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  1. He wasn’t too streaky actually, just had a bad April (.669 OPS) and had a lot of bad luck with RISP. From May 1, .264/.357/.486/.843 - right in line with expectations. A .724 OPS in Sept./Oct. was a little weak but still fine. I think he will have a good year.
  2. totdprods

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Liking our pen’s potential more and more. It has more depth than any Eppler-era pen.
  3. totdprods

    Angels in on Moose

    I think that is a completely viable possibility. Moose made too much sense but his asking price was too high for too long and Eppler had no problem turning to alternatives.
  4. totdprods

    Angels in on Moose

    All possible, but ST has started and there’s still no sign a Manny signing is imminent. It makes all the sense in the world for him to wait and see how that plays out, but we also can’t rule out that he might just want to play ball, and what @Stradling said sums it up nicely. If he just wants to go somewhere comfortable and quickly to get his season going, the Brewers, Royals, Padres, and Angels might be the winner depending on who offers the best offer in coming days. He’s banked $25m to date - not that big payday contract yet, but still a decent career, and with the way FA is playing out, he may be thinking less about that big contract and more about going where he wants to go. The Angels tend to ‘take care of their own’ too. They wanted Upton, and were quick to sign him. Calhoun and Cozart wound up being a bit of an overpay. Boras’ Harvey got an ‘overpay’ early in the offseason from the Angels. I can see the Angels being opportunistic here. I still think this could be Moose/Boras trying to woo the Angels more too, rather than the Angels pursuing, so in that case it may just come down to whether Moose goes low enough for Eppler to feel its worth it.
  5. totdprods

    Angels in on Moose

    2/$18m would be about as high as I’d possibly consider. What I’m hoping is happening is that Moose is looking around and thinking “not this shit again” and is wanting to get to a camp and sees the hometown Angels as an option, and is willing to replicate his last-minute reunion 1/$6m deal with KC. That’d be a no-brainer, and I think Arte and Eppler would acknowledge that, but Moose’s camp might also be trying to get two years still and that’s the hold-up.
  6. I like this bullpen and will go on record saying that I think it will be one of the better relief corps in the league. If anything sinks it, it will be injuries to the rotation again, and while I like the Harvey and Cahill adds, I’ll admit I wish we had seen one other arm brought in for some added stability.
  7. totdprods

    Angels in on Moose

    I think Moose would be a great pick-up. While I have a lot of faith in our current IF prospect depth, all it takes is a break of usual Angels bad luck and we’d find ourselves relying on Wilfredo Tovar for a couple weeks. Moose improves our infield depth significantly by sliding a lot of guys down one peg, and if he’s cheap that’s worth it in itself. I’m not convinced Bour or LaStella will produce, Cozart is a question mark, Ohtani and Pujols are either injury prone or have murky timelines for playing time, Ward and Rengifo might not be ready, at least to produce with an impact, and Fletcher might still simply be a good UT IF. Moose has been really steady, and given he could also play some 1B, fits all sorts of potential configurations depending on how things play out. And his midseason trade value last year was reasonable too, so he could be deadline bait if we’re out, or his presence makes it easier to consider dealing an infield prospect at the deadline if we are making a push and need pitching help, especially if things are breaking right for other infielders.
  8. totdprods

    Angels in on Moose

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Moose came to the Angels about a deal, rather than the Angels checking in. He’s gotta be sick of this after last offseason and might be at a point where he just wants to play here just to sign and get to camp and is ready to give up waiting on a bigger contract or Manny to sign to do so. And if Eppler and Arte have Moose coming to them willing to basically take a deal similar to last year, it’s pretty hard for them not to consider it.
  9. @Jeff Fletcher has there been an update on how Bo Way could be doing something similar? Being that he isn’t in MLB camp on a ST invite I get how it wouldn’t be news really, but curious if his work in instructs has him continuing that path too if they’ve paused on it.
  10. totdprods

    Fangraphs top "100" prospects for 2019

    I think there's an easy explanation for Canning. Folks either see his quick dominance in '18 and his multi-pitch arsenal and they fall into two different camps; one pegs him as having far more upside than was anticipated, and see him as having that #2 potential, like a Trevor Bauer, and another could see him as simply being really advanced for his age but already near his ceiling without much more to learn in the minors - that of a good #3-#4 starter. Think Mike Leake. At that point it's just a matter of how that outlet values either outcome.
  11. totdprods

    Sign all the arms...

    Really, any of that second tier should be similar in cost and viability. Ervin has a little more upside. Tillman has youth on his side. Colon has durability, as does Shields. My only concern with Ervin is his age and his numerous little injuries in recent years. Doesn't bode well. I think I'd lean more towards someone safer health-wise with less upside, like Shields or Colon, but all of those names are pretty interchangeable at this point. Erv and Edwin could play up well in the pen too.
  12. totdprods

    The Official 2019 Angels Spring Training Thread

    I'm not going to cull up all the data I looked through last year, but there were some encouraging signs with Ward. If I'm remembering correctly, he tended to watch a lot of strikes go by and wound up behind in the count quite often, but still had good contact/power numbers despite the measly slash. Being that he was always a patient hitter in the minors with good discipline, the evidence tended to suggest he brought that approach to the bigs - but unlike the minors, MLB pitchers had no problem whatsoever attacking the rookie hitter while painting the corners much more consistently than what he was accustomed to. As a result, he'd try the same approach that lifted him in the minors, but instead of working the count he'd be in the hole quickly. Kaleb Cowart had the same problem - but Kaleb Cowart was swinging at everything to lead to an 0-2 or 1-2 count, whereas Taylor was watching them go by and then having to fight back. His meager slash wasn't the result of him being overmatched in my eyes, but a player simply adjusting to the bigs and learning on the spot. I'm optimistic that having another season away from catcher, and the obvious work he's been doing in the cage, is going to lead to a much improved Ward, and while I'd prefer he go to AAA and get some reps at a couple other positions to increase his versatility, he shouldn't be ruled out as having a real shot at the Opening Day 3B. He could quickly turn into a .265/.325/.425/.750 guy, and if that comes with decent defense, a few stolen bases, and 10-15 HRs in his rookie campaign, it'd be a big win for a guy who was almost written off going into 2018. I've been one of the biggest David Fletcher fans here for years, but I realize his upside is limited. Ward brings a significantly higher ceiling, and if he's showing any signs of realizing that this spring, he needs to get the first shot at regular playing time.
  13. totdprods

    The Official 2019 Angels Spring Training Thread

    Small sample size, but Cozart hit very well when playing 2B as well. As 2B: .266/.333/.438/.771 in 72 PA As 3B: .212/.286/.356/.642 in 133 PA As SS: .167/.271/.262/.533 in 48 PA His poor line as SS sort of tanks this theory, but again, small sample size in play, perhaps playing up the middle he felt a lot comfortable defensively and was able to hit better as a result.
  14. totdprods

    Sign all the arms...

    I think Gio is still gonna get a decent payday, $5-10m AAV. Too many teams still have need and money. Buchholz was good enough last year he might too. Guys like Ervin, Shields, Tillman, Gallardo, Colon are a more realistic tier. Edwin Jackson could fit here or could be like Buchholz.