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  1. I went there for the ASG in 2000. For the home run derby we parked in a private lot adjacent to the stadium. We left a little before it was over and when we got back to the lot, an armed guard met us and walked us back to the car. Needless to say, we took the subway to the stadium the next day.
  2. 15salmon

    I am happy for the Dodgers success so far...

    I hate the Dodgers and will never root for them. If anything, their success will cause Arte to do more stupid things and overpay to win now just to keep pace with them.
  3. 15salmon

    That ball that Trumbo hit

    Also according to HomeRunTracker, his HR has the fastest speed coming off the bat of any other HR this season. What a bomb
  4. 15salmon

    How do you guys like the new forum?

    Looks good but the area around each post seems a little too large--a lot of whitespace. Any way to adjust it?