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  1. Kevinb

    That was for Tyler

    Being there was surreal. It just felt so cool. I don’t know if anyone has the Dee Gordon quote but after the game that was nuts. Throwing a no hitter. 7 runs in the first and 13 total is crazy his b day being 7/13. Somethings u can’t make up. I just can’t imagine being on the field for that what his teammates were feeling. The high and low they will be in tonight. Just unreal. Go Angels
  2. Get the call right if it’s a strike it’s a strike. End of story. Can’t wait for computerized strike zones to be used. Way better than a 50 year old umpire or older using his failing eye sight to make a call that is a split second decision.
  3. Kevinb

    Will you watch the ASG?

    No interest. Don’t really care. Can’t wait for second half to start.
  4. Kevinb

    Verlander - "Balls are juiced, duh!"

    Balls and players juiced. It’s been for a while. It’s entertainment. Who cares.
  5. Such a shame. What an outstanding season he was having. Maybe this helps the Angels resign him at a reasonable rate. He is still young and can come back from this kind of injury. Bummer he has to miss the All Star game as well.
  6. Kevinb

    F Baseball

    Completely agree. Sports is just that sports. We talk crap about players who “stink” or did some thing poorly or wins and losses and then there’s a game the next day and yesterday doesn’t matter anymore. Even if you win the ultimate goal the championship of the sport. The next day or next week is about what are we going to do next year. This is a huge reminder we are all human and we are all in this together. Just an awful loss for his family and for his teammates. This is just an awful feeling. To damn young for this kind of stuff.
  7. Kevinb

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Holy tragic F*ck. That’s so sad. That’s so awful. Praying for him. His family his teammates and just wow. How absolutely terrible. Beyond words. That’s awful. Way to Facking young.
  8. Kevinb

    Path to the Wild Card

    I am just saying that saying the reason the Angels don't make the playoffs is their schedule is an excuse. Everyone plays a pretty even schedule. We are playing some tough teams but those tough teams are also playing us. If we want to make the playoffs and face off against the tough teams in the playoffs we need to beat them in the regular season. Our offense is legit right now and pitching will only be getting better with the warmer weather and or if we add a piece or so to the rotation. But now is the time. I miss the playoffs let's do some damage.
  9. Kevinb

    Path to the Wild Card

    If this team is going to make the playoffs it has to beat playoff teams. Saying it’s a brutal schedule is a lame duck excuse. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. This team can do it. We have the talent. Don’t be afraid of anyone. It’s cliche but win one game at a time before u know it this team will be in the playoffs.
  10. Hopefully this return will be the start of a great second half to push us to make the playoffs.
  11. Is Parker the real deal? or the real deal prospect? is there a scenario where Kole and Upton become available for trade bait to make way for Parker and Adell?
  12. Kevinb

    How Often Do You Wear Your Angels Cap?

    As a bald man with freckles hats are my friends. Angels hats are definitely in the rotation.
  13. Kevinb

    Keuchel signed