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  1. Ray McKigney

    Luis Valbuena Killed in Car Accident

    Sad news. Just thought about him yesterday when I saw that MLB Network is showing a 40 Best Bat Flips of 2018 Countdown on Saturday. RIP.
  2. Ray McKigney

    Alvarez to Philly

  3. Ray McKigney

    Nats get Corbin - 6/$140m

    MLB Now is reporting live that it's 6/$140m.
  4. Ray McKigney

    The Most Tired Lines in AngelsWin History

    Both those kids can run faster than him.
  5. Ray McKigney

    BREAKING: Angels acquire....

    Good move. Keep 'em coming, Billy!
  6. Ray McKigney

    Who will the Angels acquire in a trade

    Jose Quintana
  7. Ray McKigney

    Ohtani wins rookie of the year!!!

    Just noticed the dipshit from the Lakeland Ledger didn't even have Ohtani in his top 3. Had Andujar at 1 and the two Rays players at 2 and 3.
  8. Ray McKigney

    Is Adell really that good?

    I made essentially the same joke back on page 4. I'm also a HUGE Beatles fan. Coincidence?
  9. Ray McKigney

    Is Adell really that good?

    Yes, she is.