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  1. Vegas Halo Fan

    How many more starts does Harvey get?

    It's looking very much like a failed experiment. I'm willing to see one more start, then a decision has ti be made.
  2. Vegas Halo Fan

    Shame that we aren't Astros fans

    No, amigo. Es dolares.
  3. Vegas Halo Fan

    Shame that we aren't Astros fans

    I just checked the price. Damn. $371.24.
  4. We could pick up this beauty from Wal Mart.
  5. Vegas Halo Fan

    Athletics acquire Homer Bailey

    I was out driving and listening to sports radio when the news of the A's trade for Jon Lester broke. The trade bothered me until I heard what Oakland gave up - the heart and soul of the club at the time. As soon as I heard that Cespedes was included in the deal, I knew that they had blown it.
  6. Vegas Halo Fan

    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    They had to do quite a bit of cutting to make it fit. My car was a 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring, and the stock radio was a proprietary Chrysler design with the volume and tuning knobs both on the same side, as opposed to on opposite ends like most radios of the time. This is what my car looked like (without the black top - it was solid red).
  7. Vegas Halo Fan


    I used Lowe's and I was very pleased with the contractors that they used. As I recall, they were out pretty quickly. Had the whole house done except for the areas that were done in tile.
  8. Vegas Halo Fan

    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    Fair guess that this wouldn't fly today.
  9. Vegas Halo Fan

    I'm thinking of getting another cat

    Cash Considerations - in memory of our most traded player ever.