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  1. I could see a reliever being a part of the deal too. Teheran checks a lot of boxes in what Eppler usually targets. His contract status allows the Angels to hold onto him for another year as well if Ohtani (maybe even Richards) come back to the mound a little slowly, and he also retains some deadline trade value if Eppler flips him. If he's the only significant pitching addition, I'd be a little disappointed and worried, but coupled with either a solid innings-eater or a good reliever, I'd be okay with this, depending on the price of course.
  2. I also think the Angels will roll the dice and bring in an infielder simply for the potential that he posts an OBP better than either Cozart or Fletcher provide.
  3. I actually think Descalso makes a lot of sense. I totally get what @Scotty@AW is saying about how he blocks playing time from Rengifo, JMF, Thaiss, Walsh, etc...but, at the same time, how much playing time are those guys really going to get the first half of 2019? Realistically? It took like two-plus months of Fletcher OPSing damn near 1.000 in AAA before he got a call-up, and nearly four months of Taylor Ward doing the same before he got a shot. It's not that hard to cut ties with Descalso if he sucks or if he's getting pushed out by a red-hot prospect. It's another layer of depth. It might be another deadline deal to pick-up a useful prospect. And while his career OBP is .324, it's a little skewed by some poor numbers his first few seasons. Over the last three years, his OBP is .344, his OPS is .762, and his OPS+ is just a tick below league average at 94. I picture him filling a role like Pennington did, or like an option-less Cowart might in 2019 if they keep him inexplicably like they did Marte this year. Pennington had a .287 OBP and 66 OPS+ as an Angel, so he could be a big upgrade in that regard.
  4. Scioscia had zero MLB managing experience when he got the job and that worked out well.
  5. totdprods

    scioscia's availability

    It's going to come back around eventually, but I agree, he doesn't really fit what anyone's looking for as of now. I hate mentioning it because it's obvious, but should the Dodgers part with Roberts, the Padres with...Green?, or the Phillies with Kapler while they're still in a window of contention, Sosh seems like a good contender for any of those.
  6. I dug into some of his stats a few weeks back, and though he wasn't walking much in the bigs and had a lot of Ks, and if I recall, I think the data suggested he was actually being a little too patient - he was striking out looking more than usual. MLB pitchers just went right after him, and he probably relied a bit too much on his eye, and it bit him - he'd go down looking or find himself in a hole and had to swing out of it. It's more encouraging than had he been swinging through everything and going down on 4 pitches like Cowart, who turned it into an artform.
  7. totdprods

    scioscia's availability

    It’s also pretty likely that even though he’d like to manage again, he’s made it known that he’s perfectly fine enjoying a year off, or is waiting for the right opportunity. If he really wants to continue, I can see him having sort of Dusty Baker-type career. Gets hired by vet teams with a good window of contention, a gap year or two between jobs, etc. Wonder if he’ll be courted for a TV position. He doesn’t seem like he’d enjoy the limelight but I imagine he’d do well.
  8. totdprods

    Cozart for Gray?

    Gray is way, way more valuable than Cozart, and the Yanks have plenty of IF prospects to play with. Gregorius might not miss the year either.
  9. totdprods

    Jean Segura?

    Agreed; the only reasons I think it has any shot is because Dipoto is pretty unpredictable, Sosh is now gone, and Jerry is simply too hung up on Skaggs, and potentially Ward, Jones, and Cozart.
  10. totdprods

    Jean Segura?

    Thoughts? I realize that at first glance, there's no way the Mariners would... 1) trade Segura and 2) especially to an in-division rival and 3) even more especially, to the Angels, and that the idea seems completely insane. But thinking on it a little deeper...the Mariners might have reason to shop Dee Gordon or Jean Segura this offseason following their September brawl. Gordon is likely going to be really difficult to trade, where Segura would draw a ton of interest. In addition, moving Segura would clear some much-needed payroll for the M's (so they can presumably fill it right back up with questionable FA decisions) but Segura would also bring back some prospects to a farm that is completely barren (and of course give Dipoto trade currency to shop with again), so we'll run with an assumption that Segura gets shopped. So why the Angels? Basically, it comes down to four names. Tyler Skaggs, Jahmai Jones, Taylor Ward, and...Zack Cozart!? Dipoto has long been very high on Skaggs, dealing for him twice, and also oversaw the drafting of Jones and Ward, who Eppler has developed into legitimate prospects. Surely, Dipoto would have interest in all three of these names. Dipoto has also shown that he loves acquiring players with whom he's familiar, and that tends to inflate their value a bit, which would be in the Angels favor. Zack Cozart?!? Dipoto tried acquiring Cozart numerous times in the two years leading up to his free agency, so there's at least some residual interest there as well. Working for? The Angels would land a young, impact infielder who could man 2B and the top of the line-up, and offer SS insurance should Simmons wind up hurt - or walk in FA in two years. The Mariners get a potential front-line lefty to help them with their 'win-now' push, some long-term salary relief, and some much needed prospects. Cozart could man SS, Gordon back to 2B. Cano slides over to 1B if they re-sign Cruz, or DH if Cruz walks. Working against? The Angels would assume quite a bit of salary back - but shedding Skaggs' est. $4.3m in arbitration and Cozart's $13m evens things out, at least on the short-term. The Angels also lose a big piece of their rotation - but also one that has proven to be hard to rely on. It gives them the opening and need to sign Keuchel or Corbin, and frees up some money to do so. The Mariners would also have Paxton, Skaggs, Gonzales, and LeBlanc - all lefties - in their rotation. The Angels also give quite a bit up in this deal, but Segura is a pretty legitimate long-term piece. Maybe they pull back a vet reliever owed money (Nicasio) or a fringey prospect for OF/C depth? In a vacuum, this seems like a pretty realistic discussion - but with the history between Dipoto and the Angels and the in-division aspect, it's probably next to impossible, but Dipoto has a flair for doing some pretty insane, unpredictable moves, so maybe there's some chance?
  11. It doesn’t work like that...he’s projected to go from $6.5m to $9.1m - it’s based more on service time than production.
  12. That’s my hope. I’m a big fan of Shoe and I hope they plan on keeping him and not being turned off by the salary or missed starts. Moving on from Trop and saving a couple mil is more likely...not sure he’d be good enough to land McCann or another fringe MLB regular catcher.
  13. How about Shoemaker (proj. $4.3m) to his home state of Michigan for McCann (proj. $3.5m)? McCann was awful last year, but two of the three years prior his offense was decent, he throws out runners at a good clip, is still fairly young. Angels would save a bit of money. Personally, I actually feel pretty good about Shoemaker making 25-30 GS and with good production, so I wouldn’t do it (he also has an option still) but I can also see them moving on from him due to his arb salary rising and to clear a spot for someone a little ‘safer’ in the rotation.
  14. I like the concept but don’t think it’d work here. Skaggs only has two years remaining, so the Reds would really have to have a lot of other moves in place to get into contention in that short of time to be interested in Tyler. And if that was the case, Senzel would probably be used in those other trades for the sexier names - I don’t think any team sees Skaggs as a top rotation arm, at least in a trade, and that’s what they’d need. If Canning was part of the prospect package going back I’d see it having legs, but at that point you’re essentially trading a prospect for a prospect, and then dumping Skaggs and Calhoun for Barnhart, which doesn’t fly. The trade would have to expand into including a Cincy reliever or MLB hitter instead of Senzel.
  15. totdprods

    Marcus Stroman

    They're not going to just give him away, and there won't be a shortage of interest. He's a year removed from a nearly 6 WAR season with a 3.09 ERA in 201 innings. Somewhere between the Archer/Gray trades would be a reasonable comp, and those were not cheap deals. They could sit back and hope he has a strong first half and cash him in for quite a bit at the deadline. It'd be a gamble, but with their current batch of young hitters, they can afford to roll the dice.