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  1. Pressure cookers work fast but they don't provide the same flavor as a slowly simmered pot of chili or sauce. I've tried cheating chili in a pressure cooker and the flavors are not broken down and infused into the meat. It's cooked, to temperature but tastes unfinished.
  2. Blarg

    Random Links Thread

    Maybe that should be captioned, Wanna see the stupidest mother fucker on the planet?
  3. Blarg

    AW non obligatory tipping pros

    I try to make sure they are not looking then take as much out of the jar that won't be noticed. ~ Calscuf
  4. Blarg

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    It was probably just gas.
  5. Your posts have been spanked enough on this board that we've practically parented you.
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    Aviation Fans

    All of a sudden we have other plans. Try Lou out in the IE.
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    Political Gallery

    She's so hot.
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    2018 Hot Stove League

    I checked the Angels history of #2 draft picks and there were a few winners in the bunch, most notable was Lackey along with Corbin and Chatwood, with long forgotten Boche, future World Series manager and Dave Kingman. What is intresting is the last four drafts may produce four major league players. Counting back is Johnson, Canning, Marsh and Jones. In any case the Angels have seen 18 of their 31 picks over the years graduated to the major leagues with varying levels of success.
  9. Hell of a post. People seem to think a #1 is just pick the last guy who they saw pitch well in a season and that is the guy to target. But as you point out that is a moving target for most of the arms out there and the volatility is matched with lack of durability. For most teams their #1 is their best pitcher regardless of record or stats. Where they stack up against the best 5 to 10 in baseball is both unfair and unrealistic. For one, they probably will never pitch against that tier because of rotation and schedule. So what you really need, really need, is a bunch of guys that are much better than league average but don't need to be superstars because that is not their opponent for their 33 starts a year. Their opponents for the most part is the mid to bottom tier of pitchers with an occasional marquee matchup. To get to the playoffs you need to win games, lots of games. Not just five or ten against the leagues best pitchers.
  10. Blarg


    It's because the (D) side nominated a (C***).
  11. If you like your doctor...