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  1. calscuf


  2. calscuf

    Betts for Adell?

    Oh shit, I hope Nate doesn’t get his ass kicked.
  3. calscuf

    Florida's Finest

    Here's a good one:
  4. calscuf

    2020 Democratic Field

    Ha ha. Flop.
  5. calscuf


    I’d love to get Pujols drunk and get his real opinion on Josh Hamilton. My guess is that Pujols, as an actual Christian, can see right through the bullshit.
  6. calscuf

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    Agree to disagree. To me he’s human garbage. And not because he’s an addict.
  7. calscuf

    Chris Stratton
  8. calscuf

    Chris Stratton

    Cmon, that’s going to far.
  9. calscuf

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    Well this dude outted himself as non Latino.
  10. calscuf

    Chris Stratton

    I’m going to make some fake critical threads about the Angels, their coaches, their front office, just to see if Strad’s spidey sense starts tingling.
  11. calscuf

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    He is such a piece of shit.
  12. calscuf

    2020 Democratic Field

    Slurp, slurp. Oh Lance, give it all to me!
  13. calscuf

    2020 Democratic Field

    Is that what your boyfriend told you?
  14. calscuf

    Nasty stuff

    Oh. Well why the hell didn’t he just say that, we’re all grown ups here.
  15. A glorious mullet. Remember, if we are to believe him, he is quite the hit with the ladies.