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  1. Sully151

    The Way This Incredible News Broke

    And it still crashed the AngelsWin server for a moment. I tried to log on this morning, the site froze, and I knew.
  2. The next few days will be really fun listening to all of the sports radio hosts eat crow and bitch. Also sound bites from players should be fun too.
  3. I just turned on the radio and both 830 and 710 were talking Lakers
  4. Yeah, jeeps tend to hold their value pretty well. Depending on what you consider old, the price of JK’s (2007-2017) will start to fall soon with the new JL being released. All the soccer moms want the newest. Mine is a 2008 and a manual and it’s going strong with almost 200k and a bunch of modifications. before that, the TJ is still a great little Jeep with an in-line 6 that is a super work horse. I loved mine, but the four door is better with kids and dogs.
  5. Sully151


    Back by ASB...2020
  6. Ah, but Bryce and his antics are “good for the game” so they will let it fly.
  7. What team would you trade him to? You certainly wouldn’t want him in the AL West, and I am not sure you would want him in the American League. Do you trade him to the Phillies and just get it over with? If so, you would be gutting their farm and some Major League talent to get something in return. That would make them weaker in the next few years and would limit their chances of post season glory even with Trout and Harper.
  8. This team will win in the future with or without him. So I am not going to worry about it.
  9. Maybe Trout wants to play a season under the new manager and new approach before making his decision. Maybe he isn’t talking about it or negotiating because his agent is. Maybe the deal is done and he doesn’t need to discuss it until it’s announced Anaheim in front of the fans. Maybe he thinks Harper is as big of a douche as we do and doesn’t want to spend the rest of his career with him. Maybe he is just as sick of answering questions about it every day... a lot more now that Manny and Harper have signed. Maybe Maybe Maybe.
  10. Kershaw is too busy being out indefinitely due to arm soreness.
  11. “Trout’s next to last Spring Debut before he and Harper are Phillies” Buster Somebody.
  12. Sully151

    I want to buy a dog ASAP

    Get him a crate or some dog toys, wrap them up and tell him that the two of you will go find the perfect dog for him. it’s not the puppy jumping out of the box surprise that goes viral on YouTube, but it’s still a nice gift and then you and your dad get to spend time together looking for the right dog, not the right now dog.