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  1. I still don't understand how he got the contract he did. He had a career year ops 200 pts better than his previous year at age 31. Then when he got here he on almost on cue went down below that number by close to 300. He got injured. He became a year older. He isn't going to ever reproduce his age 31 year. I don't think he will even get close to his career avg. His first year not coming off an injury and a year younger he didn't come close to that.
  2. Kevinb

    All Umpires Suck

    I’ve said it plenty. But we have the technology to get the calls right we should use it.
  3. Kevinb


    He had one good year in his contract year, signed a decent contract and reverted back to what he was before then got injured and aged.
  4. Kevinb

    We're gonna take the 2nd wild card

    I think we’re gonna take the division
  5. Is there room for two 400 plus million dollar contracts on the team?
  6. When will Rengifo be ready to play full time?
  7. Kevinb

    Sole Possession of Second Place!!

    Now onto first
  8. Kevinb

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    It’ll be between the Angels and Astros for first in the west. Still believe Angels will take first.
  9. Kevinb

    Make a Wish

    You as well. Thank you again
  10. Kevinb

    Make a Wish

    Paul A thank you so much for your donations. I’m truly blown away.
  11. Kevinb

    Make a Wish

    Whoever they are. I’m beyond grateful. Such a great community. Thank you for all your donations. I’ve almost reached my goal of $2500 just speechless.
  12. Kevinb

    Make a Wish

    Thank you so much Eric N. and Kyle J. So much appreciation for this website. You guys are incredible. Not sure your screen names. But if someone can link them that’d be great.
  13. Kevinb

    Make a Wish

    Thank you for donating Gary D. And I’m so sorry for both of your losses @Chuckster70 and @Fish Oil that’s awful. I can’t imagine.