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  1. Hollyw00d

    Do you agree with this article?

    I would trade arte for any owner in the league right now. Except loria. Maybe.
  2. Hollyw00d

    Pujols undervalued

    That's a narrative? Seems pretty damn accurate
  3. He was better than aybar in his worst season as a pro and down swing of his career Not a ringing endorsement
  4. Not gonna happen he has to take several major steps forward at the dish
  5. Hollyw00d

    Pujols undervalued

    Pujols and undervalued dont belong in the same paragraph
  6. Angels baseball Drier than AO's weather outlook
  7. Hollyw00d

    Bernie's free college idea

    I bet tank would like to husband many amimals
  8. I had to take my pants off, to run faster out of the flames
  9. Hollyw00d


    I hope he didnt pay much for that
  10. Hollyw00d

    Social media Peyt's Mom peeves

    I really am trying to turn us into Canada At least mexico
  11. Hollyw00d

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    Its a gorgeous night