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  1. Trumped

    We could all scream "Niger!" like the Republicans scream "Benghazi!"
  2. Florida's Finest

    She caught him because he had a water bottle from the pawn shop. The pretty fucking Florida. And yes, that dude needs to die.
  3. Card tricks

    I'm confused. Was Schildog a magician before he lost his hair?
  4. Do you think it's really that smart to nail a "metoo'er?" If she has any regret over the encounter, you're the #metoo story.
  5. Road rage

    Phil, let's go shit on his hood.
  6. Trumped

    "The silver lining was that a solid majority, 64%, stated that they did not know what 'preemptive' meant, so at least there's that," commented Neil Thompson, director of Quinnipiac's polling.
  7. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Even though it's the playoffs, most of those dodger fans look like they'd rather be at the beach, swimming in their jeans.
  8. Card tricks

    We were at the Rib Trader last night, too. I saw you and said, "shit there's that Phil guy. Act Mexican and he'll ignore us."
  9. Trumped

    I just wish Christians weren't so judgy. Jesus shoulda written something about not being judgy when he wrote that book of theirs.
  10. Religion of Peace