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  1. DMVol

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    A very good start....but small sample size....
  2. DMVol

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    Jerez has looked ok...eager to see Buttrey...good trade by Eppler...
  3. DMVol

    Felix Pena

    Bridwell was a bit of a fluke....
  4. DMVol

    Felix Pena

    If he gets through the rest of the season with just the one clunker start vs Seattle, he's in the mix for more than a swing man role...he's been solid, a real find, like Bridwell and Ramirez last year.
  5. Umps threw Urena (pitcher) out.....he better duck if he bats against the Braves anytime soon.
  6. Two weeks....not a big deal....
  7. I think he has to show contenders he's healthy, in a very short window.....if nobody bites before Sept 1st, I agree---they may just release him and let the other two handle Sept....or limit Rivera to a 3rd catcher role, come in late after somebody pinch hits for Briceno or Arcia....
  8. Play him, and get someone to bite on a trade before September 1. Sept 1st is just two weeks away....won't hurt Briceno or Arcia to catch a few games at SLC....probably get more playing time at SLC...
  9. I don't know if there is a guy out there who fits this description but if there is a pitcher on a multi year deal who has been a disappointment and is movable in August, would Eppler think about it, if he really likes the guy and thinks he might bounce back? Would give you a head start on the offseason....
  10. Don’t get playing Cowart over Fernandez....I guess he’s more versatile....
  11. DMVol

    Jose Briceno - Could this be his norm?

    I love Simmons but I have to admit that when I see Newcomb pitching well for the Braves, it would make the trade an even better deal if Briceno can turn in to an everyday catcher....Obviously Eppler and the Braves asked for the right guys in the deal...
  12. Fernandez can take his AB’s at 1b....