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  1. Adding butternut squash and removing the noodles is simply a vegetable casserole.
  2. Blarg

    Does a Kipnis/Calhoun Swap Make Sense?

    Why would the Angels want to make a lateral move for a player that costs more? And $4 million is significantly more, that's a solid reliever you won't be signing for the bullpen. You gain nothing offensively and lose on defense. It's just so Dipoto of a deal.
  3. $550 million after taxes and you're looking for free miles.
  4. I would be a part of the million miles club.
  5. Depending on the lottery calculator used, the lump sum is anywhere between $550 and $690 million after taxes.
  6. I tell you what, if you win give me the ticket and I'll make sure you have a well funded retirement package.
  7. Blarg

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    They look like some crappy high school uniform.
  8. Blarg

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    Data doesn't keep players focused or prevent the dugout and clubhouse from becoming a shitshow.
  9. This has disgusting and gross combined in one recipe.
  10. I am so retired if I win even the lowest lottery jackpot. So long, see ya, sionara, good bye. Don't call, that phone number is no longer in service. Not one moments notice and I actually like my career.
  11. Why wait? Log off and we'll see you when basketball season ends.
  12. There was a story I read where women who had belly button rings were more likely to participate in anal sex. So maybe that wasn't where the irritation Sale complained about was located.
  13. I just came home from watching the Arizona fall league baseball. They take all of the teams best minor league players and create six teams composed of five franchises players per team. The Angels were part of the Solar Sox which included A's, Tigers, Cubs and Red Sox players. They play together, talk and laugh together, even give each other pitch count information to the next batter, they are not tribal. I attended two games a day and wish I was still there for another week. I love baseball and will watch the World Series for the game not as much to choose a team. You want to hibernate before the season is over, go ahead. But you're just missing out on great baseball.
  14. Blarg

    Met This Guy Yesterday

    He almost didn't become a major league player. He took two beanings to the face in the minor leagues, one broke his nose, the other shattered his jaw. The second required reconstructive surgery and according to his brothers account when he first saw him at the hospital. "I couldn't see any form of his lips," he said. "Marci was passed out on Tim's lap, and there was a suction tube in his mouth so he wouldn't choke when he was sleeping. I bawled for an hour. I thought he'd look like the Elephant Man, that he'd never look normal. . . " In the lower minors Tim used to do stuff that you never saw in Anaheim. "Guys laugh now because I don't cuss or get mad, but I can remember snapping and throwing all sorts of stuff and using terrible language in Class-A and double-A ball," Salmon said. "But I finally realized you have to conserve your energy for your next at-bat, that sometimes you can get so frustrated you'll take yourself out of your game. I saw how guys would waste at-bats because they were still so ticked off about their last at-bat." That is when Salmon started doing his routine that Disarcina referred to as "Timmy World." He would stick to a very regimented schedule of allowing blocks of time for everything from warm ups to fan interaction but really cut off from the other players in anything not involved with preparing for a game. Now that his career is being on the television end instead of the players side you get to see and talk to a little more relaxed Tim Salmon. He can smile more, even when stuck taking pictures with our resident burger flipper. Excerpts from Mike DiGiovanna's article in the LA Times