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  1. Blarg

    Any word on Trout?

    It's his heart. What's the rush?
  2. Blarg

    The next big Sensation....

    I'm not sure anyone can name a Japanese starter that came stateside that didn't incur arm problems. I really can't see doing this again.
  3. Blarg

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    Close, he's number 34.
  4. Blarg

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Your experience at any school is more dependent upon the parents involvement in their child's education than the school system itself. Just taking the initiative to put your child in private school education is a clear indication that the parent has a vested interest and the financial backing to make these commitments. If private schools were flooded with lower income children, English second language or children with learning dissabilities with parents that don't enforce good study habits the scores at private schools would plummet. Basically you are looking at two completely different scross sections of the general population and saying one is superior because of it's test scores while filtering out any reasons why the other can't match up. It's disengenuous.
  5. Blarg

    Please stop!

    Wait.. are we talking uniforms?
  6. Blarg

    Please stop!

  7. Blarg


    The day is young, Lou. Patience.
  8. Blarg


    Vlad Jr. is still in the minors, so, there's that.
  9. Blarg

    Please stop!

    I like the red as well.
  10. Blarg


    Thank you.
  11. Blarg

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    Grew up with her voice on the radio non stop. She had a string of great singles and ones that never made the charts on B sides. One of the few singers albums my father purchased.
  12. Blarg


    You need to get yourself some cream and the clear. Nobody is testing so boost that testosterone.
  13. You and @Tank should get together, he has plenty of his coveted Pumpkin ale to share.
  14. Blarg

    Ty Buttrey promoted

    If he beans a batter we can call him Butterfingers.