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  1. AngelStew43

    Gameday Thread: 8/25 Angels @ Astros

    Big game for Upton today!
  2. AngelStew43

    Betts for Adell?

    If it is my money, I'm trying to sign both Cole and Bumgardner. We need quality pitching. We have seen firsthand that the quantity thing doesn't work.
  3. AngelStew43

    Angels call up Miguel Del Pozo, send Suarez down

    How many pitchers have we used this season? 90?
  4. AngelStew43

    Angels Deadline Deals: Yes, No, Maybe

    Just guessing, but I think one of Calhoun or Upton will be dealt. I know, Upton has a no-trade clause. But, the team will be looking to make room for Adell, Marsh, Walsh, and Hermosillo. I could see Upton going to Boston or NYY in a deal that would bring back a controllable young arm or two. Or, a Clint Frazier type. Someone who is blocked with their current organization, but could thrive with regular playing time.
  5. Cozart has to be very frustrated by now. Simba's injury should have gotten him some PT, but he is still sitting behind Rengifo and LaStella. Wow.
  6. AngelStew43

    Who gets sent down when Ohtani is activated?

    Anyone with options. Bour and Anderson can be optioned, Stratton can be DFA'd, and if he clears, which is likely, he can go to Salt Lake in the event of another pitching staff meltdown.
  7. AngelStew43

    If you were to trade Adell.....

    The ones we have to trade are Walsh, Marsh, Calhoun, Knowles. Not Adell. Repeat, Not Adell.
  8. Jake Jewell has a big league arm.
  9. Looks like he pulled the lineup out of a hat.
  10. AngelStew43

    Tommy La Stella

    Jeff Fletcher, did anyone take into account the number of walks Tommy LaStella received because he was batting in front of the pitcher? I'd bet that if those walks were removed, the OBP would be a lot closer. Shallow fly balls and weak groundouts by LaStella aren't very exciting.
  11. I think this is a good move. Stratton has been a SP in the bigs, Jerez is wilder than a March hare. Nice to have another SP option.
  12. AngelStew43

    Arte Moreno vs Gene Autry

    Mr. Autry also brought us Joe Rudi, Don Baylor, and Bobby Grich in one offseason. So I wasn't the only Angel fan in the I.E. anymore.
  13. I hope its Hudson over Noe Ramirez.
  14. AngelStew43

    Why not try to sign Dallas Keuchel?

    We could sign James Shields for less than Keuchel, and he'd not cost us a draft pick.