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  1. JoJo26

    Is nobody else disappointed in Melvin Upton?

    Wait...which one "WAS" B.J. Upton? Justin or Melvin?
  2. JoJo26

    Gameday: 7/6 Dogers@Angels

    Damn...this thread was exhausting to read. So much anger....towards "le broken down - ready for the scrap heap machine"...and B.J. Upton's brother...and Scioscia's mad genius moves - yanking another starter way before he should - what else is new? But a HUGE thanks for Victor Rojas for finally calling out the genius. 2019: HE GONE
  3. JoJo26

    Gameday: 7/6 Dogers@Angels

    Barry Bonds....except he can't hit either...
  4. JoJo26

    Dear Billy Eppler

    Didn't we already have Upton? There's still the problems of: ValBuena, Marte, Parker, Bedrosian, Scioscia...
  5. JoJo26

    Revenge for '95

    Considering that majority of the team was born after 1995....
  6. JoJo26

    Albert's gift To Gubi

    Sarcasm 101 - I clearly asked where's the playoff W's? I tossed out a 45 year old joke about his age...yet I get a tutoring job on the 'sweet spot'? That knowledge has been in my dome for 40 years. This thread has skittered outta control...
  7. JoJo26

    Albert's gift To Gubi

    Because - he signed the smallest part between the seems. Albert is like 45 years old. He's gotta know where the large part of the ball is...
  8. So Mark Gubicza tweets this out: Thank you so much @PujolsFive for this amazing surprise! You are clearly one of the best players ever but an even better person. #BestEver #Angels I'm just wondering - if Albert signed on the back of the ball "Zero Angels Playoff Wins"?
  9. JoJo26

    Can Bedrosian

    BEDROCK blows - The Goose has a better arm
  10. JoJo26

    The Blowpen

    Not when The Mad Genius yanks the starter early....
  11. JoJo26

    Didi better get drilled

    Face it...if our "closer" doesn't walk the first batter he sees in the 9th...DiDi is in the locker room showering after a loss.
  12. This is ALLLLLL Arte. He's the dumbass. Albert did say once - that if he feels he's not playing up to his expectations...and if his kids athletic careers take off...he would retire. But he keeps hitting solo shots in between grounding out...and once he gets to 3,000 and maybe 650 dingers....he might just go away. But I doubt it. Arte completely screwed the pooch...along with Hamilton....
  13. Bully is so unreliable....nerve wracking....weak sauce. 3-1....
  14. JoJo26

    Garrett Richards..

    Wait? Are you saying that Scioscia didn't handle pitching changes correctly? How can you say that?