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  1. DMVol


    Dumb and dumber....
  2. DMVol

    Kick Joe West Out of Baseball

    They’d be crucified if it was Wrigley Field....ask Bartman....
  3. DMVol

    scioscia's availability

    Surfing AngelsWin probably doesn't qualify.....
  4. DMVol

    scioscia's availability

    I think that's a big misconception about being at or near retirement age....I love my family but spending 24/7 with them is a scary thought........... I probably shouldn't have admitted that....
  5. DMVol

    scioscia's availability

    Not sure it's quite that simple....we really don't know (yet) what his options will or won't be.....he may just prefer to manage rather than retire or work in a front office or on TV, so he might broaden what "the right" managerial job could be....I am close in age to Scioscia and, without getting all melodramatic, it's tougher than you might think when you're sorting things out about when and how you want to wrap up your working career....a lot of sometimes conflicting notions on what you want to do.....and it's not all about money...
  6. DMVol

    scioscia's availability

    Unlike some guys, he has no financial incentive to jump at just any job.....but, flip side is you can wait around and the right job might or might not be out there for him, particularly in this day and time of analytics...
  7. DMVol

    Cozart for Gray?

    He’s not Ohtani, strictly a hitter.....the best case scenario is that he can’t play SS until June....
  8. I’d love to have either but Realmuto is a little younger and will be cheaper, for a couple of years anyway....but the prospects are a factor, for sure....
  9. You could play Realmuto some at 1b, when Pujols can’t go, which could be a lot....
  10. You only know that because you are an old fart.....but I thought of the same thing....old farts think alike...
  11. So, how about the 1b option (at least some of the time) Fletcher (or somebody) mentioned?
  12. Competition will be strong, that's for sure....
  13. Braves have also been mentioned.....and their farm system is deeper than ours....
  14. It may be fair to you but no way would the Marlins jump on that....Marsh is a good prospect, Rengifo may have figured things out this year, we'll see....regardless, I think they can get a better deal than that....and probably will....
  15. DMVol

    Joey Gallo?

    I think the Angels were his preferred destination last year....but obviously Boras misread the market....with a do-over, I think both sides would have preferred he sign early with the Angels, rather than Cozart....still think he's a possibility again this year but only if his market is relatively flat again....bulk of offseason money needs to go to pitching....