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  1. Kesler better be all over Forsberg tonight. Shut him down and we have a great shot of winning the game. QUACK!
  2. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr....such a cheap western conf finals game on a Friday night!
  3. WE WON A GAME 7 AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. getzlaf is the presale code If you are looking to go to game 1 or 2 in the club or lower level the secondary market is cheaper than buying on ticketmaster. Upper level could easily dip below TM price for game 1, game 2 will probably hold up on the secondary.
  5. 8 years, Kanye 2024 take it to the bank.
  6. Kase has been a very pleasant surprise!
  7. The Ducks are going to be very underrated going into the playoffs. They fucking suck 3 on 3 which really is hurting their position in the standings. Thank god playoffs stays 5 on 5 for OT.
  8. Gibby has been very underwhelming so far this year. He needs to pick his game up if the Ducks are going to make a deep run.
  9. halobob

    2017 Angels Spring Training Schedule

    PW is halos for anyone that wants to buy ST tickets now. Great seats out there and last year they raised prices by $5-10 per ticket after the STH presale.
  10. halobob


    Politifact has no way of knowing whether or not 3 million illegals voted. Neither does Trump.
  11. LOL at CNN as a legitimate news source.
  12. The Glendale location sucks balls. I would love to see the stadium moved to Tempe. It would be very smart for them to schedule a few Ducks/Kings games there during March.
  13. Gibby has been very underwhelming to start the year.
  14. Yeah the Ducks outplayed the Preds pretty handily for the 1st 30 minutes but nothing on the scoreboard was going the Ducks way. They slept through the 3rd period. Really looking forward to going to the Ponda Tuesday to see how we fare against the Oilers.