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  1. Switch Fletcher/Kole and Goodwin/Bour. Do it, Ausmus!
  2. Getting paid about $75K per game to "figure it out." Must be nice.
  3. Ray McKigney

    The ball is juiced

    My prediction: No one hits over 60 home runs this season. It's early. Players start hot. Players start cold. It'll even out.
  4. Ray McKigney

    It's April 21st...

    This whole album is really good.
  5. Ray McKigney

    Cody Allen

    He's not good
  6. You're welcome. I try to use big words whenever I want to come across as insightful. Also, I was trying to be sarcastic.
  7. Yeah, sometimes common sense is overrated, I guess.
  8. Fletcher's current batting average vs. Stella's is a decent indicator.
  9. It was a perplexing move.
  10. Ray McKigney

    Cody Allen

    Buttrey or Robles would both be better in the 9th, in my opinion.
  11. This is probably Bourjos' last chance.
  12. Ray McKigney

    Words that Gubicza cannot pronounce

    I like Gubi. Says some funny things. He and Victor have a good rapport and seem to genuinely like each other.
  13. Cozart's batting too high in the order.