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  1. TEvans


    Add in that Mike was sick during spring training in 2012...otherwise he most likely would have started 2012 with the big club.
  2. TEvans

    Gameday : 2/23 Angels vs Athletics

    Could be better, but mine doesn't sound as bad as yours.
  3. Figured this one would be the most popular quote... Jeff Mathis, Diamondbacks Catcher; Angels Catcher, 2005–11: I was at Angel Stadium right after they drafted him. They brought him in to see the stadium and take BP. He didn't have a bat, so I gave him mine. He steps into the cage, and he starts hitting these deep bombs to right center, one after the other. My bat never sounded like that. He was 17 years old.
  4. HAHA. I see McKay at the gym a few times a week. Speed doesn't mean much when there isn't anything else to accompany it.
  5. TEvans

    The Return of Grienke?

    I'm not sure if you spelled his name that way on purpose or on accident...but "i before e" is why he'll never pitch for the Angels again.
  6. TEvans

    MLB Team Payrolls vs. Revenue

    Not to derail this topic and focsu solely on the Dogs...but interesting article and history to go along with your point about them.
  7. TEvans

    Who will be the starting 2B in 2017

    Can’t believe I’m even going to say this….and I’ll probably have to take another shower after sending this…but it might be time for the Angels to bring Sean Rodriguez back home.
  8. TEvans

    2016 All-Star Game

    Moment of the game for me last night: Ozuna had singled scoring Buster to make it 4-2 in the top of the 4th. CarGo liner to Altuve for the second out. Guys on 1st and 2nd and Addison Russell is up. How many Cubs fans, praying like hell for home field advantage, would have rather had Seager, Diaz, or Crawford up in that spot rather than Addison? It's not possible to pin the whole game on one play/person, but it's kind of fun to blame Cubs fans and their stupid voting of an undeserving All-Star for losing the game for the NL and thus forcing the Cubbies to play the WS on the road, should they get there. Haha. Stupid fan vote.
  9. TEvans

    Hyun-Soo Kim a possibility?

  10. TEvans


    Nick, along with the injury(ies) to Kendrys, and the ultimate sucking of Brandon Wood loom really large in my opinion. They weren't caused by any front office decision, but the impact those three had on the future decisions by the Angels front office have put the org in the hole it is today, IMO.
  11. TEvans

    Your favorite Angels batting order ever

    Man what I wouldn't give to get this kind of production from today's lineup!
  12. TEvans

    Brandon Wood Update

    Damn those Bees teams from the mid to late 2000's were stacked and so fun to watch. Wood was so good in his time in SL. Really cool to hear him open up and speak positively about moving forward. Hope him all the best.
  13. TEvans

    Kyle Kendrick?

    Had Bees season tickets when he played in Salt Lake. He had a cannon of an arm in RF. I used to take dates there and tell the girls Terry was my cousin. They never knew better...
  14. TEvans

    Kyle Kendrick?

    Minor league deal...
  15. TEvans

    Kyle Kendrick?

    Seems like this one is coming out of left field doesn't it?