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  1. Vegas Halo Fan

    Political Gallery

    If anyone was so bent on political suicide as to suggest a state income tax, for instance, it is prohibited by the state constitution. The constitution would have to be revised - requiring the approval of voters - if it were to happen.
  2. Vegas Halo Fan

    Political Gallery

    One positive thing is that pretty much any tax increase requires the approval of voters. The Assembly and Senate can't just pass things and impose them on the public.
  3. Vegas Halo Fan

    Political Gallery

  4. Vegas Halo Fan

    Post 2018 Farm ratings per Fangraphs

    Or less.
  5. Vegas Halo Fan

    $30 Million Off Season, how do YOU spend it?

    Maybe better.
  6. Vegas Halo Fan

    Rosenthal: Angels looking to shed payroll

    If this is true, the elephant in the room is the Pujols contract, without which none of this would be necessary.
  7. Vegas Halo Fan


    If Trump were a military leader.
  8. Vegas Halo Fan

    Death Penalty

    It all comes down to legal liability. If we didn't protect them and something happened, then the state is potentially legally liable. At least at my facility the warden has begun taking some measures to stop the abuse of protective custody. If an inmate can't name an individual on the yard who he must be separated from, then he doesn't get PC. None of this "everybody is out to get me" crap.
  9. Vegas Halo Fan


  10. Vegas Halo Fan

    Death Penalty

    I'm all for kicking them out on the yard and letting nature take its course. Even among inmates, there are things that you just don't do. Top of the list is crimes against children.
  11. Vegas Halo Fan


    He saved a lot of mileage on his legs by not reaching base.
  12. Vegas Halo Fan


    So you're saying that they are both going to the Hall of Fame?