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  1. Jake Jewell has a big league arm.
  2. Looks like he pulled the lineup out of a hat.
  3. AngelStew43

    Tommy La Stella

    Jeff Fletcher, did anyone take into account the number of walks Tommy LaStella received because he was batting in front of the pitcher? I'd bet that if those walks were removed, the OBP would be a lot closer. Shallow fly balls and weak groundouts by LaStella aren't very exciting.
  4. I think this is a good move. Stratton has been a SP in the bigs, Jerez is wilder than a March hare. Nice to have another SP option.
  5. AngelStew43

    Arte Moreno vs Gene Autry

    Mr. Autry also brought us Joe Rudi, Don Baylor, and Bobby Grich in one offseason. So I wasn't the only Angel fan in the I.E. anymore.
  6. I hope its Hudson over Noe Ramirez.
  7. AngelStew43

    Why not try to sign Dallas Keuchel?

    We could sign James Shields for less than Keuchel, and he'd not cost us a draft pick.
  8. AngelStew43

    Rojas over Ward for 3B?

    I don't think you would like Rojas as a 2B. He can handle the corners, though. And he is good at making contact. He is earning a long look.
  9. AngelStew43

    2018 Hot Stove League

    If the baseball industry has no money, why aren't teams for sale? And when one does come up for sale, the billionaires line up around the block to join the club.
  10. AngelStew43

    2019 record

    I'm down for 91-71.
  11. AngelStew43

    Who would you protect in an expansion draft?

    Three years from now, Simmons will be a 33 year old SS. I think we'd think long and hard about protecting him.
  12. AngelStew43

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I thought Adam Jones was going to get A.J. Pollock money. It sure doesn't look like that now.
  13. AngelStew43

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I hope we are not involved with Machado. I'd like for us to sign Harper, then convince Albert to ride off into the sunset.
  14. AngelStew43

    Hall of Fame voting

    The Veterans committee needs to step up. Blyleven is in, and deservedly so, but not Tommy John?
  15. AngelStew43

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Machado blocks Ward. Or possibly causes the Angels to move Simba. Pass. If the team wants to spend, Harper is the right piece.