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  1. Blarg

    Ty Buttrey Appreciation Thread

    In the past my criticism is Ausmus will stand there, in the dugout, and watch the game spin out of control. My nickname for him is Nero. Ramirez was hit by two bad luck plays, an error and a weak infield hit. I guess the question was, would that affect his approach to the next batter? Toronto is a launching pad so the guy on the mound needs laser focus or the game unravels quickly. I'd rather Ausmus won the game he is playing today than try and save an arm for tomorrow's game. Texas, Boston, New York, Toronto, these are AL fields that can see big innings. Like the Angels racking 7 early in the game yesterday. So killing any momentum can be important to chalking up a W on what looks like a lock. Hey, when in Rome, don't fiddle around.
  2. Blarg

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    You haven't posted any information about the death ratio, you've only made an unsupported statement that it has risen.
  3. Right, kidding. Kill them all.
  4. He had a point. There really is no place for gobbledygook. Or facts in Steven's world.
  5. Blarg

    The quest for .500

    Philosophically speaking, tomorrow never actually comes, you are always living in today.
  6. I get the feeling Fan Since wouldn't go to Japan for an all you can eat Fugu bar.
  7. Oh, you would be surprised what she will do for a fifth of Jack Daniels.
  8. You do realize you may have supplanted @Victor's Mom references since he hasn't posted anything for a couple years. ALF's Mom does have a ring to it.
  9. Wait, Veronica from the 7th Veil is your Mom?