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  1. AngelStew43

    Wil Myers

    Calhoun is one for his last 29. His numbers have cratered for the last 4 seasons. We shouldn't count on any kind of bounce back in 2019.
  2. This is a problem. Machado wants to play SS. We have one of those already. Simmons is probably the one player we could trade to fortify the starting pitching,. And, we still have Cozart for two more seasons, presumably to play 3B. Machado.
  3. AngelStew43

    Pujols to have bone spurs removed from his elbow

    I think that Albert is trying to play long enough to pass Willie Mays on the all time home run list. He's currently 27 HR behind, which, IMO, is the equivalent of one very good, complete season. At 40, I don't think he'll be able to do that, and the way that his numbers are trending, I wouldn't expect more than 15 homers from Albert in 2019, if he plays at all.
  4. I like Calhoun, but I wouldn't count on him in 2019 for this reason: his batting average has gone from .271 to .244 to .223 in the last 3 seasons, all of which with Mike Trout hitting in front of him most of the time. He's in Albert Pujols territory as far as his effect on the batting order. I would like Calhoun more if his K's were cut down, along with some power, and his OBP and batting average were to improve.
  5. Check out the interview with the new catcher, Hudson. He is VERY high on Canning. Command on 4 ML quality pitches, according to him.
  6. All reports on Canning are saying he has ace potential, so I don't think he'll be going anywhere just yet. Suarez, I could see because of Skaggs and Heaney. Still, the elite pitchers don't seem to be available, and the injury history on guys like Strasburg and Kershaw isn't good. Eppler will have some difficult choices this winter.
  7. Maybe we could package 1 for a starting pitcher with a little upside? Maybe include one of the young OF'ers (Marsh?) to try to bring back a number 2-3 starter?
  8. AngelStew43

    If you want Ohtani to give up on pitching

    While we're at it, can someone please lead Cowart to the mound?
  9. AngelStew43

    He’s better offensively

    Optimal recovery time from TJS is 6 months. That is without setbacks, and certainly no throwing. This means that Ohtani could possibly be taking at bats in spring games in March, maybe April. The upside is that he is only 23 years old, and youth heals faster. Who knows, if he has a solid 2019 season at the plate, he may change his mind about pitching, at least as a starting pitcher. With that 99 mph heat, he'd make a heck of a closer.
  10. AngelStew43

    Dylan Bundy?

    The roster wouldn't fit Trumbo as it is currently constructed, unless Albert decides to retire. Then, he could play 1B. Cobb and Bundy would work, except it would leave the Orioles scrambling for starting pitching, just like we did, even though we started the season with what we thought was great depth.
  11. Hope to see a bit more power from Torii Jr. as he moves up the ladder.
  12. AngelStew43

    Gameday: 8/11. A’s @ Angels

    The Phillies DFA'd Jake Thompson a few days ago, maybe we should take a flyer on him. Face it, we need healthy starting pitching around here.
  13. AngelStew43

    Valbuena DFAd?

    Looks like we don't see Thaiss and Ward until September.
  14. It is sad to think that even with Valbuena DFA'd, Deck McGuire is the best we could do.
  15. AngelStew43

    This is the worst possible series outcome

    I think Kinsler gets dealt, and Ward comes up.