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  1. They have other Trout 3 -4 Trout youth jersey giveaways.
  2. Angels Game Times Announced

    Better than 'Buttercup'
  3. Angels Game Times Announced

    Added 2 extra minutes for those amazing Gubi quotes...
  4. No more 12:35 Sunday games. 1:07 pm
  5. Ohtani Nickname Suggestions for AO

    Maybe we should trade for Gurriel then?
  6. Poor Mike Trout

    His beloved EAGLES play at RAM Sunday. What was he thinking? Honeymoon in LA....BROMANCE with Carson Wentz? Surprised if Jessica wasn't behind this...
  7. Josh Paul, Angels Bench Coach

    Okay - let's clear this up once and for all: Scioscia pinch hit for one the Molinas (who know to tag the batter out of instinct and just to make sure there's no doubt) Paul caught the third strike THEN - rolled the ball to the mound and SPRINTED TO THE DUGOUT. AJ looks over at Paul and thinks it's a dropped third strike...and runs to first. Eddings gets confused (easily) and gets sucked into the AJ running to 1st. SO...technically this "should" have happened: Paul needs to tag AJ just to be safe (Bengie - Jose ALWAYS DID) The fact that Paul was so geeked at the K - he sprinted to the dugout - fooling AJ (and Eddings - but for a different reason) that he thought it was pitch that got away (you see him glance over his shoulder) was "only game 2" BUUUUT - lets remember: Angels Yankees series. Saturday Game 4 rained out - Sunday SHOULD HAVE been a day game - but TV rules - 8:15 pm first pitch in The Bronx - fly home on fumes (both teams) 5:00 pm start time - Halos win - fly to ChiTown (Pale Hose resting) - Paul Byrd pitches a gem in game 1 and game 2 would have been a steal. We get screwed - Pale Hose are jacked and use that mo (and their pitching) to shut down the Halos in Anaheim. I think the jet lag caught up with the team - and the emotional BS of Eddings' incompetence added to that. The team was gassed (games Sunday in NY, Mon in ANA, Tues - Weds in Chi - then weekend back in ANA) However - if Josh paul tags AJ - just to confirm to Dougie - then the game moves along. Maybe we still lose - but it's not the screw job. Just like the 1985 series - Cards get screwed by ump in game 6 - then lose game 7, 11-0 . Losing like that kills you. it did the Halos -
  8. Official 2017 World Series Thread

    Dodger fan melting down - demanding suspension - looks other way when their Cuban does stupid azz stuff - yet it's cool because Puig is a Doyer...
  9. World Series final outs since 1967

    Why does the umpire snag 2 caps in '67?
  10. LAST PLAYOFF WIN? Damn - October 22, 2009....Isn't that the game that Sosh yanked Lackey? Then the bully gave up the lead....and Lack said something to Sosh as he left the dugout? Then Lack left for Beantown. Ah - Good Times... Meanwhile - Maddon's been to playoffs. Bud Black too. Lackey has 3 rings...
  11. Thanks for the tip Mrs. Moreno...
  12. Angel Stadium has gotten a lot more "dicky" this season. 2 months ago I went to a mid-week game. Buying a cheap 500 level seat I sat down in a virtually empty section 102 about 20 rows up. Some big usher type asked if I had a ticket for that section. I fibbed saying the wife had them and she was getting food. He told me he'd return because he "wants to keep this section PURE. that people buy 500 level seats and sit in the lower seats....and that's not fair. These seats cost $40" Ummm...I'm a 58 year old man. Moving into better seats until kicked out is part of stadium fun. Been doing it for decades. But I watched this usher kick out dozens of fans in 101 - 102 - 103 and hassle others to produce their tickets {I observed from the 200 level...I didn't want to be be hassled anymore by big boy} Who cares if people are sitting in lower level seats? Not taking anyone's's unsold. You think Arte wants the joint to look empty on TV? Maybe it's a new policy? It's BS...
  13. He led the team in "bloop hits".....Tainted 100 RBIs.....Let's talk about double plays he hit into shall we...?
  14. Fire Scioscia

    The fact that he continued to use bums like Bedrock & Norris along with brick gloves Cron & Valbuena shows he's got to go.