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  1. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Ottavino 3/27 to Yankees

    I get not dropping a ton of coin on Harper & Machado. I get saving even a little on 3 or 4 bullpen pieces out of the 6-7 guys down there. I dont understand not going after a proven closer who can also mentor and work with the younger guys. I found it a great way to get closer to my teammates also. I was mentored and was a mentor to a young future closer. I knew what my job was and had no problem with it as long as the checks cleared. It's a part of the game. Historically, we've had "That" guy even Harvey-Grahe, Smith-Percy, Percy-KRod since KRod left our closers have been either the aging dude in Street, journeymen, swing guys or the hot young arm. Which works for a while. But, there is a reason they call them old guys, journeymen, swing guys, and rookies. Every high caliber prospective playoff team have had a few vets and a few young arms in the pen. Why? Because the vets know what it takes and they have the ability to chat up the young guy who may be going through tough times mentally or help them get through the dead arm period or times they dont have their best stuff with a little knowledge. Coaching only does so much. There is a lot of conversations from all across the board down there (from work, knowledge, politics, news, women, dudes, jokes, stories, languages it's a weird band of brothers thing that you need to experience) Sometimes, it's the older guy putting a bug in your ear or saying "I've been there try this".... Sometimes, it requires a voice that has done it, and is doing it at a high level and who has gone through the same physical issues, mental blocks, body soreness etc. Sitting next to you in the bully. I learned the Forkball sitting down there (ended up throwing it 60% and it worked for me) I learned 4 different grips off my 2 seam and 4 seam that each did a little different thing, I also learned a better grip off the change up. Sitting there chatting up an older guy. I even learned a cutter by chatting up a lefty it didnt work for me at all. But, I was able to teach young lefties many years later when I was coaching kids in little league, travel ball and high school. That dominated with it. I know some of you guys will make your negative comments about what I said above. I know some will drop stats and analytics to show an opportunity of incorrectness within my statements. But, if you've never done it, been a part of it, experienced it, or given back to it. That doesnt make it a wives tale or incorrect. I get what and why Eppy is doing it this way (to place financial resources elsewhere). But, I also know enough about the rest of the game that says it's not all about analytics. Or, maybe, they just haven't had the right guy down there as a bullpen coach. Maybe, Bailey being a former closer and bullpen guy will help in that regard as normally it's been an ex-catcher who never sat down there or a guy who during is playing career came off as aloof.
  2. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Angels Interest in Will Smith and Tony Watson

    1. We are not trading Kole. 2. We are not trading for MadBum. And or Smith, Watson and or Melacon. 3. We are not trading for anyone who earns more than 555k. 4. Now, that I've bummed you out. Think of better days when "Frosted Tips" in a full season could have projected out to hit .360 with 50 Bombs 125RBI and an OBP of .389. Time to play the canary trick and toss a blanket over your cages until SPT. Prost~
  3. Good Call, regarding Hughes! I forgot he was still playing~
  4. Well, Ervin's Magic has been previously the even #'ed season. He lost last season. So, I am calling a 14-4 3.68 season coming.
  5. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Epplers Next Clean Peanut

    Not going to happen! He's not a lefty.....
  6. SlappyUtilityMIF

    If things had gone differently this off season.....

    The new guy every year idea is like buying 5 lottery scratchers! At least the CA Lottery has a second chance drawing! I'm not a huge fan of 1 year deals. Sure there is less risk. But, you also may miss out on a once in a lifetime season within a multi year deal if you are only signing guys for 1 year deals and then the next year they move on and hit the jackpot.
  7. I've been seeing on espn the final tally if the option is accepted after year 3 it ends up equally out to 7/109M
  8. SlappyUtilityMIF

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Kole is what I term a "glue type player" not a Super Star or All Star just a very good player when not required to be "the guy" and not expected to do everything. He will do enough to not hurt his team and provide just enough to be considered a solid member. He will never hit 30 HR's drive in 100RBI or hit .300. But, to expect 15-20HR 70-80RBI and an 250-270AVG while providing solid defense. Is more than sufficient. Our lineup has been filled with these type of players previously and they work. Is he expendable? Probably. But, why not wait till one of the kids comes up and takes his job.
  9. Just another slappy guy at a power position that we had that had he been the 2bman would had been outstanding production. But, since he was at what is considered a power position for lineups within the MLB. He served as a position filler.
  10. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Alex Meyer back...

    I will take the under.
  11. Guys, I guess you didnt understand my reply. Those were his exact averages at Cucamonga and in line with where I see him professionally. Not a 695+ ops and not any higher tha a .250 avg. And probably closer to .300-.313 than .330obp. But, I stuck with the same obp as he had at A+ in 1.5 seasons. Also, those figures are great for a light hitting Jeff Mathis type hitter I see him as and not the power hitting 3bman you and we need him to be. .247/.331/.354/.684 2 seasons at A+
  12. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    Well, to be honest his offensive #'s were pretty good in the last 2 months in Texas right after they traded for him in 2016 and he hit 11 HR's and we know how historically the ball flies out of Arlington in the heat. The next season he slipped again and was traded .247. And then went to the friendly confines of Colorado where he also had a uptick in Avg to .310. In Oakland his #'s continued to drop and went back to what he did in Texas the start of his first full season there in 2017. Once again I see park issues regarding more games at home with the extended foul lines and pop ups. Last year he hit .200/.273/.253/.523 in Anaheim. That's not very good.
  13. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    Absolutely IP, park neutrality is a huge point to consider. However, I looked overall and consider his play within the AL West and give that more credence than #'s say in Colorado or the Senior circuit. Also, while factoring in age and position of play. On a positive note he has always been known as a above average defensive catcher and works well with a pitching staff. Which may in turn allow some newness and positive reinforcement wth the hiring of Doug White and what he wants to instill in the pitching staff! Our version of Brian McCann.... On the offensive side I think we get what we get and we dont throw a fit.
  14. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Angels sign C Jonathan Lucroy to 1yr/$3.35M deal

    1 and a quarter pages were enough. I quote and respond within my reading of the threads. At which point sometimes, like your corresponding replies have taken me away from completing the read and have made me feel too tired to continue through the other 7 and 3/4's pages of replies, opinions, suggestions and optimism.
  15. SlappyUtilityMIF

    David Robertson

    Tank it was about the photo I posted on FB and dedication. Mark aka Roy Hobbs also knew Ken very well.