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  1. Blowtani

    Well she’s not on the rubber.
  2. If the dems run a woman next time, then we all deserve 4 more of President Fuckface.
  3. If Blarg didn’t keep this thread alive, what would FS jack off to? Other than AOs weather thread, or any terror attack thread. Other than those?
  4. Trumped

    He’s shitting his pants and Mueller is about to be fired.
  5. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    Those seem a little weird.
  6. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    I wanna be Peter Scolari!
  7. LOL Angeles

    I think Bentonville is dry. Be prepared.
  8. Ha, yeah, cause she gets periods!
  9. List of Worst AW posters

    Reviving old threads guy.
  10. Stephen Hawking died

    I was expecting him to say "Steve."
  11. It’s silly but I’m gonna cut them some slack. They can’t walk.