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  1. Sully151

    That was for Tyler

    Felix Pena! Can you imagine the pressure that kid was feeling? No matter what happens, he was a f’ing stud tonight This wasn’t for him, this wasn’t for the team, or the fans. This was for Tyler. Amazing.
  2. Sully151

    Tyler Skaggs Outfield Wall photos

    And they are all wearing Skaggs jerseys tonight.
  3. Sully151

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Do the players have roommates on road trips? Or is that just Spring Training?
  4. Sully151

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    This is so sad. Prayers to his family, the team, and the fans. Such a devastating loss. You spend so much time following these guys, you feel like you know them.
  5. Sully151

    Three favorite movies?

    Empire Strikes Back Almost Famous Back To The Future Love Actually
  6. Sully151

    Positive note on Ausmus

    Let’s see what happens when Pujols is moved to Third.
  7. Sully151

    Worst Ways to get Eliminated?

    Turn the page.
  8. Sully151

    RIP Tim Conway

    He spoke at my graduation. He was super cool.
  9. Sully151

    Oakland grants A's site for potential new stadium

    It’s seven miles away. There is a shuttle.
  10. Wait, I am supposed to see you as real living, breathing people? I am not sure I would know how to handle that and I have been here a long time.
  11. What happened? I am at a family thing.
  12. Sully151

    Fan attendance

    They already moved to Long Beach?
  13. Sully151

    Memorable plays from Angels history

    Then what happened?
  14. Sully151

    Hansel Robles entrance video

    I hope this continues. I would love an Angels team with some character and fun.