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  1. AngelStew43

    How do we turn things around?

    The bad news is, we are on the hook for 10.5 million for Kole Calhoun in 2019.
  2. AngelStew43

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros (5/14/18)

    The Astros have played 2 more games than we have, and have two more wins. They are not playing any better or worse than we are.
  3. AngelStew43

    Middleton has damaged UCL - Seeking 2nd opinion

    He should have the surgery ASAP. With a little good luck, for a change, we could see him after the ASB in 2019.
  4. So basically we have the two best players in the world?
  5. AngelStew43

    Angels ' best lineup (joke thread)

    Valbuena and Marte are both taking up space on this roster. They need to be replaced by a couple of bullpen arms, or a starter and a bullpen arm.
  6. AngelStew43


    Has there been any word on the results of the MRI? Or the roster move, since he is going to go on the DL?
  7. AngelStew43

    Manny Machado

    Britton is close to returning from an Achilles injury. It would be interesting to see what Baltimore would want in return.
  8. AngelStew43

    Taylor Ward is our best hitting prospect now

    Baldoquin is hitting ,400 at Inland Empire. don't give up on him yet.
  9. Willie Aikens hit one off of John Curtis against the Red Sox in 79 or 80. Cleared a bus that was parked outside the right field wall. It was in Bonds territory pre steroids. Big D's radio call, "You could cut that one into a bunch of singles for a month and a half." Next up was Disco Dan. He got plunked, and it was on.
  10. AngelStew43

    Matt Harvey DFA'd

    I think we should take a chance on him. Bucholz went to AZ, anyone else that we could acquire via trade, those discussions would probably begin with Marsh, Anderson, and Barria. The K numbers are down, but still good. And we're nearly out of healthy minor league options, even though Canning is now in AA.
  11. AngelStew43

    Really lame experience at the big A

    Doesn't help much that the announcers are blatant Yankee homers, and nearly every crowd shot was of their fans.
  12. Trade him to the Mets for Matt Harvey.
  13. May 2 against Baltimore. 2nd AB. Home Run.
  14. No love for Jam Jones?
  15. AngelStew43

    Quick Assessment

    The starters are an issue, all of them. Richards got through 6 on Saturday, and K'd 11, then Barria pitched 2. Skaggs and Heaney have been inconsistent, Shoe is hurt, (again). If we can get another starter, the sooner the better.