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  1. Yellow Balloon

    Vlad Guerrero Jr.

    Wait til he finds a good poutine place up there in Toronto. He'll look like Terry Forster by the time he's 21.
  2. Yellow Balloon

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    I would say the NFL needs a new tape measure. Tagovailoa is listed at 6'1" and he could eat an apple off KM's head.
  3. Yellow Balloon

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    Mine was a firsthand account and I stand by it. So either he or his 'fro have grown a couple of inches since high school.
  4. Yellow Balloon

    "Progress" on Realmuto trade just keeps recycling the same old headlines, desperately trying to figure out how many different ways to say essentially the same damn things they were saying before Christmas. Bryce, Manny .. Harper, Machado ... Nats, Phils... Yankees may not be done ...... Realmuto discussions heating up .... ... confirms there's a mystery team . 5 moves that could shake up ....
  5. Yellow Balloon

    Your Favorite NL Team(s)

    Pirates. The '71 World Series was the first one I ever watched, and though I rooted for the Orioles it was hard not to like Clemente, Stargell, Al Oliver, etc. Pirates was also the name of my tee ball team that year. Plus black & gold is a great color combo.
  6. Bibens-Dirkx is an odd footnote. Last season he and Isaiah Kiner- Falefa became the first hyphenated starting battery in MLB history.
  7. Yellow Balloon

    Lozano's Had Enough (Press Beat-down!)

    At least that one guy (who looks a bit like Mitch Moreland) is offering him a shirt to put on.
  8. Yellow Balloon

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Love this. Sounds like an article from Rolling Stone, circa 1973, comparing Wayne Newton to Springsteen.
  9. Yellow Balloon

    2018 Hot Stove League

    And when Charlie Finley proposed 1 year contracts for EVERYBODY his fellow owners quickly shut him down. Miller later admitted that that was the one scenario he dreaded most and that if anyone other than Finley had come up with it the owners might actually have taken it seriously.
  10. Yellow Balloon

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    Take this for whatever it's worth. I stood a few yards away from him on the sideline during a game his senior year in high school and my guess is that he was about 5-8. I was curious about his height because I knew he was being so heavily recruited and was likely headed to A&M. He was listed at 5-11 then too and everyone knew that was laughable. Having said that if there's a 5-8 QB that's capable of playing in the NFL it's probably him. Like Marinovich he's been groomed his entire life for it. His dad, Kevin Murray, who was a pretty good college QB too, conducts QB clinics and camps all over Texas and from what I understand is making a pretty good living from it. BTW Kevin's brother (Kyler's uncle) is Calvin Murray who some of you might remember was an OF for the Giants for a few years. Good bloodlines.
  11. He will tell Kinsler to get the F off his own field. And Kinsler will happily oblige.
  12. Yellow Balloon

    2018 Hot Stove League

    It's not like Mathis will be blocking anyone. They have two young catchers in Trevino and Kiner-Falefa and my guess is they wanted a mentor for them. Plus they'll probably sign another cheap vet. They could even bring back Chirinos, whose notoriously bad defensively, on a cheaper deal. They also added Bandy but I can't imagine they're counting on him contributing at the ML level.
  13. Yellow Balloon

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    Scioscia's response: "Hold my Peroni"
  14. Yellow Balloon

    Joey Gallo?

    Gallo has expressed a preference NOT to play 3B. He became a better hitter in the second half when they consistently left him in the outfield. Likewise Profar became a better hitter when they finally stopped shuffling him back and forth between IF & OF.
  15. Yellow Balloon

    All Star Gameday Thread 07/17

    Yep, 7 of the 8 runs scored were by AL West guys. Trout, Segura (2), Choo, Springer, (2), and Bregman.