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  1. Add racist to his list of accomplishments.
  2. IEAngelsfan

    Random pics for no reason

    Yup, the mini sub.
  3. IEAngelsfan


    The king of squat!
  4. IEAngelsfan

    Kris Bryant??? Yes please!

    Especially the '86 season.
  5. IEAngelsfan

    Kris Bryant??? Yes please!

    If he's like me, he feels the pizza is extremely overrated.
  6. IEAngelsfan

    Random pics for no reason

    Yup, all but 4 and 5. How about the extra points for appearing in a movie, then later in a TV series. This one might be a little harder.
  7. IEAngelsfan

    Random pics for no reason

    Can anyone name the classic TV shows or movies these crafts or robots appeared in? Extra bonus points for anyone who can name an item that first appeared in a movie, then later, in a TV show.
  8. IEAngelsfan

    The PERFECT Trade

    How about Troll Daddy for R Munkee.
  9. IEAngelsfan

    If Eppler traded Trout...

    Some people still talk about Babe Ruth being traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees almost a century ago.
  10. IEAngelsfan

    Is Eppler Stoneman 2.0?

    What do you expect? He's a Seahawks fan.
  11. IEAngelsfan

    Must see places in Seattle?

    Best seafood I had was in Seattle. Too bad I can't remember any of the restaurants.
  12. IEAngelsfan

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I don't think Ender can hear you.
  13. IEAngelsfan

    The PERFECT Trade

  14. IEAngelsfan

    Current payroll and where we stand

    I hope they say that we finally had one of the all time greats drafted, groomed and play his entire career as an Angel. That the Angels did the right thing and paid the man what he deserves to stay with our team and that we have no regrets what so ever, regardless on how he plays the last few years as an Angel.