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  1. Blarg

    2020 Democratic Field

    Pretty easy choice.
  2. Blarg


    Looks as though Obama didn't want Hillary to win.
  3. Blarg


    Yeah, two bullets in the back and nothing taken sounds like your average robbery in DC.
  4. Right now the house is on fire. Waiting for the flames to burn down before dousing with water isn't going to help anything. Heaney is out until June, Skaggs is out until his menstrul cramps subside. They need a quality arm for more than a month worth of work. This is exactly the time you bring in Canning and see what he can do. If he is lights out you ride that until his innings are up. If he is no better than Stratton he goes back when the other two show up.
  5. I was listening to the game on the drive home and Smith was saying that no one was up in the bullpen and Stratton is going to have to work out of his mess. Ausmus just threw in the towel early and then left Jewel in to get raked as well. After the last two weeks I was just too exhausted to keep watching and gave up, missing the Angels big inning. Had Ausmus done something to hold the game in check I might have kept with it. But it seemed he was content with giving this game away. Now seeing he put Cozart in to pinch hit seems like he was determined.
  6. Blarg


    Ausmus is going to be the first manager Eppler will fire.
  7. Blarg


    But never between Hillary and the DNC. If she had only been chillin in the Twin Cities or having a beer at a Milwaulkie game before the election things could have turned out different.
  8. Blarg


    That's the Senate.
  9. Blarg


    I read them. They were so lucid I thought Audry was responding for you. Is she a nurse yet?
  10. Blarg

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    I only care if they are out of alignment with successful seasons. In Calhoun's case he has not changed at what he swings at but how he swings at those pitches is what defines his results.
  11. Blarg

    The extended Kole Calhoun experiment

    I look at a players out of zone rates to see if there is a change, basically if they are chasing more pitches. In Calhoun's case it really doesn't fluctuate, his swings are around 70% in zone, year in, year out. His hard hit contact is actually up and was last season from 30-35% to 45%. To me, concerning Calhoun, this not actually a good thing. He traded medium contact from previous seasons to trying to hit the ball harder but in doing so is not really boosting his home run totals, they didn't increase but his doubles drastically decreased. It tells me the swing has outgrown it's usefulness. Swing hard and launch angle is not the recipe for every hitter. It's not working for Calhoun.
  12. Blarg

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    This is why calling balls and strikes from your sofa viewing the outfield camera is always wrong. Angle and distortion through the lens make pitches look like they are taking a path they didn't.
  13. Blarg


    I'm not sure where you got that leap of idiocy. My comment was to underthehalo's excerpt (which actually was editorialized if you read it carefully) that showed Trump understood the impact of special counsels that stall a presidents ability to influence members of Congress to follow on policy creation. Why do you think he resorted to so many executive orders?
  14. Blarg

    The Matt Harvey Experiment

    The chart was from Brooks pitchfx and I understand your point, Frankie Rodriguez had an obscene slider but control of the strike zone made the pitch effective. Harvey didn't have enough control of the strike zone to get chases. He wasn't either effectively wild or fooling batters. It was just junk. I'm not saying this is what to expect moving forward, he has had a resume of success in the past. But if he is throwing garbage 20+% of his pitch count he isn't going to show positive results.