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  1. calscuf

    Stock Market: The Thread

    Maybe don’t put money in the stock market?
  2. calscuf


    Blarg’s delete button in 3...2...1...
  3. calscuf


    I’m no math expert but I think that averages out to 2.62 miles between lawns you mowed.
  4. calscuf

    Obamacare/Trumpcare Horror Stories

    Trump supported the lawsuit and obviously the ruling and he lies right to the faces of his supporters that he’s fighting for preexisting conditions. May some point those idiots will have to understand that their master is kicking them directly. Right?
  5. calscuf

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    Don’t you have old hippie man long hair? No offense but that’s like the worst hair.
  6. calscuf


    Dude, you’re totally getting a cease and desist letter from Strad.
  7. calscuf


    The meal you eat when you are hungover I guess.
  8. calscuf

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    Did you just ask why a bunch of old, fat, balding, financially insecure, nonathletic, meek guys dislike a young, fit, super rich, confident dude with great hair?
  9. calscuf


    What about for breakfast?
  10. calscuf


    And this: “If a man is not a Socialist at 20 he has no heart, but if he remains one at 30 he has no head.” Is this even a real quote or a fw:fw:fw infowars, etc fake quote from some famous old person?
  11. calscuf


    I'm amazed that you guys continue to engage him like he has any rational thought or argument to contribute.
  12. They say that shit but the threat of a spanking was enough to keep me and my brother in line.