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  1. Ray McKigney

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    I thought his time in Detroit showed that he wasn't a good manager. But, who knows? Maybe he turns out to be great. I'm going to at least be optimistic and believe that he earned it, deserves it, and will lead the team to a successful 2019 season.
  2. Ray McKigney

    Mega Millions jackpot up to $1 billion tonight

    If I win, I think I'll finally purchase the AngelsWin lifetime subscription.
  3. Ray McKigney

    Angels fire Eric Hinske?

    He wasn't fired. He quit because the schedule conflicted with him filming Here Comes the Boom 2.
  4. Three Identical Strangers. Great documentary about triplets who were separated at birth through adoption and then discover each other when they are 19-years-old. Really interesting. Surprising twists throughout. Highly recommended.
  5. Colombia has some of the hottest women on the planet.
  6. Ray McKigney

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    It is technically a holiday.
  7. Ray McKigney

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    Smoltz sounded like he was going to cry after Muncy tied it with that HR.
  8. Ray McKigney

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    Thanks. Couldn't place Davis' voice.
  9. Ray McKigney

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    Anybody know who the commentators are for the Dodgers game?
  10. That was over two years ago. The city' s turned a corner.
  11. Corona isn't a bad place to live in SoCal. It's the first city just east of Orange County. It's only about 20 miles/30 minutes from the Big A. It's part of the IE, but it's sort of an outlier, IMO. Doesn't seem to have all the methheads and shit like Riverside. I moved here from Huntington Beach because it saved me about $500/mo in rent. It's still not cheap, by any means, but it's relatively close to all the major cities and attractions and it's cheaper than most places in Orange and LA Counties.
  12. Ray McKigney

    Vice (film trailer)

    How was A Star is Born? It's getting incredible reviews.
  13. Ray McKigney

    Prop 10

    If there are stricter rent control laws will that mean poor people can move to my neighborhood?
  14. Ray McKigney

    Vice (film trailer)

    He would have also been an ideal choice for SCOTUS.