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  1. mp170.6

    PG&E files for Bankruptcy

    Give it time. SCE will become State of California Edison before long and our rates will go up even further
  2. mp170.6

    So-Cal or vicinity Weekend ideas?

    I think this question hinges on what month you plan to visit?
  3. There's going to be a funeral train moving his body from Houston to College Station, TX. The locomotive was painted 13 years ago and placed in storage, essentially waiting for him to die. First funeral train since Eisenhower's death.
  4. mp170.6

    Happy Birthday Mike Scioscia

    What is he doing next season? You all know I wasn't his biggest fan -- that said, I think he would make an excellent bench coach.
  5. mp170.6


    Holy shit!
  6. mp170.6


    Wait, what?
  7. mp170.6


    How does the 2018 election shape your guys' future in California? Does it push you closer to moving away? California voters just rejected Prop 6 which would have saved everybody hundreds of dollars a year. Orange County is now blue -- there's no going back. The California legislature has a super-majority again. Gavin Newsom is the new king. It's over, this state is going full socialist under Newsom. I want out.
  8. mp170.6

    Katie Porter

    I think so. About the only exceptions I've seen are the Limousine Liberal types
  9. mp170.6

    Katie Porter

    I know younger people who have turned fiscally conservative watching their liberal baby boomer parents not save for retirement. Really quite bizarre watching kids be more financially responsible than their parents.
  10. mp170.6

    Katie Porter

    The California GOP is on the verge of extinction. The reason it's so lifeless is because the clubs and organizations promoting conservative principles are run by people in their 80's, who are literally dying off.
  11. mp170.6

    My favorite new GoFundMe

    You'd have to be a damn fool to donate to heroes. Here in Fullerton, a cop died several years ago from skin cancer. He blamed it on the City and his wife is now collecting his $75K pension, plus a worker's comp settlement. The guy died at age 41 and she started collecting when he would have been 45. She herself retired a couple years later. This "poor" widow is now receiving $177K a year.
  12. mp170.6

    California Burning...again

    I'm really sorry @nate