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  1. Sully151

    RIP Tim Conway

    He spoke at my graduation. He was super cool.
  2. Sully151

    Oakland grants A's site for potential new stadium

    It’s seven miles away. There is a shuttle.
  3. Wait, I am supposed to see you as real living, breathing people? I am not sure I would know how to handle that and I have been here a long time.
  4. What happened? I am at a family thing.
  5. Sully151

    Fan attendance

    They already moved to Long Beach?
  6. Sully151

    Memorable plays from Angels history

    Then what happened?
  7. Sully151

    Hansel Robles entrance video

    I hope this continues. I would love an Angels team with some character and fun.
  8. Sully151

    Tim Salmon

    Salmon will be the first number retired in Long Beach.
  9. The Roger Lodge jizz fest this afternoon will be epic.
  10. Sully151

    The Way This Incredible News Broke

    And it still crashed the AngelsWin server for a moment. I tried to log on this morning, the site froze, and I knew.
  11. The next few days will be really fun listening to all of the sports radio hosts eat crow and bitch. Also sound bites from players should be fun too.
  12. I just turned on the radio and both 830 and 710 were talking Lakers
  13. Yeah, jeeps tend to hold their value pretty well. Depending on what you consider old, the price of JK’s (2007-2017) will start to fall soon with the new JL being released. All the soccer moms want the newest. Mine is a 2008 and a manual and it’s going strong with almost 200k and a bunch of modifications. before that, the TJ is still a great little Jeep with an in-line 6 that is a super work horse. I loved mine, but the four door is better with kids and dogs.
  14. Sully151


    Back by ASB...2020