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  1. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Trade Garrett Richards

    Gray is going to be headed back to the DL for TJ surgery in 3....2....1..... Hurry! Do it~ Oh, and btw, we need to sell high on Ward Quickly! Before he becomes our starting 3Bman putting up Mathis type #'s for 6 years~
  2. Sunday April 29th. Single 6th inning Vs AJ COLE
  3. oh, its the blisters fault.... So, can he Hit & Pitch in the World Series still?...145 day DL till September... That's the most important question here!
  4. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Server Maintenance last night

    It's cool guys! We only lost 3 pages worth of when should Ohtani bat/pitch during the playoffs threads......
  5. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Good Matt Shoemaker news

    Is when surgery will eventually be performed..........
  6. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Ohtani is MLB’s dream come true

    IT does when he's only homered in 3 fricking games! Let's be a bit guarded....Remember that dude from the Brewers last year Eric Thames......! There are always a couple dudes that breakout every year! I love the excitement, However, I am old enough to have seen many flame out at the All Star break! Or, even after their rookie years! I was the same on Trout! I need to see 1-2-3 years before I drop the Natural "Babe Ruth" comps! He will need to continue to make adjustments through out his career and the first 900-1500 ab's will tell the story! Remember he was predominately hitting and pitching vs minor league talent in B games during SPT....and the Japanese league is comparative to AAAA with smaller yards! So, when will we ever have a COMP of a future Joe Charboneau or Ron Kittle?!
  7. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Ohtani is MLB’s dream come true

    It would be great for MLB and his Japanese fanbase! IT would be a horrid idea for his swing......
  8. SlappyUtilityMIF


    Sven's life!!! When is his contract up?.....Asking for a friend named Bryce~
  9. SlappyUtilityMIF

    If Shohei is pitching can he pinch hit for the DH?

    Like Lou stated earlier! Yes, he can he then becomes the hitter in whatever position the DH was. As does any future pitchers that pitch after him in the DH spot..
  10. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Have the Angels gone to a 3-man TV booth?

    Well, after they promote Gubi to the 25 Man roster they will be back to 2.....Forward thinking~
  11. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Jam Jones is officially moving to 2b

    I called this after watching him in SPT.... Even down to the Shane Victorino comparison!.....
  12. SlappyUtilityMIF

    The MInor League Rosters

    interesting read.... Peace out Bichette JR. Where did all the Colin Walsh love go? Local kid got dumped by the A's Kyle Twomey (interesting lefty) He needs to put on good weight.
  13. I know that ScottyA!~ Quit making excuses for him! The bottom line is as a catcher you have control of many things within the game including helping your pitchers through difficult innings and situations! If he didn't have the make up for it that would had showed a Fresno State!.... And back to your response. If he isn't calling pitches like you stated then it really doesn't matter what the pitcher likes to do in certain situations! When I played we could shake the catcher off whether those signs were from the dugout, catcher or a higher being! Rule #1 you better get an out or finish a hitter at that time! Or, you as a pitcher would get crucified in the clubhouse for it. Waste of a #1 pick! He will never have power! He will never even have GAP POWER! Our newest 3B Project a strong armed light hitting catcher with an eye and a above avg OBP%..... Jeffey is that you?
  14. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Angels sign Ben Revere

    So, I got Ben back now where is my lefty reliever?...