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  1. Ray McKigney

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    I thought they'd traded him when they pulled him from the game yesterday.
  2. Ray McKigney

    Justin Bour recalled, Jake Jewell sent down

    Completely forgot about him. Hope he can help the team.
  3. Ray McKigney

    Andrelton Simmons heals fast

    Hope he's back soon
  4. Ray McKigney


    It always irks me when people talk about him finishing 4th in MVP voting that year and they fail to mention that he was out for 6 weeks with an injury.
  5. Ray McKigney


    Springer's numbers were pretty impressive until he went on the IL. If he comes back and continues where he left off, he will probably be the only one who can challenge Trout for MVP.
  6. Ray McKigney

    Cahill ERA is over 7

    I was momentarily ecstatic when I mistakenly misread the thread title as: "Cahill Era is Over"
  7. Ray McKigney

    The Official TROUTstanding Thread

  8. Only playing Ohtani against righties again. Great.
  9. Ray McKigney

    What's your best lineup with Simmons out?

    This is about as good as it can get, in my opinion.
  10. I hope Goodwin can pick it back up. With the exception of a game or two, he's been terrible for the last few weeks.
  11. Ray McKigney


    Maybe Eppler can work a straight up trade of Cozart for Moustakas?
  12. Ray McKigney

    Coming soon to a broadcast near you...

    Too late...