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  1. maximus p

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    I was Kevin Nash's roommate in the Army, though he only "officially" stayed in the barracks, he had a girlfriend offsite.
  2. maximus p

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    Might have to include Bridwell as well
  3. maximus p

    The Houston Asstros

    Ha ha, I also remember someone saying the Kissimee (sp?) Assholes on a Jim Healy program...I think.
  4. maximus p

    Kevan Smith placed on IL, Garneau recalled

    Concussion? He got hit on the head with a bat.
  5. maximus p

    Ausmus's Coaching Staff

    We don't do gut feelings anymore. Only probability decisions.
  6. maximus p

    Buying meat over the internet

    google 'male escorts'?
  7. maximus p

    September Could Be Interesting

    Angels: 'Hold my beer'
  8. An upper deck at progressive field?
  9. uggh "We could have waited a year and picked up Josh Hamilton."
  10. When is the Arcia 10 RBI bobblehead night ?
  11. maximus p

    How many home runs does Trout end his career with?

    he's got 229 in his age 27 season. Over the next ten years he should be able to get 350+, right? I voted for 551-600
  12. maximus p

    Would you trade Jo Adell for Noah Syndergaard?

    I would like to change my vote to no... thank you
  13. maximus p

    Taylor Ward is hitting .390 in Salt Lake

    Rengifo, the PTBNL. Was he considered a decent prospect before the Halos got him, or was he just the typical PTBNL throwaway?