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  1. DMVol

    Currently on the DL...

    Jack any kin to Zack?
  2. DMVol

    Ian Kinsler

    I guess I hoped he might hit .260 like he did in 2016.....not looking don’t necessarily have to play him though (not holding my breath) can play Fernandez or Fletcher.....
  3. DMVol

    Ian Kinsler

    You might see that soon if Valbuena continues to struggle and Cozart stays on the DL for awhile...
  4. DMVol

    Ian Kinsler

    Unless we pick it up in the next few weeks, I hope Kinsler keeps hitting and we trade him at the deadline....give Cozart or Fletcher a look at 2b before next year......
  5. DMVol

    Matt Moore

    I think he left Tenn but ditched the transfer idea and ended up playing in Europe for a few years....then he became Big Nasty, a pretty good career move....
  6. DMVol

    Matt Moore

    Actually signed with Ray Mears but played for DeVoe....butted heads with DeVoe and transferred....he wasn't a bad player....saw him hold his own against Kevin McHale when Tenn played Minnesota in Knoxville....
  7. DMVol

    Matt Moore

    Was a basketball player in college.....started at Center for my alma mater....
  8. DMVol

    Valbuena Needs to Go

    If we drop out of contention, it would be a crime for him to take AB’s away from Fernandez and maybe Fletcher.....
  9. What does not liking Ward’s “disposition” mean? Just as a catcher or in general?
  10. Could be both——getting rest for regulars and getting Pujols ready for Ohtani at DH....
  11. I wonder if they are getting Pujols some 1b time in anticipation of Ohtani getting DH AB’s....
  12. Ii think that's probably correct.....DH only, no pitching, for the rest of the year, if the report is good...You have to wonder where you fit Pujols in.....if you want to DH Ohtani regularly, not sure Pujols can play 1b on anything close to an everyday basis......