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  1. DMVol

    The Angels seem pretty bad

    But he’s good at reclamation pitching prospects....go figure....
  2. I don't think there was much shine there to begin with....but that's me...
  3. And who is still better defensively than Harper....
  4. .038 ain’t good enough for ya?
  5. DMVol

    Calhoun’s last 1206 plate appearances...

    Goodwin could make this interesting if he keeps hitting...when Upton gets back, could be interesting...
  6. DMVol


    I think that was a huge part of his value....probably wasn’t a great idea to think he would have that kind of value at 3b/2b....hindsight, I know...
  7. DMVol

    Calhoun’s last 1206 plate appearances...

    When Upton returns, if Calhoun is continuing to struggle, Goodwin can make things interesting if he continues to hit well....
  8. DMVol

    4/12 Angels Vs Cubs(Trout Out)

    Bourjos is an automatic out....
  9. DMVol

    4/12 Angels Vs Cubs(Trout Out)

    Ward has a lot of work to do defensively to become a major league 3bman....
  10. DMVol

    Kirby Yates

    Buttrey and Jerez, who was traded for Stratton....
  11. DMVol


    Gary MatthewsJr says hi....
  12. DMVol


    I was a little skeptical when he said he was "good to go" in spring training....I had rotator cuff surgery in October and I am no where near back to normal (I have worked hard at therapy but granted not to the extent that I am sure Cozart has)....It's why pitchers can rebound from elbow problems but shoulder issues are the kiss of death (Alex Meyer for instance)....
  13. DMVol

    Barria sent down

    ^^^....No need to get excited about this before Tax Day in April......As a wise old sage once said, it will work itself out....we may end up with both Stratton and Barria in the's a long season with a lot of time to look at different things....