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  1. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Andrew Heaney today

    Don't you jinx it eligrba~
  2. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Congrats Justin Bour

    You know there is a joke in there somewhere.... But, I will walk away! Congratulations!
  3. SlappyUtilityMIF


    Hopefully, the reply won't go similar to below... My name may or may not be Trevor! But, you're hired Adam. ps. Thank you, for remembering the length of my overgrown pork sword..Attached, is a photo of my 3 Porsche's Solid writing!
  4. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Pitch Sequence or White?

    Well Totdprods, 1. White magically works or doesn't. HE had all of pre season and right once he signed up for the job to be able to go into each pitchers video and break it down and give advice for whatever he saw prior to they even arriving in AZ. email and cellphones are a cool thing to do this with today. You can even text a video of a guy and point out some issues... IT has been done, I've watched those videos with a couple of guys. 2. Actually, regarding Stassi... I read a few people on here and even an article that Stassi was a outstanding defensive catcher and was White's hand picked guy from Houston. Hence he knows exactly what White wants the pitchers to do and gives White another voice to communicate what he wants to do. Of course a few starts for experience with the pitcher is required this isn't a beer league team. But, having been there a catcher can pretty much figure it out based on your release point, grip and your tendencies to over or under throw certain pitches within an extremely short period of time. The only difference Lefties break to the right handed batters box. Righties break to the left batters box. 3. You speak of muscle memory... That's true to a point it takes roughly 2500-5000 swings for a young hitter (NOT AT BATS) to perfect your swing including breaking it down via slow motion rotation exercise. As a pitcher coming up through the ranks 400-500 innings is sufficient as most aren't completely torn down and built back up mechanically today. IF the velo is there they work on grips and slight adjustments regarding release point to get a fluid repeatable motion to hopefully curb shoulder and elbow issues in the future. And guys work out and work on their game even prior to showing up for SPT.
  5. Sorry, it doesn't take 11 starts to tell if he is tipping his pitches. That's just an excuse. Today with Video from every direction and the ability to break down mechanics by the millisecond. nah, I'm good. Maybe, the catchers are not switching up their signs in situations? Attempting to save a mound visit? Communication issue? OR, our pitch selection, sequencing has become predictable? An advanced Scout is still around charting pitches, pitchers habits and team tendencies etc.
  6. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Freddy Galvis

    Calm down there TURBO! Let's see him get to 10 first...
  7. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Time to Abandon the Opener

    SO, then there shouldn't be any issues! As the catchers call the pitches! They should know what is coming and after having caught the bullies. Then they should know who over throws their pitches and who knows what they are doing...
  8. 3-1 strike outs to walks but gives up a ton of hits, add in the walks. He should fit right in around here! Does he throw around 6-7 pitches per hitter, other wise he won't fit the pitching philosophy.
  9. He must have a TON of options left!.....
  10. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Time to Abandon the Opener

    Roles are Roles. In the end. Openers allow the additional over-usage of teams bullpen and pitching staff within a series, week, month and season. So, you are now burning 5-6 arms in a single game possibly instead of 3-4. IT is really all relative and depending on pitch counts can over use the entire pitching staff. If a starter goes 4 (or)5-6 then you have your middle long guy "Cahill" for 2 = 6 (or you may be able to skip him in this game and bring him in the next day to double up if one of your setup guys are tired and then go to your closer) and your 2 setup guys and maybe a situational Loogey and then if you have a lead at home your closer! In this example during a home game where your starter goes 4 innings you would use 6 arms to get 27 outs.
  11. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Time to Abandon the Opener

    After, they have gone over the scouting reports, charts, analytics and hitters tendencies and everything setup by the Manager and Pitching Coach. Do they no longer do meetings prior to the pitchers start or do meetings prior to the individual game series? A portion of that was done during the week throwing sessions.... We would go over the hitters in the next game and would actually chart a certain (ex 3-4 hitters) or certain pinch hitters we may face in situations within a bullpen sequence. And cold run it through the bully session.
  12. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Time to Abandon the Opener

    Exactly, Why throw 4 when they can get there with 1....
  13. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Time to Abandon the Opener

    Ryan didn't GAF what anyone wanted him to throw. He was a Veteran and historical figure. Similar to the shift. Don't shift if your can't execute the pitches required to get them to hit into it. infield straight away, up the middle, left pull, right pull. Outfield Straight away, no doubles, left pull, right pull.
  14. SlappyUtilityMIF

    Time to Abandon the Opener

    I've brought this up among other issues with the pitching staff since May, June, July. I find it interesting that it makes a difference now? Or, people just figured it out. So, with all the passed balls, wild pitches we DFA Lacroy and then Smith has a couple on Sunday. Even the Golden Boy Stassi defensive catcher had a one his first game in. Too worried about analytics and Spin rate, fastball rotation etc. Over throwing your breaking stuff in the dirt or over throwing your fastball to get extra rotation and it flattening out doesn't help! Over throwing a strike 3 located slider in the dirt at 1-1 in the count with a runner on 1st and 2nd or 2nd and allowing them to advance 90 feet and get into scoring position has effected this team all season long.
  15. SlappyUtilityMIF

    The season is over

    They would draft a Catcher with a good squat and framing rate....