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  1. The definition of a Grade 3 is a complete tear of a ligament, causing instability in the joint. Ligaments heal slowly, because of the relative lack of circulation in them. Bone healing time is a fraction of what it takes for a ligament to heal.
  2. Vegas Halo Fan

    2019 Stanley Cup playoffs

    Well, there's one potential nightmare averted.
  3. Vegas Halo Fan

    RIP Tim Conway

    One of the great things about the Carol Burnett Show was to watch skit actors try to keep from laughing when Conway went off script.
  4. Vegas Halo Fan

    2019 Stanley Cup playoffs

    That has a familiar ring to it. Too little, too late.
  5. Vegas Halo Fan

    2019 Stanley Cup playoffs

    The first one swung a series. I also didn't get how their OT goal in game 3 against the Blues was allowed to stand. Perhaps the most obvious hand pass I have ever seen, right onto the stick of a teammate for the game winner. If the Sharks win the cup, the officials from the opening series should present it to them.
  6. Vegas Halo Fan

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    Sadly, one of the worst concerts I ever saw. They spent half the show doing '50s songs, and crammed most of their hits into a ten-minute medley.
  7. Vegas Halo Fan

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    Three Dog Night Marshall Tucker Band Chicago Carpenters Tower of Power Celine Dion
  8. Vegas Halo Fan

    Co Worker Catastrophes

    I went into an Office Max to mail a package. Behind the counter was a high volume copier. On it was a sign that said, "This copier has been named Bob Marley, because it's always jammin'." I didn't have my phone with me to take a picture. Nice sign, had Marley's picture on it.
  9. Vegas Halo Fan

    Co Worker Catastrophes

    Working in prisons gives one a wealth of stupid stuff that coworkers and subordinates do. - Two employees who married inmates, and a third who blew a 20-plus-year career by getting involved with one. - An employee who ruined a 15-year career by finding a way around the agency's firewall and watching porn in his office for hours on end. - An employee who ruined a ten-year career by giving nude pictures of herself to an inmate (these were found during a cell search). - A correctional officer who was fired for bringing in marijuana and a cell phone to an inmate, who she was having sex with. - An male officer who pimped a female officer to inmates and had the money sent to an outside account. - An associate warden's wife who aided an inmate in escaping, and she left with him. - A dental assistant who brought in CDs for her "favorite" inmate, and she was blackmailed into a sexual relationship. - A correctional captain who was having sex with male inmates, and he was bringing in steaks for them. - A physician who had child pornography on his work computer. - A correctional officer who had child pornography on his home computer (his girlfriend found it and she turned him in to police; he did time in our system). - A correctional nurse who developed a personal relationship with an inmate porter, who she allowed to call her at home. - A correctional officer who was caught having sex with an inmate in a unit control room (which no inmates are supposed to ever enter). - A correctional officer who brought in pillows and blankets and put two chairs together to sleep during night shift. He had an alarm clock to wake him for counts. One night he set it wrong and it didn't go off, which is how he was caught.
  10. Vegas Halo Fan

    Last meal

    Mine would be Krystal hamburgers (the southern equivalent of White Castle, for those unfamiliar).