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  1. Ausmus has been switching between La Stella and Fletcher in the leadoff spot depending on lefty-righty matchup.
  2. rageous

    Gameday: Jun 11th Dodgers vs Angels

    So many terrible umps in the league. How can you miss two straight balls that are that off the plate?
  3. rageous

    Gameday: Jun 11th Dodgers vs Angels

    Trout looks like shit against Maeda.
  4. It would be robbery if Altuve beat out La Stella.
  5. This team is so disappointing. Time to stop paying attention.
  6. rageous

    Was that a season changing game?

    It's really hard to believe on any sort of turning point until the team gets better starting pitching. This is probably the most exciting offensive team in several years though.
  7. Take Ward out the game. His defense is terrible and his bat isn't much better.
  8. This ump is terrible. Giving Lester extra 3 inches on the outside.
  9. rageous

    If we are going to buy...

    The team is one starter away from really contending I feel like. The bullpen could use a few more arms but they are at least getting Middleton and JC Ramirez added to the mix.
  10. rageous

    Exciting and Interesting Times

    Can Puello play any 1st base?
  11. rageous

    Exciting and Interesting Times

    They also have a lineup without any noticeable holes once they get Cozart out. Only tinkering Ausmus could do is to get more at bats for Walsh and Puello and less at bats for Pujols.
  12. I dont see what people see in Thaiss. He is hitting for league average playing in a hitter league.
  13. He hit for .861 ops just two years ago. Which is more than what either of those guys did before breaking out
  14. Also done by other late bloomers like Justin Turner and Josh Donaldson.
  15. Angels have scored 12 runs with only 2 xbh today.