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  1. Hate speech

    I thought her arms must be tired.
  2. We shouldn't blame the mom here. She made her daughter fight a pregnant girl because she is poor. She is poor because white people. Do you even read Rico's posts?
  3. Maybe if his first reaction wasn't "move me to business class" and instead "move me to a seat in the class I paid for", he wouldn't have had to sit in pee.
  4. Important News Today!

    I'm so glad my wife doesn't read AW and I'd be forced to say shit like this.
  5. You haven't been watching TV lately. There are no bad people on the left.
  6. Here's a little tip about Oregon weather. If the high is 92, at noon it will still likely be about 70.
  7. Chicago

    With the exception of Logan Square, all of those happened in terrible neighborhoods and almost all in the middle of the night.
  8. Salas is back

  9. If I drank IPAs I would die.
  10. Funny thing is, on Roku I have like a 1 minute delay and I just knew it was going to happen, so I clicked on the MLB app to verify was about to happen. There were the 4 Orioles runs and game over listed.
  11. Dude, give me some credit. No way you've had more.
  12. I mean, it's kind of funny.
  13. That was a pretty easy call.
  14. Uniform is part of the player.