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  1. This is probably Bourjos' last chance.
  2. Ray McKigney

    Words that Gubicza cannot pronounce

    I like Gubi. Says some funny things. He and Victor have a good rapport and seem to genuinely like each other.
  3. Cozart's batting too high in the order.
  4. Ray McKigney

    Apollo 11

    I can't wait to see this. Looks so awesome. Thanks for the review.
  5. Ray McKigney

    Bore, Stella & Cowfart

    I really hope Ausmus starts playing Fletcher instead of Stella soon.
  6. I wish Shoe nothing but success. He was one of my favorite pitchers during his time here. He was always solid when he was healthy. I'll never forget watching him get hit in the head with that line drive and how terrible it was. I also remember the first game he started when he came back and how amazed I was by his resilience. I was upset when Eppler let him walk with no offer. I think the organization owed him more. Just my opinion. I sincerely hope he continues to thrive and that he reaches his true potential.
  7. Ray McKigney

    The Official TROUTstanding Thread

    Never knew that Story was so fast.
  8. Ray McKigney


    Snap out of it! Nobody said it was going to be easy. Don't look so glum. We committed 24 errors. Their pitcher threw a no-hitter against us. But there is some good news. Two of our runners almost managed to get to first base. And we did hit 17 foul balls.
  9. Ray McKigney

    Pujols back at cleanup 4/2 Gameday thread 7:10 PM

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I saw it on MLB Network and thought it was interesting: If we lose tonight, it will be the first time the Angels have started a season 1-5 since 1961.
  10. Ray McKigney

    Pujols back at cleanup 4/2 Gameday thread 7:10 PM

    Let's get a W!!!!!!!!
  11. Ray McKigney

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Mariners (April Fools Day, 2019)

    At least Fletcher's starting against a righty
  12. Ray McKigney

    So Cozart pretty much blows

    He's not good
  13. Ray McKigney

    Upton out for 8-12 Weeks

    Bummer. Hope he starts feeling better soon.