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  1. Gameday : 2/24 Angels vs Brewers

    I don't believe so Chuck. I'm gonna tune in to MLB network in hopes of them showing highlights at least.
  2. Angels current Mt. Rushmore

    Ohtani, Cozart, Kinsler, Maitan
  3. Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees

    Well, it was nice to have the Angels be the talk of MLB for about 12 hours. No one will talk about us now until opening day.
  4. Ohtani Porn (Fangraphs)

    Is it just me, or did he not hit anything above 90mph? He's not going to get 83mph fastballs in this league.
  5. I will be at the game today. Hoping Meyer can maintain focus while trying to seek revenge on the franchise that gave up on him. Go Angels!
  6. Chuck, that's the exact day I have tix for. I am sitting in P245. Let's have a beer if you still go.
  7. I'm flying out for a couple of games mid-June to see Trout again at Angels Stadium. Crap.
  8. The World Baseball Classic

    Again, selfish reasons. Pujols could get injured if he doesn't play.
  9. The World Baseball Classic

    Selfish fans who hope that none of their favorite teams players play in an exhibition event are a hoot. Screw what the players hopes and dreams are, right? At the rate the Angels are going, Team USA might be their only chance at winning something. Let them play
  10. Trevor Plouffe anyone?

    Plouffe had a myriad of injuries last season. Could be a sign of things to come. I would not claim him. He's a guy that you kick the tires on if he's still available in late January with an incentive laden deal.
  11. 2015-16 PGA Tour Season

    So Friday my buddy and I hopped all over the course trying to see as much golf as we could. We set up on the 1st green for the morning rounds. Then ran up to the par 3 4th. Found a great spot on the par 3 13th and waited there for the 4 groups to come through. Then ran over to 16 where two of the morning matches were won and a third went in the US favor (Mickelson and Fowler). What an experience. I've never seen that many people on a course for a tournament. Crazy! Saturday I grabbed a spot with my dad at the 16th grandstand where they had a video monitor for us to follow. Again, two rounds ended at 16. Great hole to sit and wait to watch the action. We moved back to the 4th hole to see the 2nd round groups play through. Then went to the 12th grandstand and waited for them again. Following a group was nearly impossible. I mean, you could follow them, but it was impossible to get any kind of spot near the green. Greens were 5-7 rows deep when the lead group was 3-4 holes away. It was nuts. But I think we saw quite a bit and did a pretty good job. Wish I would have seen Reed hole out from the fairway. That happened while we were on 12. As soon as I heard the cheer, I knew Reed had done something special. That guy is a tremendous Ryder Cup player.
  12. 2015-16 PGA Tour Season

    Sunday was the only day I didn't get tickets. I was there Friday and Saturday and it was awesome. The weather was spectacular. The atmosphere was even better. I highly suggest attending a Ryder Cup in your lifetime.
  13. 2015-16 PGA Tour Season

    A few pics from today's practice round at the Ryder Cup. Pumped for Friday!
  14. 2015-16 PGA Tour Season

    I will be hitting up the Ryder Cup practice round tomorrow with my dad. Bucket list for both of us. Can't wait!
  15. Trade Deadline Thread

    His second chance was in spring training. He was given every opportunity that spring to win a spot in the rotation. Couldn't do it.