take them! I will give you $1.00 for both you pay shipping fees~
  12. SlappyUtilityMIF


    All of those awesome stats and spin rates and all the analytics and how many of our starters have gotten through 6 on a consistent basis in the last 3 seasons?.... Skaggs with all of his ability should be rolling 6+ every start! 80-90 pitches in 4 innings is ridiculous. Our pitch counts and the calling of pitches his horrendous! OK, Cahill 3 - 6.0 starts --- Skaggs 1 - 6.0 start ---- Harvey 1 - 6.0 start Butcher, Nagy, White, _________.... Rinse repeat!
  13. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    The original members of the Replacement of Nolan Ryan Apocalypse...... These guys were much worse than the 4 Horsemen.....
  14. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    No Love for the Candy Man?......