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  1. rageous

    Now RF is a black hole

    Hermosillo is not the answer. He was barely above average hitter in AAA with bad strikeout rate for a lower power hitter. Try out Blash and see if he can produce at major league and then make a decision on a trade after that.
  2. rageous

    Headley DFA

    Sad thing is that he is still hitting better than Cold Calhoun.
  3. Trout is in a slump. He's been sucking bad for the past week.
  4. Why the F is Ortega getting at bats. He would be garbage in the triple a let alone the major leagues.
  5. rageous

    Free agency

    There is probably 0 money to sign any big free agents this off season thanks to Josh Hamilton, CJ Wilson, Jered Weaver, Albert Pujols, and mostly Arte Moreno.
  6. There goes the ballgame and the season.
  7. This whole team minus Trout can EAD.
  8. Pujols will either GIDP or hit a HR.
  9. Angels are going to miss the playoffs by somehow losing to Zito aren't they?
  10. Giavotella makes me miss Howie's defense
  11. Can they score some runs off this over the hill loser?
  12. If they do not score 6+ runs on Zito, I will be very disappointed. I thought I saw S Gray scheduled against the Angels today but glad they pulled him from his last start.
  13. rageous

    Gameday Thread: 9/28 vs. Athletics

    You are retarded because he has given up one earned run in 4 innings.
  14. You have to be a complete idiot to expect anything else from Weaver especially on the road. 6.21 ERA and his 80mph fastball has 0 visibility issues once you get out of the friendly confines of Angels stadium.