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  1. calscuf

    Grit Baby!!!

  2. In school you got to hook up with high school chicks.
  3. I'm like the dude in the red shirt, I'm not a fan of getting shot.
  4. I'm not sure many of us would attack someone with a gun. It's a nice story and I'm glad it ended the way it did, but the guy in the red shirt was probably the smartest in the bunch.
  5. calscuf

    Gone but not Forgotten - Nick Adenhart

    I remember going to the next game after his death. It was against the Red Sox. Most of us had #34 someplace on us. I still have my hat with #34 written on it. A chowd kept yelling “hey, I don’t see no 34, where’s 34?” People bit their lips. I couldn’t figure out if he was being a legendary douche or if he was oblivious and was saying shit about David Ortiz. Since he’s a chowd I always assumed the worst.
  6. calscuf

    Political Gallery

    Here’s a twat that wasn’t bothered by Biden until other women were getting attention and not her.
  7. calscuf

    2020 Democratic Field

    It’s ok man, I thought it was funny.
  8. calscuf

    2020 Democratic Field

    I was gonna say: Becuase they’ve shown they lack enough good sense to be trusted to vote. But then I remembered women.
  9. calscuf

    Nut Swingers vs. Tin Foil Hats

    We don’t need to attack each other. Everyone just enjoy the testicle photograph and hug it out.
  10. calscuf

    Bore, Stella & Cowfart

    My favorite thing about Strad is he loves correcting you.
  11. calscuf

    My main issue with the WAR stat...(Trout)

    Is this guy trying to use wins to calculate wins? Ha ha.
  12. calscuf

    Bore, Stella & Cowfart

    Feels like every hopeful “blue collar” offensive signing goes to shit, but that’s not a recent phenomenon. That’s usual. Maybe Bobby Abreu in his first year was an exception. There are probably others (Matsui?) that were OK, but seems like any time the Angels sign a guy with fingers crossed and high hopes he takes a big Steve Finley dump on home plate.
  13. calscuf


    Don’t tell me you haven’t thought that they might hit that magic number. At 2-6 they are on perfect pace! Shame on you failos for doubting them.