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  1. Fire Mike Scioscia....again.
  2. BattleBorn

    Taylor Ward is hitting .390 in Salt Lake

    I think that Las Vegas is available net year as their deal with the Mets will end.
  3. BattleBorn

    Ichiro and Bartolo

    I remember seeing Yogi Berra play. Damn.
  4. BattleBorn

    Gameday Thread 8/20 Angels @ Orioles

    Only one more to put on for the slam,
  5. I don't know why they wanted to keep him at any cost.
  6. BattleBorn

    Gameday Thread: 8/1 @ Dodgers: Kershaw starting

    He hasn't shown any reason to lock up a roster spot yet. At least CJ Wilson is dressed today. I suppose he can pinch fit for Featherweight later.
  7. BattleBorn


    We can only hope but unfortunately I don't see him going anywhere anytime soon.
  8. August 12, 1968 - Last Mickey Mantle HR at Anaheim Stadium
  9. You need a chameleon after all those commas.
  10. BattleBorn

    Baseball Movies

    Just for fun, It Happens Every Spring
  11. Had a great time, the beer was cold and the food was good.
  12. BattleBorn

    Caption this Photo

    "Horry Cow"
  13. BattleBorn

    I Like It

    Double-A team to honor fallen troops with empty seat
  14. BattleBorn

    Target MLB T-shirt clearance

    Cool. Thanks.