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  1. Nice game for Burlington today. Jordyn Adams: 3-5 with a double and a homer Kevin Maitan: 2-5 with an RBI and run scored Nonie Williams: 2-4 with a homer Hector Yan: 6IP, 2H, 1R, 1BB, 7K
  2. Make Angels Great Again

    Beach Balls and the Wave

    Dude knows how to get hype.
  3. Make Angels Great Again

    Never Forget?

    He said when he voted yes, the decreases were in place. They were later taken out over his objections. Whether he had to vote yes again without the decreases in place, I don't know. This whole thing doesn't matter anyways, as he said this 9/11 responder bill is going to pass. He's trying to bring attention to the deficit. Shouldn't that be celebrated?
  4. Make Angels Great Again

    Never Forget?

    He said in that interview he tried to get an amendment that would pay for the tax cuts through budget decreases in other areas...what do you know! The smart thing to do! In addition, his dad used to say he would always vote for tax cuts and spending cuts. If any bill did the opposite of those two things, it was generally a no. I imagine that mentality was installed in Rand as well.
  5. A 1.5 WHIP from a 21 year old in single A is great? Granted it's better than a garbage 2.2 WHIP, but that's not saying much. He doesn't miss a lot of bats, and walks a lot. It looks like the one thing he has going for him this year is reduced home runs. Unless i'm missing something?
  6. Make Angels Great Again


    26 people there to welcome a Jew hater. Validation!
  7. Make Angels Great Again

    Gameday Thread: Astros @ Angels 7/18/2019 - - 6:07 Start - Trout @ DH

    Harvey vs the Stros... He's going to get completely shelled.
  8. Make Angels Great Again


    I think we can all agree that the whores on "The View" are the biggest airheads in America.
  9. Make Angels Great Again

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    What a fantastically productive way to spend your time as a legislator.
  10. Make Angels Great Again


    This is such emotionally driven BS dude. it's like something i'd expect AOC to say to a flock of sheep.
  11. Make Angels Great Again


    You don't become a multi billionaire by being a bad businessman.
  12. Make Angels Great Again


    So ridiculous to think Democrats will erode freedoms. /s Lots of republicans do too (though not nearly as many as the dems), by the way, Dems are just more open and straightforward about it.
  13. Make Angels Great Again


    Forbes estimates that his net worth has declined since he took office. He is also probably less popular than ever to mainstream audiences. If he cared about those things more than any other, don't you think those trends would be going up instead of down? You said yourself, he's not dumb.
  14. Make Angels Great Again

    Gameday Thread: Astros @ Angels 7/17/2019

    Let's go baby! Pumped for this game. A win in a 4 game series vs Houston would be rad. Especially wanting to win due to the recent happenings. Let's go Felix!