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  1. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    I wanted the Halos to try and absorb Sabathia and Gardner's salary last offseason to help solidify the staff and LF but was told CC was done.
  2. I'd still sign Santana over Hosmer. Less money, good defender, arguably a better hitter. I think he's going to age well.
  3. Matt Thaiss in the AFL

    He didn't last long as a minor league manager either.
  4. The crash and burn factor is just a little too high for my tastes with Martinez. Incredible numbers and incredibly tempting still. And the Astros let him go for nothing. Ideally, Eppler is looking for someone like J.D. Martinez before he became J.D. Martinez. This is a good read, the comments too.
  5. Martinez vs. Upton is a close call, but I would still lean Upton. Neither are great defensively but Upton has the edge and is a bit younger. I really feel Upton has another developmental step forward coming (or is in the beginning of it) and he's going to be a solid .900+, 140 OPS+, 5-7 WAR guy the next few years and I'm not sure Martinez will match that over the duration. He may be a bit better offensively for a year or two but think he will come back down a little harder.
  6. With Upton, I feel the guy hasn't really had a shot to prove what he's really capable of and Anaheim can help him in that regard. Dude has had immense expectations on him to be a generational star since Day One - 1st overall pick, big leagues at 19 years old, older brother was in the midst of his own explosively talented career. I do buy that the guy probably had maturity and make-up issues from the start and that definitely didn't help his case. It's honestly a little amazing he has been as productive all things considered. He has had a very successful career at this point but it's really been mired by what everyone expected of him. Coupled with his brother infamously bombing and the way teams have treated him as a high-profile lotto pick/trade bait for the last few seasons, only to be ignored when he hit FA, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his up and down production in his 20's. I think he feels wanted here (and felt wanted here two years ago) and most importantly, is comfortable here. Trout has the spotlight. I really think Upton's best years are going to be the next few, similar to what happened with Nelson Cruz and how Torii blossomed into a more complete player here.
  7. I think Cain is gonna make so much money on his contract for a 32 year old FA he'll have no problem sliding over to LF. If he was younger I could see it being a factor for him, but he's gonna make bank and if someone offers him huge money to play LF, he'll take it.
  8. It's inexplicable, but something about J.D. Martinez tells me he's going to wind up a major letdown. If we fail to retain Upton, I hope he isn't Plan B. I still really think we match up well with Miami and one of their OFs. We could have a lot of payroll to work with and all of their bad contracts fit our needs.
  9. Every part of that sounds realistic. I'm fine with that deal. It's a little hefty but it's the price to pay, and Eppler has done a great job of keeping the rest of the team affordable as the Hamilton, Weaver, and Wilson contracts expired.
  10. Matt Thaiss in the AFL

    Not sure how appealing he will be as a Rule V candidate, or to be added to the 40. But I can see him having a big season in the PCL. One of those Nick Gorneault-type guys who clubs out 25 HRs.
  11. Matt Thaiss in the AFL

    He might be. It's been so long since we had prospects I was worried about losing I've forgotten the eligibility haha.
  12. Matt Thaiss in the AFL

    I think Zach Houchins is gonna have a big year in SLC.
  13. Projected Arbitration Salaries For 2018

    I imagine in any situation where Calhoun is traded, there's someone like Moustakas, Hosmer, Belt, Santana, Neil Walker, Dee Gordon, Jay Bruce, or another left-handed bat incoming. If Calhoun helped pull in another solid mid-rotation arm, or was packaged with a SP to bring in a package that fills multiple needs, it should be considered. If the rest of the roster was filled out legitimately, you could always throw a one-year flier on a Granderson, CarGo, Seth Smith, Melky Cabrera, Franklin Gutierrez, Cameron Maybin, Nick Markakis, Andrew McCutchen, Andre Ethier type on a one-year or salary dump trade and have Hermosillo at the ready should they flop.
  14. Quoting this post from Fletcher again because it's relevant.
  15. Stanton wants out if they rebuild

    I feel like it was realistic up until mid season - shedding Stanton's contract, especially if allowed them to package in other shitty contracts - was something the Angels could do (see the risk in assuming Upton's sizeable contract) but when Giancarlo caught fire and clubbed out 30 something homers in the second half it killed that notion, in my opinion. They can rightly ask someone pay most of that contract and pay top prospects now and really that limits it quite a bit and really becomes too risky and cost-inefficient based on how Eppler works.