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  1. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Fucking white bitches, yo.
  2. Angels hire Eppler as GM

    Let me give this a shot. ***clears throat*** I agree.
  3. Trumped

    You guys take pictures of your dogs when they aren't staring at your crotch? Weird.
  4. I believe that the word vagina dehumanizes beautiful pussies.
  5. Pit Bulls = Killers

    Pit bull lovers are like Latina mothers. Oh no, my baby never do that, he a good boy.
  6. Pit Bulls = Killers
  7. #metoo

    The part about getting dragged away didn't happen. I just thought it would've been awesome if it did. Sorry for the confusion. We saw Steve Byrne. Funny dude.
  8. #metoo This isn't really on topic. I just enjoyed the read. Young women and gays have absolutely no sense of humor. Everything has to be "outrage!" You seriously couldn't enjoy Christmas dinner because your aunt said the orientals were buying all the real estate? WTF?
  9. Trumped

    Wait. yv is a chick? Is she hot? (Asking for Rico)
  10. #metoo

    I saw a comedian tonight. He said he's tired of women complaining about the guy who grabs their ass. He pointed out that the ass grabber guy is just an asshole and while he's grabbing her ass he's punching his guy friends in the dick because he thinks its funny and it's better to have your ass squeezed than to be punched in the dick. Four men in suits escorted him of the stage right after the joke and the show abruptly ended. I'm not sure if he's OK or what. Lights came on and everyone looked at each other and left. I didn't pay my bill, so 3 free Bud Lights.
  11. Southern California Firestorms

    I'm starting to understand AO.
  12. What have you watched recently?

    I watch Broadchurch just to hear the guy yell "Milla!".
  13. Confession

    I don't like jerking off in the restroom at work. Especially now.
  14. You guys know the doctors saw dolllar signs, right?