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  1. mp170.6

    RIP Tim Conway

    I heard something about special guests lined up as well. Should be good.
  2. He hired Mickey Hacker as his personal hitting coach
  3. Send Trout to AAA immediately
  4. Who's mom are you talking about?
  5. How long before the Harvey experiment is over?
  6. mp170.6

    La Stella is second on the team in OPS

    LOL @ Pujols
  7. Pujols is also the oldest player (age 50) to hit a homerun. Somewhere, Julio Franco is pissed
  8. Just over a month ago, my cousin crashed her motorcycle and died at age 37. The stories at her memorial reception by and large support @tdawg87's comments. While the accident wasn't her fault (senile man pulled out in front of her) she did love to ride the motorcycle, and drive her car, fast. Perhaps that contributed to her demise, I'm not sure. After getting pregnant at age 16, she sort of morphed into a free spirit and didn't care what people thought of her. It's not hard to see why under those circumstances. Pretty much all the bikers I've known have had difficult and/or traumatic childhoods that seems to contribute to their personalities being what they are.
  9. The dude wants top dollar. We'd be throwing away $15-20 million signing him for 2019. No way.
  10. mp170.6

    Albert Pujols defense in 2007

  11. mp170.6

    Predict Ohtani's line tonight

    Torn phallus walking to the plate in his first AB
  12. What's the point? This team isn't going anywhere in 2019.