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  1. ESPN reported that Arcia is the first player in MLB history to pitch, catch and hit a home run in the same game.
  2. Verlander is not going to let him sleep with Kate Upton.
  3. Vegas Halo Fan

    Random pics for no reason

    Reports of Russian interference in Hurricane Florence rescue efforts are greatly exaggerated. A report from an eye witness to the incident pictured above.
  4. Maybe he will pass through here, where we just got word today that we will be the Athletics' AAA farm club.
  5. Vegas Halo Fan


    It wouldn't be that mundane. It would be some trivial garbage that he was wound up about, some "Democratic conspiracy", because he is so put upon and people just won't bow down to him.
  6. UCLA trails Fresno by nine at the break. Arizona is a train wreck, tied with Southern Utah just before half. I have trouble buying into ASU. Utah has flaws, and right now they are down 14 against Washington at home. You may be right.
  7. Vegas Halo Fan

    Roe v. Wade and the new SC Justice

    This isn't a court of law, and this isn't a criminal trial. Not saying that I buy it, but that isn't the right argument.
  8. Vegas Halo Fan


    I am convinced that some majors exist simply to provide employment for subject faculty. Ditto some degree requirements. I have a college buddy who got a master's degree in Oriental history. The last that I heard, he was an assistant manager at a Starbucks.
  9. Vegas Halo Fan

    Random pics for no reason

    The finest in irony. Author of How to Murder Your Husband charged with murdering husband And who wouldn't want their child to look like Kim Jong Un?
  10. If he believes that there are rails for any thread here, he hasn't been reading long enough.
  11. To blame a GM for failing to cover this many losses from the starting rotation is ludicrous.
  12. I doubt that Washington would have gotten that much, unless an extension was part of the deal.