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  1. Oh no doubt - I'd been hesitant to proclaim his debut as imminent, but he's ready in my eyes after last night's start. And should an injury occur, I think he's right in line. I just don't think they should make any rash moves with Stratton or Harvey yet. There is still potential value there - keep experimenting with Stratton with whatever appealed to them, and keep running Harvey out there in hopes he recoups trade value. If Eppler can land us Buttrey for Kinsler and Sandoval, it's totally worth the aggravation of seeing Harvey on the mound 10 more starts to see what he may lead us to.
  2. It’ll be a few more weeks, maybe first or second week at earliest, before they start making moves that caliber I think. Obviously we all want to win games, be competitive, go to the playoffs, but those are ‘everything going right’ goals. The next step down is where we’re at, and in that instance, goals like ‘see if Harvey can recoup trade value’, ‘see if Pena has the juice to stick as a SP’, and ‘see if Stratton can implement whatever we see in him’ are going to be of much more value to the Angels long and short term than getting Canning up several weeks earlier than anticipated. Injuries can certainly change that though.
  3. I’ve never seen any hint that the Angels FO considers service time deadlines when calling players up.
  4. Optioned 4/8/19, so he hits 10 days yesterday or today, depending on how they count it out.
  5. And Seattle, the best offense in baseball so far, has gone up against Stratton in half his games so far. He wasn't great vs. Texas and Chicago, but not horrible either....4.15 ERA, 8 BB, 6 K. And those are decent teams offensively.
  6. It's also White's first time as the lead guy on a pitching coach staff. He deserves some patience in that role too. White was tasked as bullpen coach in Houston, correct? Sure seems the bullpen guys are doing well. Maybe his knowledge, data, and coaching are just coming around to the starter side slowly or more differently. Cahill has been as expected. Harvey I always figured could go either way. I've been worried about Pena since last fall, figuring we were rolling the dice on his health and effectiveness much as we did with JC and Bridwell. Bingo on Skaggs. I've always thought Cahill and Harvey were less about being projects to rebuild, but more about being lotto-ticket trade deadline bait. They'd strike gold and recoup some prospects or compete, or they'd get hurt or suck. Not much in between. Eppler's track record for pitching has been good - willing to wait a little longer on Stratton.
  7. I'm willing to give Stratton a longer leash. Obviously there is something they really like about him. A lot of the data on Stratton suggests he has some significant untapped potential, the type of potential the Astros have had a lot of success tapping into recently. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't, but Doug White and Chris Stratton have only had three weeks together to work on this while also focusing on competing in MLB games. He's an experiment, no doubt, but it's way too soon to pull the plug, especially when this season comes with lowered expectations and numerous starters injured again. Stratton hasn't shined in two of his starts, but he's also gotten hit around by Seattle in two others - and Seattle has been a monstrously good offensive team so far, so it's also not quite fair to paint a total statistical picture on Stratton based on that so far.
  8. I think Canning is MLB-ready, but nothing is harmed by waiting a couple more weeks. It's a bit too early to judge anyone on stats alone. A good series or back-to-back starts can dramatically change the line still. Need about 100 ABs for hitters, 35-50 IP for SP, 20 IP for relievers, in my mind, before you can start taking stats to heart.
  9. I have never seen the Angels have any concern about working the system to their advantage for this, so I’ve never bothered to learn, to be honest...end of May? But I don’t think it’s ever really a factor.
  10. Pena hasn’t looked right or comfortable in any appearance yet this year. I’ve been worried from the start about counting on him as an MLB-rotation piece after Bridwell and Ramirez went down after their conversions. Limiting him to some pen work or fixed innings in SLC might do him some good for May/June in case we need him in July/August for stretch run or to replace a dealt/cut Cahill/Harvey. Its just too soon to give up on Stratton. There is a lot of data and evidence that suggests he’s the exact type of pitcher that can benefit from what’s been done in the Astros org, and White can help implement that. Stratton has been in the org three weeks, not nearly enough time to have totally reinvented himself with whatever the Angels see. There’s a reason they wanted him and a reason they were willing to displace Barria for him, beyond the obvious depth reasonings. And it’s too soon to move Harvey to the pen...not because of the money owed, but because he will have more value to the Angels as a rebuilt SP. Their best bet for him at this point isn’t him re-emerging as an ace, but as a valuable trade chip. Cutting him back to the pen three weeks in isn’t gonna help that. I actually think they’ll just DFA him in May/June if he’s not doing well rather than stuck him in the pen. His arc will be closer to Lincecum’s.
  11. Bour is doing fine for now...he isn’t going to be a big BA guy, but his OBP is still very solid. He has way too much power to be slugging sub. 400 for long. It’ll come around. Cozart, Calhoun, and Bourjos are the biggest problems. We really need Upton back to fix most of that. We’re already seeing Cozart losing some time with La Stella and Fletcher hitting.
  12. Personally, I think I’d wait one or two more turns through the rotation. Gets Skaggs back first. If Pena doesn’t show improvement, I’d slide him to AAA to get some work in, stash Stratton in the pen, and place Barria and Canning in the rotation. Rotation: Cahill, Harvey, Skaggs, Barria, Canning Heaney displaces the odd man out when he returns, Pena is at AAA for depth, and Stratton experiments with whatever White sees as the mop-up man in low-leverage situations and shorter stints.
  13. Thinking on this a little more, depending on how everyone develops, I could actually see the lines continuing to blur between starter and reliever and 5-6 man rotations in a couple years. Maybe not using an ‘opener’, but something like 3 IP from one, 2 IP from another, then pen arms, once a week. A shift from trying to get a guy to go 5-6 innings and 80-100 pitches, and more towards getting through the lineup once and maybe the top three a second time, through 3-4 innings and 50-80 pitches.
  14. Molina is one of my favorite arms on the farm. He has the potential to come along really quick too. Lots of piggy backing with the starters so far, which is great, in my opinion, and also demonstrating just how much SP depth we have at Burlington and Inland Empire. We could have a very deep crop of pitchers hitting AA/AAA next year, and while most won't have top-of-rotation upside, I think we'll see a few start to serve as AAA rotation depth/multi-inning relievers as soon as 2021. And pitching prospects always have trade value. We could have a lot of them.
  15. Caught my eye last year, he's on the verge of leaping past Rivas on the depth charts in my eyes, if he hasn't already. Also has that Maicer Izturis-ceiling we dream of for a lot of our UT IF prospects.