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  1. Who's calling the game today?

    Read My (Mike's) Lips..."F*ck me".....
  2. Hilarious first pitch at Fenway

    Where's Bob Uecker when you need him?
  3. Dude is a Philly fan through and through...
  4. You mean POLE? Or POLL? Or a POLECAT?
  5. Not true! It confirmed that Bud Norris needs to be removed as closer.
  6. So I'm a year late....I don't live on these boards Stradling - so piss off mate...
  7. Congrats ARTE - you have killed the team and Trout's chances to be on a playoff team. Why? Because you signed fat ass Albert for 30 years at $90 million per. And fat ass Jr. Continuing to bat him 3-4 in the order. Albert is the worse "power hitter" in the majors. Simply horrid - just a sad joke. stuck with beer prices Arte
  8. What happened to Eric Young Jr? Angels promote Robinson now then mystery OFer.... WHAT GIVES? EY Jr didn't preform well enough?
  9. Scioscia decision making needs to be questioned. Goes with Pounders - who is crap - All on his shoulders
  10. Fergus Chan

    Kid must be crying now. Thanks Bud Norris
  11. Fire Scioscia on the tarmac. Never Pounders. Norris is done. SEASON OVER...
  12. TODAY? Missed the last few games?
  13. Just hit the Granny...end it.
  14. Brooks Pounders should be sent straight to AA ball...
  15. Red Jerseys