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  1. calscuf


    I'm pleased to hear that because the Time photo was not an immigrant child separated from her parents that there were no immigrant children separated from their parents.
  2. Paredes makes me miss Salas.
  3. You’ve been hanging out with Stoneman?
  4. I heard Noe thought his job was to let inherited runners score, they had to sit him down and explain otherwise. He was disappointed because he thought he’d been doing a great job.
  5. calscuf


    Ha! You're so gay.
  6. calscuf

    Garage Sales

    I am not familiar with this Ghost World movie. I do know that one chick is from Lucerne Valley.
  7. calscuf

    Garage Sales

    Why would you take the quarter to goodwill?
  8. calscuf

    Social media Peyt's Mom peeves

    Maybe you guys should just get off Facebook?
  9. It’s insane that there’s a cultural movement to normalize female obesity. Being fat is terrible for your health and any fat person can become a healthy weight person. Plus, fat men either don’t care or admit that they shouldn’t be so fat but they love unhealthy foods so f*ck it.
  10. calscuf

    Garage Sales

    It depicts Americans that Bay Area Americans just don’t want to accept exist so it’s been taken of local cable channels.
  11. calscuf

    Fire mike scioscia and the GM

    I think we can all agree that AW went to shit after the MLB Angels message board shut down.
  12. calscuf

    Trade Targets : Mets and Orioles

    How do you say ironic en espanol?
  13. calscuf

    Fire mike scioscia and the GM

    See new guy, these boys used to want to fellate Jerry Dipoto. Now they act straight. Except for Eppler. He’s dreamy. Don’t badmouth him, cause he didn’t sign Pujols or trade for Vernon Wells. So therefore, you are stupid and they aren’t gay.