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  1. Blarg

    Relief Pitching

    Some people are just too wrapped up in their own point of view and they have blinders on about their own team. Everything can be a tragedy if you are only looking at one small portion of the game. Blaming the relief corps for every loss seems to be the focus many have.
  2. Blarg


    Liberals playbook.
  3. Blarg

    Relief Pitching

    I got criticized for blaming the offense earlier in this thread. If you are going to roll relief pitchers out there every night for 3-4 innings your offense has got to support that in some manner. So far the offense isn't really supporting a team scoring 3 runs against them. In what world of balance is giving up 3 runs such a huge deficit to overcome when the opposing pitcher sports an ERA in the 4+ range. It's not like the Angels are facing the cream of the American league pitchers every night.
  4. Blarg

    RIP Vinnie Paul

    I thought this was about the bread chain.
  5. Holy crap, Matt Palmer would probably give us 6 innings. Moseley would be on the DL.
  6. Scioscia trolling us all with a Sunday getaway lineup on Saturday.
  7. Scioscia hates veterans.
  8. Blarg

    School fundraisers

    Another suggestion is E Waste collection. It's a recyling fundraiser where all you do is contact the recycling company and they give you fliers and banners. On the specified date they show up with the collection truck with scales and your parents bring all their dead computers, tvs, stereo equipment, batteries and such and they handle the rest. You can easily make a couple grand or more with house cleaning. After Christmas is a good time to plan one, all the old stuff usually gets pitched then.
  9. Blarg


    I gotta say that's inclusiveness.
  10. Blarg

    Relief Pitching

    Or maybe the offense since they are the ones responsible for winning the game.
  11. Blarg

    Relief Pitching

    The Angels have used 11 different starting pitchers. The bullpen 14 different arms and it's barely mid season. There will be more. The Angels have been involved in 76 games. The starters have contributed 404.2 innings which comes to 5.1 innings per start. The relievers have logged 282 innings of work. There have been some long games produced by the starters but way too many games where the relief corps has been pitching in the 4th. This is exposing your least productive pitchers too many times and often in higher leverage situations than the starting staff and people wonder why the bullpen sucks? This is wrong. This is not successful baseball in practice.
  12. Blarg

    School fundraisers

    @Tank ok, your committed to pencil sales. That's good but your sales force needs some work on their skills. May I recommend watching this.
  13. Blarg

    Should Mike Scioscia Be Fired Poll

    I'm not saying Maddon isn't a great manager but he was just a bench coach before he teamed up with Scioscia. His resume to become a manager never took place before Scioscia managed the Angels to a World Series then a run of playoffs never before seen in this franchise's history. That is resume building for the bench coaches and created three new managers from that success. They were part of it, but they were not fully responsible for any of it.
  14. Blarg

    Garage Sales

    I'm sure the neighbors weren't over joyed you auctioned off their houses as part of a matched set.
  15. Blarg

    Times Article and Eppler

    Your inspirational post has changed Bedrosians fortunes.