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  1. Hey look baseball is relevant during spring training. Bryce love him or hate him but he brings the media to baseball when baseball is dying as a national sport.
  2. I don't want Trout gone. But I don't want Trout after the age 35 or 36. No interest in paying him 40 million from 36 to 40.
  3. Kevinb

    If Mike Trout were to sign with the Phillies...

    I wouldn't be mad at the Phillies or any team for signing Trout. If Trout doesn't want to be here it is what it is. I root for the Angels I don't just root for just Trout. He grew up a Phillies fan. I don't understand the thinking he should be loyal to some team that drafted him. If he wants to play for his hometown team or any other team than fine by me it happens. We had Trout for his best years.
  4. Kevinb

    How Many Games Do the Angels Win in 2019?

    80-85 wins just miss the playoffs.
  5. Kevinb

    How Much Would You Offer Simmons?

    I'd offer him 3 years 4 years max. I wouldn't pay him anything over the age of 35 at 15 million or so a year.
  6. Its everyone’s possible outcomes.
  7. So we’re either bad mediocre or good. Sweet
  8. Kevinb

    Ottavino 3/27 to Yankees

    Yes but if we did sign him people would be talking about how he’s incredible and the closer this team needs. Future hall of famer etc
  9. Kevinb

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Yankees bolstering up.
  10. I love the Angels pr team right now. Everyone who signs the Angels were in till the end. Trying to appease the fan base.
  11. Kevinb

    AL West Standings since 2013

    How about the standings since Eppler took over?
  12. I don’t usually watch baseball outside of the Angels. I went to a couple padres games this year mostly because I like downtown SD and while I was there I rooted for SD but I could care less. I also went to the Dodgers WS just to watch the Dodgers lose which was fun in itself. I can’t usually watch with out having some rooting interest. As for football I either watch my team play or I watch because I’m interested in my fantasy players doing well or guys I’m playing against do poorly. I can’t watch just to watch I don’t find joy in it. I play sports as well but I don’t just play to goof off I want to win. Losing sucks. I get from a teachers standpoint where u can’t view your students as winning and losing and there is a process to it.
  13. I watch them to do well. I don't watch them just to watch the process. If the Angels or any of my teams I root for are doing poorly I don't just watch for the fun of them doing poorly. The hope is for them to win. Yes I won't be satisfied 100% of the time that's life. But the goal is to win and if that doesn't happen changes need to be made to win. I don't care for moral victories. I don't believe in momentum from game to game. Winning at the end of the day is all that matters. If the Angels made it to the World Series and lost I wouldn't say well that was fun at least I got to watch KRod strike out some people. The Angels not making the playoffs has sucked... it doesn't matter that we have Trout. I could care less if Trout was on the team. He's great but I would much rather have this team in contention to win a title every year with a bunch of no name scrubs than watch Mike Trout hit the ball 1 out of every 3 at bats.