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  1. 27-3

    The Red Sox came in on an incredible hot streak. They aren't as good as they showed in this series. We caught them at an incredibly inopportune time. The season isn't lost, and this team won't go on to lose every remaining game. It's April, people.
  2. OCR Jeff Fletcher appreciation thread

    It is incredibly rare for a message board to have direct access to a guy like Jeff. I enjoy his contributions here, as well as his articles.
  3. Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees

    It didn't take long for Yankee fans to turn on him. In his first home game, he heard boos after wearing the platinum sombrero.
  4. Trout sucks

    She would bust a lot more than that if she got anywhere near you. It should be illegal to make thongs that size.
  5. Random pics for no reason

    Just no romping in it, OK?
  6. Trumped

  7. The Official Vegas Golden Knights thread

    When this season began, I expected a typical expansion team performance, maybe 20-25 wins. The home season ended with a Pacific Division title, and a legitimate shot at the second most points in the league. The first jersey to be retired by the Golden Knights is #58, in honor of the victims of the 1 October shooting.
  8. Angels trade Carlos Perez for Ryan Schimpf

    He knows his audience.
  9. Random pics for no reason

    This old gag was disproven a long time ago. Worth every cent. Just in case it isn't attached. In case you're in the market for a bumper sticker.
  10. Jose Mota-isms: Outside of Houston is not Houston

    He's not the best analyst in baseball for nothing.
  11. Florida's Finest

    Martin was arrested Friday on charges of incest and resisting without violence, according to court records. Did she say "stop it"? Pull her hand back?