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  1. JoJo26

    If Eppler traded Trout...

    Trout wants to is strapped by Albert's contract. Albert too stubborn to walk into Arte's office and re-do his albatross to get the team some help. Why should Trout resign? Angels can't go out and get some studs because of Albert's 28-29-30 million deal these last 3 years. Albert thinks he can lead the team to playoff wins. Still waiting for that to happen.... Trout will go to Yanks or Phils....and get paid....and Angels will get nada in return. Thanks Arte for signing that 40 year old injured reserve old man.
  2. 30 years Doyer Fan....
  3. Brewers - Astros World Series Central Time Zone....domed stadiums...So. Cal Prep stars....What's not to like?
  4. JoJo26

    Joey Gallo?

    A buffer and dirtier uniformed Dave Kingman...
  5. Any team BUT THE FRIGGIN' Doyers.... Fan base is a pain...
  6. JoJo26


    Up one game with 3 to go.... Baumgartner going for Giants Friday. Go Giants baby!
  7. JoJo26

    "HE GONE"

    Listen to southen cal football on the radio....
  8. JoJo26

    "HE GONE"

    He did a few Halo games earlier this year when Gubi was in Cooperstown...he was actually pretty good...
  9. JoJo26

    "HE GONE"

    HAWK is nuthin' but a huge homer. "Good Guys" "US" "Bad Guys" "We" "Get Up!..." I know Victor Rojas admires the heck outta him...but growing up in So Cal with: Chick, Vin, Bob, Dick, etc....Hawk is a blowhard....
  10. JoJo26

    Pujols Out For Season with Knee Surgery

    27 Million for a below .250 hitter. HEY ALBERT! Play one more season (so you can play in St. Louis...where they ACTUALLY LIKE YOU)....then hang them up. In fact....tell Arte you'll take $10 million next up some dough to sign Bryce...
  11. Let's see....Upton "rests" day Monday...not in lineup Tuesday. Hmmmmm - something must be up. Injury? Trade? Crappy defense?
  12. JoJo26

    I Am Pumped Upton!

    Yeah - you might want to re-do that title.....
  13. Who cares about Sosh managing the halos next season....Let's talk about the real meat of this story... The use of the word POPPYCOCK...
  14. IT'S SO SIMPLE: Arte's wife was blabbing about JOSH PAUL at the dry cleaners - and a 17 year old kid working part time at the place overheard her. He told his father who passed it along as an anonymous source. COME ON's all ball bearings nowadays...