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  1. Sully151


    Report came out today that all hands were asleep when the fire started and that a crew member woke up. That is complete and total incompetent bullshit. I was a Captain of a boat for 3 years, First Mate for 3 and a deckhand for 4. There was never a time when we were at anchor that there wasn't at least 2 hands on deck. We had to maintain anchor logs and do hourly smoke/fire checks at night. Even tied up to the dock, we had night watches if there were people below sleeping. I am also surprised that there weren't 2 points of egress in each part of the vessel.
  2. Sully151

    Gameday Thread: 9/8 Angels @ White Sox: Trout in CF

    Sorry, been out of it for a while? Why is Trout out?
  3. Sully151

    Would you rather . . .

    Neither. I’m like BBQ. Low and Slow.
  4. Here are a couple more. I could t listen to him for a whole game (maybe I could), but in twitter snippets, he is pretty funny.
  5. Sully151

    Odd Celebrity Connections

    I watched the sunset with Johnny Depp on the Quarterdeck of a Tallship. We talked about clown theater and the fact that the “green flash” is bullshit.
  6. No lids, no straws for me. If I do get one, I recycle it. Hemp straws and electric cars are the future!
  7. Sully151

    first time in vegas next week

    The climbing in Red Rocks is pretty great! We might have different ideas on what is fun though. And 106 might make climbing tough, better get up early.
  8. Sully151

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Dodgers 7/23/2019

    That was a really good game.
  9. Sully151

    That was for Tyler

    Felix Pena! Can you imagine the pressure that kid was feeling? No matter what happens, he was a f’ing stud tonight This wasn’t for him, this wasn’t for the team, or the fans. This was for Tyler. Amazing.
  10. Sully151

    Tyler Skaggs Outfield Wall photos

    And they are all wearing Skaggs jerseys tonight.
  11. Sully151

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Do the players have roommates on road trips? Or is that just Spring Training?
  12. Sully151

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    This is so sad. Prayers to his family, the team, and the fans. Such a devastating loss. You spend so much time following these guys, you feel like you know them.
  13. Sully151

    Three favorite movies?

    Empire Strikes Back Almost Famous Back To The Future Love Actually
  14. Sully151

    Positive note on Ausmus

    Let’s see what happens when Pujols is moved to Third.