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  1. Ray McKigney

    Trout buys $9 million Newport Beach mansion

    Look who's eating at six o'clock. Your suddenly well-to-do president.
  2. You can pause it and rewind/FF, too. Picture looks better than my normal cable feed.
  3. Would be great to see the Angels lineup, too
  4. Ray McKigney

    Gameday Thread: Orioles @ Angels 7/28/2019

    Yeah, it sucks. I wonder if you can pause and rewind the live feed? Not sure why MLB does this type of thing. They did the Facebook watch crap a couple of games last season.
  5. Ray McKigney

    Odd Celebrity Connections

  6. Ray McKigney

    Random Links Thread

    New York City Man Finds Uneaten In-N-Out Burger In The Middle Of The Street At first, Boehm thought it wasn't real since the burger looked fresh, and there are no In-N-Out burgers located east of Kansas City.
  7. Ray McKigney

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    I went to high school with Ryan Klesko. He took me and a friend of mine to our first keg party. He was a couple of years older than me and my friend (we were in 9th grade). He drove a truck and even though it was only us 3, he made my friend and I ride in the back of the truck.
  8. Ray McKigney

    Tonight's game

  9. Ray McKigney

    Three favorite movies?

    Searching for Bobby Fischer is so great. Just watched it a few months ago for the first time in years. Absolutely love that movie.
  10. Ray McKigney

    Three favorite movies?

    I had just posted a comment saying the same thing about Jackie Brown and then I saw yours. Damn, we like the same movies, bro.
  11. Ray McKigney

    Three favorite movies?

    Jackie Brown is so underrated, in my opinion. It's my favorite Tarantino flick, by far.
  12. Ray McKigney