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  1. totdprods

    The quest for .500

    We could really benefit from Cole pitching similar to he did last year, and like how Bard did for a stretch earlier this season. All the injuries to our offensive depth and the lack of innings from the rotation has forced Eppler to option relievers for fresh arms way too often, and it’s starting to lead to overuse and a reliance on Noe and Garcia too often. The rotation has to stabilize so they can pump the brakes on the lesser pen arms, bump an extra bat to SLC, and keep an extra guy like Bard or Cole up full time.
  2. totdprods

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    18-43 since the 13-2 start.
  3. Spencer Griffin is continuing to play well - his last 40 games/161 PA at Burlington: .276/.385/.470/.855 with 6 doubles, 4 triples, 4 homers, 25 walks to 48 strikeouts, and 5-6 in steal attempts. He's a few months old for the league, but in my mind, he's starting to stake a claim into our OF prospects - probably 4th OF territory with the likes of Lund and Hunter, but in the mix.
  4. totdprods

    Will they trade Calhoun?

    Detroit has no need for Skaggs. I don’t see much difference between giving up Barria or one of Suarez/Sandoval.
  5. There will always be busts, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the success rate of prospects increased substantially, or at least any busts that did occur (at least at the big league level) didn’t bust quite so hard. Teams have so much more data and analytics to work with how for their minor leaguers, not to mention all the increased attention given to developing cheap young talent. It’s why I feel pretty good about pretty much all of our Top 10 guys being at least average MLB players. I don’t think there will be another Brandon Wood MLB-flop in this current group.
  6. totdprods

    Will they trade Calhoun?

    He’d certainly be of interest to them - they’re a little thin on OF prospects. Personally, I think they have much more need for IF prospects and a LHP SP. Ward makes a lot of sense - they’re stuck with Cabrera, Candelario is struggling and they’re thin in OF. Ward gives them a little depth at 3B, 1B, and LF, and they can drop him in right now for everyday ABs, in hopes he adjusts to a good hitter by time their pitching wave hits. Thaiss makes similar sense too, but I think Ward would be first discussed. Their RHP SP depth in the upper minors is nuts - but LHP is thin. One of Suarez or Sandoval would balance that wave of pitching nicely for them, and the addition of lefty Boyd (3.5 years of control) lessens the loss for the Halos.
  7. totdprods

    Will they trade Calhoun?

    My only caveat about including Marsh in a deal now is that I feel we’d be selling a little low this year. With Adell, Upton, and Trout locked up, Marsh is absolutely expendable, but I think he’s a year away from posting some huge numbers in AA/AAA, realizing some more of his potential, developing some power, and being worth a lot more in trade talks than what he’d be worth now - he hasn’t quite reached that plateau yet. And for those not wanting to deal Marsh, I think one of Adams or Knowles will be right behind him before long. Now, if Marsh as he is currently wound up being worth 50% of the value in a Boyd deal, totally would include him.
  8. totdprods

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    I don’t think there’s a ton of upside but I think, especially with the pitchers, we’ll find a couple arms that are only mid-rotation guys at best, but advance quickly. Basically, the volume of pitching has me really happy, especially seeing last year’s class doing so well.
  9. totdprods

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    Yeah, they have some room to play still, unless Kochanowicz cost them a big, big overlay. Don’t think Stallings or Peek will be too much. Daniel might need a little work. Definitely think they have room to pull in an interesting name or two in the post-20th luck guys. Pretty happy with this draft. Between this year and last we’ve really increased the volume of decent pitching on the farm to make up for our hitting wave in advanced levels. If we can get some of the lower-level bats to start growing like our last crop did, this becomes a Top 5 farm next year even with graduations.
  10. totdprods

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    Southard has said he's going to UT (if I recall) as well. 20th Rd.
  11. totdprods

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    This is what I have so far.... (1) SS Will Wilson ($3.4m vs. $3.89m slot) (+$490k) (2) SS Kyren Paris ($1.4m vs ($1.3m) (-$100k) (3) RHP Jack Kochanowicz ($???, overslot vs. $638k) (4) LHP/OF Erik Rivera ($597.5k vs. $473.7k) (-$123.8k) (5) RHP Garrett Stallings ($353.7k slot) (6) RHP Zach Peek ($270.3k slot) (7) RHP Davis Daniel ($211.5k slot) (8) RHP Kyle Brnovich ($168.7k vs. $171.2k) (+$2.5k) (9) RHP Zach Linginfelter ($150.8k vs. $153.3k) (+$2.5k) (10) RHP Chad Sykes ($7.5k vs. $144.6k) (+$137.1k) (11) LHP Brent Killam ($???) (12) LHP Jack Dashwood (13) RHP Edwin Sanchez ($???) (14) RHP Zac Kristofak ($125k) (15) RHP Greg Veliz ($???) (16) RHP Dakota Donovan ($???) (17) OF Brandon White ($???) (18) LHP Ryan Smith ($???) (19) LHP Garrett Lawson (20) RHP Jared Southard (will go to UTexas) (21) RHP Andrew Blake (22) SS Morgan McCullough ($???) (23) OF Matthew Corlew (24) RHP Shane Kelso ($???) (25) C Anthony Mulrine ($???) (26) RHP Kyle Molnar (27) RHP Kenyon Yovan (28) RHP Coleman Crow (29) OF Matthew Woods ($???) (30) 3B/RHP Anthony Bash ($???) (31) OF/LHP Spencer Jones (32) RHP Chase Walter (33) C Justin Kunz ($???) (34) RHP Ridge Chapman ($???) (35) RHP Vincent Bianchi (36) SS Keaton Weisz ($???) (37) OF Levi Usher (38) RHP Luke Boyd (will go to Baylor) (39) SS Spencer Brown ($???) (40) RHP Tyson Heaton (UDFA) RHP James Varela ($???) (UDFA) RHP Dalton Rice ($???) (UDFA) LHP John Cain ($???)
  12. totdprods

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    I think I read Bash has some two-way player potential as well.
  13. totdprods

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    If any relievers get DFA'ed in the next day or so, we could see a little trade shape up. Doubt he clears waivers, so it was fun while it lasted. We still have Hermosillo, not-to-distant Adell, and Parker (.941 OPS in AAA) as well, so not the end of the world.
  14. totdprods

    Top 50 Trade Candidates (MLBTR)

    The risk there is they only have 3 IF for 3 IF positions in Toronto - if anyone gets hurt, especially with La Stella and Fletcher scratched recently, things could get weird fast. Like, Pujols at 3B, Puello at 2B weird. They aren't particularly close to their farm teams for quick help either. But, it could be why they gave Fletcher and La Stella time off recently. Resting them up so they could take that risk and roll with 5 OF for a series or two. Buy some more time on a decision between Goodwin and Puello.
  15. totdprods

    Top 50 Trade Candidates (MLBTR)

    Regarding La Stella, someone offers something too good to pass up, absolutely pull the trigger on La Stella - as it currently stands, I don't really see any team having a need so dire that they'd make that risk, especially with only a year and some change of control over him. Hence why I think he's ultimately worth more to the Angels than what they'd receive for him. I also think the Angels will seriously make some sort of 'buy' trade in the next 12-18 months, and by having La Stella emerge as a legit bat, really opens the door up for a trade involving one of our MLB-ready infielders. It's a blessing I think the Angels should take advantage of by keeping him, rather than selling. 100% agree on Calhoun and Lucroy. I think Lucroy is absolutely dealt unless he totally sucks between now and the deadline. I can see them keeping Calhoun if they're still ~5-6 games of a playoff spot, simply in deference to his contributions to the team and chemistry. On paper, yes, they should still deal him, and if it was a hired hand I imagine they would, but I think Eppler would roll the dice the other direction if that wound up being the case.