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  1. World's Shortest Books

    Run for Health by Albert Pujols also How to Avoid the Shift by AP#5
  2. Angels’ Jo Adell Impresses On The Field And Off

    It would do me better to watch the entire ab and including the pitcher view. But, you can see definite weaknesses and ways to attack hitters especially young hitters in a couple pitches. My pitchers have made some 1st through 7th round draft choices look like crap numerous times. Then the scouts come into the dugout and ask about the game, pitcher, hitter, pitch sequence etc. I would reply did you see his balance or starting point of his hands?.... It's not rocket science the game hasn't completely changed in 100+ years!...Then Ray King who was an area scouts of the Cards would laugh in the young scout faces! He always followed my kids.
  3. Angels’ Jo Adell Impresses On The Field And Off

    This! Tdawg obviously didn't watch it either.
  4. Angels’ Jo Adell Impresses On The Field And Off

    And you know this how?
  5. Angels’ Jo Adell Impresses On The Field And Off

    no, is this a troll response? Actually, did you watch the swings?.....
  6. Angels’ Jo Adell Impresses On The Field And Off

    Did anyone really watch any of those swings in the first two videos?.... Talk about Horse SHIT!...... Off balance, behind, horrible hands, worse starting point, late to the game, too much movement of the bat, no rotation, less lower half etc! I was hoping we would see some of Adell but he wasn't listed... Even the Deveaux swings were meh at best....
  7. Scioscia on protesting during the anthem

    I initially read.....Scioscia on protesting during the anthem! And thought, NAH! He's just too fat to get up off the bench.
  8. Saw something about Pedro's kid signing with the Tigers. So.....?

    I read that some time ago...... Have they signed anyone else?...
  9. MLBTradeRumors: Angels Three Needs

    Halos, Fan Base, Fish wrap, wont allow him to have 4 years of trial and error......
  10. Is the international signing period started? If so, have we signed anyone? Don't we finally have the ability to do something? If not, can someone forward me Baldoquin's address? So, I can swing by in the off-season and kick him square in the nut sack. JeDi's also...... Thanks in advance!
  11. Tonights game

    AWESOME!!!!! Something to play for.....
  12. I think I would almost rather Saturday be a Bully day!....
  13. MLBTradeRumors: Angels Three Needs

    You can't worry about getting screwed until you do!..... $h*+ happens, Pay the Man! Finley was what 10-12 years ago and was 40+ trying to be Brady Anderson! Different times, everyone did it! Everyone knew it! Turn the Page!~
  14. MLBTradeRumors: Angels Three Needs

    I like it all including the deal with the Marlins (exception Chatwood) I'm not into redoes including movies!!!! But, it won't happen! If Cowart didn't switch it on from day one around here they (fish wrap and readers) would be chasing him with pitchforks and torches by noon on opening day trying to run him out of town!
  15. Rebuild? Time to consider it for fans, players

    I know they did! How many of you would sit around and watch that?........ Not me!