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  1. Ray McKigney

    Will the pitching health EVER stabilize???

    It will end when they get different pitchers.
  2. Pujols batting 5th. I like this lineup. About the best we can hope for with Trout still out, in my opinion.
  3. Ray McKigney

    Anyone ever live in the Miami area?

    If your "job" involves smuggling drugs, watch out for these two fuckers:
  4. Forgot Chris Young was even on the team.
  5. Ray McKigney

    Caption this photo

    Guy's been called a fruit so many times that he finally decided he should look like one.
  6. Night Will Fall. Documentary available on Netflix about the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. Contains footage that was part of a documentary being made by Alfred Hitchcock that was shelved for 70 years. NIGHT WILL FALL
  7. Today's the day the Halos turn it around! Let's see a win streak. Let's catch the Astros! Or the A's. Or the Mariners. OK... let's stay ahead of the Rangers.
  8. Ray McKigney

    Red Sox get Ian Kinsler

    Any chance that Sosh doesn't move Fletch to 2B and put Valbuena/Marte at 3rd everyday?
  9. Ray McKigney

    Adam Kennedy and Dontrelle Willis?

    I think they're both doing a good job.
  10. Ray McKigney

    Barria’s Tell

    I'll have to watch for this. Does he also do it from the stretch?
  11. Ray McKigney

    Gameday Thread: 7/24 White Sox @ Angels

    Sucks that Ohtani's not in the lineup, but at least Valbuena isn't either. I just hope Sosh pinch hits Ohtani before Valbuena if we're behind in the late innings.
  12. Ray McKigney

    What the F*ck does Valbuena have to offer over Taylor Ward?

    Reliable disappointment.
  13. Blash's batting stance is ridiculous.