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  1. Vegas Halo Fan

    Mel Stottlemyre dies at 77

    Former Yankees pitcher and pitching coach with the Yankees and Mets. Pitched in the first World Series that I ever watched in 1964. Hit an inside-the-park grand slam against the Red Sox in 1965, becoming the first pitcher to do it since 1910. Died of bone marrow cancer. Mel Stottlemyre, New York baseball star, dead at 77: report
  2. Vegas Halo Fan

    One Bold Idea....

    This is the real issue with any trade involving Calhoun. He hasn't been reliable for a while now, and I don't see any club making a deal for him in the blind hope that it will magically happen now.
  3. Vegas Halo Fan

    No Participation

    Actually it's "Your and idoit", but who's counting?
  4. Vegas Halo Fan

    Colon actually marks for an exclamation point.

    It is obvious that he just didn't get it. This board's image is so deeply ingrained that deleting a post from one chronic babbler won't affect it one bit.
  5. Vegas Halo Fan

    Hall of Fame voting

    IMO McGriff should be a cinch, but I don't have a vote. Of the remainder, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling (three assholes, two of whom are known steroid users) sit at around the 72-73 percent mark. So far, Mariano Rivera has been named on every ballot submitted. You know that there will be someone who won't vote for him, just so that it won't be unanimous. That is such an asinine practice.
  6. Vegas Halo Fan

    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    Doesn't look like the kind of dude who would have naked women crawling all over his piano.
  7. Vegas Halo Fan

    Hall of Fame voting

    A little over 40 percent of the ballots are already known. Four players are currently above the 75 percent threshold for admission to Cooperstown. Unless there is some dynamic shift, these will be your inductees for 2019. They are: Roy Halladay Edgar Martinez Mike Mussina Mariano Rivera
  8. The Chargers might as well get on the plane back to Los Angeles at halftime.
  9. Precisely. Until the incentive to enter is removed, no physical barrier will do a damned thing except drain resources that could have been used for something more beneficial.
  10. I certainly don't recall this, and I keep a fairly close watch on politics.