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  1. DMVol

    Gameday Thread: 8/20 Angels @ Rangers : Game 2

    Eppler needs to address pitching AND catching in the offseason...
  2. Not sure how Eppler could have prepared for all the injuries, except sign or trade for somebody other than Cahill and Harvey....and obviously Skaggs was a total body blow from nowhere...but I guess the bright side is that maybe the 4 of the them take their lumps and get better....sometimes getting thrown into the deep end isn't the worst thing....and pitchers have a shelf life...injuries are part of it so maybe getting them started early isn't as bad as it may seem right now...
  3. Thought the same thing....maybe his results were some smoke and mirrors in 2017 but he might have settled in to a decent back end of the rotation guy, without the injuries....maybe something like Nolasco in a good year....
  4. So he's increased his strikeouts and cut down his walks...but he's still been terrible with the Angels and at SLC, where he was just optioned.....methinks we're missing the forest for the trees....but we can agree to disagree.... What about Peters? Bridwell Part Deuce or some hope for the long term?
  5. I wasn't talking about Canning and Sandoval, lots of upside there....On Suarez and Barria, certainly both could improve, particularly Suarez....I think there was a lot of concern after last year that Barria could be another Bridwell far, it looks like he might be, as some predicted (not me, I was hopeful, probably too optimistic)....Like any stat, ERA can be deceiving but you can't just gloss it over with other indicators, I don't think....but back to where we started, I think Parcells got it right....Barria was good last year, even if the peripherals weren't encouraging...he won and he kept runs to a appears big league hitters (and AAA hitters) may have figured him out this year, regardless of his peripherals...and therein lies the rub....Snell and Giolito got better, Suarez may too...that's normal...but Barria got worse, which is a concen....maybe hitters figured him out, we'll see...sorry if I was snarky, good discussion.... So, is Peters another Bridwell? I can't tell to be honest...
  6. Really encouraging on Suarez and Barría? Both have ERA’s above 6 and just got sent down....Both are young and have potential (particularly Suarez) but you can't ignore the fact that they have both been pretty might get better but cherry picking stats to ignore their struggles is a reach....not trying to be snarky, I just think you're reaching....
  7. Except it is....the overall numbers are still disappointing....they didn’t just send him down because he was trending in the right direction....
  8. “You are what your record says you are.” — Bill Parcells
  9. I really thought he would be a solid back of the rotation type after last year....smarter guys than me said he couldn’t sustain it...I was wrong, as usual....
  10. The problem is we don’t have a ton of options, particularly past the trade deadline....but even without other good options, you have to worry about a young guy’s confidence, getting hammered every time out...Barria was awful at SLC the other night so he may be off the board for awhile too....
  11. DMVol

    Beyond Grateful by Josh Hamilton

    ^^^ I don’t blame Hamilton for taking the money, I blame DiPoto and Arte for the stupidity of signing him....Signing Pujols wasn’t a smart move but you might justify it as a reach to win a title.....Hamilton was just straight up dumb....
  12. DMVol

    The Non-SP 2019-2020 Free Agent Class

    That's what we said about Mathis for 5 years....
  13. DMVol

    Comparing player A and player B

    I think reading the market is what I want my agent to do....Waiting obviously worked for Harper and Machado but they were the elite guys last year and anybody could have read didn't work with Moose or Keuchel or Machete....If I'm not an elite guy, I want an agent that reads the market and tells me the truth... You are right that the player ultimately makes the decision but I tend to think that Boras pushes all his clients to wait and squeeze every last dollar out's just his thing...I don't think it is a coincidence that his guys get caught waiting too long....But, that is just my thought.....I would put more weight on what @Jeff Fletcher says....
  14. DMVol

    Comparing player A and player B

    Sometimes he is right and it works to hold out a while longer....but he also misses it badly sometimes... I'd want my agent to have a good read on the market...You've got to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em, as somebody once said...