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    Garrett Richards set to have TJS

    Sorry, trips
  2. maximus p

    Garrett Richards set to have TJS

    oops double post
  3. maximus p

    Garrett Richards set to have TJS

    Lol at the Doc's name for his surgery Dr. Neal ElReattache
  4. maximus p

    Richards, Maldonado.....

    Nowadays .240 is the new .280
  5. maximus p

    Saw this trade idea linked on MLBTR

    Castellanos drafted in the 1st round, after the Angels took: Kowart, Clarke, Lindsey, and Bedrosian. 3 swing and misses and a foul tip.
  6. Calhoun .286 since he came back. 7 XBH
  7. I think so. Better to have an elite SS that is slotted every day than an 'ace' going every 5th day. W/o Simba who would have held down that spot for the past 3 years?
  8. maximus p

    No connection?

    True. But they pitched to him last night and struck him out 3x. That finger might be bothering more than we know.
  9. maximus p

    Fire mike scioscia and the GM

    Goo goo g'joob
  10. What if Trout, seeing what has happened with the whole Pujols (and Hamilton for that matter) contract, decided he didn't want to put the Angels through another multi hundred million dollar contract, because he doesn't see the future as good enough and it wouldn't matter how much Arte offered-including stupid money like a half a billion over 10 years (not wanting to hamstring the Halos for another 10 years).
  11. I'd say something like 8 yrs./275-300 million. Maybe front loaded for the first 2, then an opt out. yr. 1 & 2, 40 mill That typed, if he keeps this pace, would he be hard pressed to get 6/200 million? It would still be 33+ AAV. If he signed for <8 years he will still be FA at age 32-33, though he may not want to go through the process again, and if he regresses as he ages he might not get another franchise-type contract.
  12. maximus p

    What do you feel is management's plan?

    Agree. Last year I thought he may retire at the end of this year after getting 3000 hits. Now it looks like he is chasing 2000 RBI, which will probably be next year. I have no hope, anymore, that he will retire before 2021. Sad to say, but who do they have to replace him? He's at least better than 3-4 other starting regulars on a given night....not a good thing.
  13. maximus p

    Brewers pitcher barfs all over field

    Re the title: Replace Brewers pitcher with Bedrosian and you have today/yesterday's headline.
  14. I could definitely (meaning I would like to see) see something like this. Say, after the season (with Trout making 30+ million for each of the remaining two years: sign an extension of x years for x dollars but front load it for the first 4 with an opt-out after 2022 (the remaining two years and then 2021 and 2022-something like 50 million a year) and then something like 25-30 for the remaining 6. That makes it about 380 million for 10 years starting in 2019 with an opt out after the first 4 years and 200 million. 2019-2022 50 million each year opt out 2023-2028 30 million each year. IDK, this is kind off the top of me head.