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  1. That is one good looking truck. I really like the 72 Chevey and Ford pickups in the two tone. Ford did theirs with Wimbeldon White instead a more pure white on the Chevey. I know it's only a photo but your paint looks to be in good shape. To do it right you'd have to have a lot of trim pulled off and then some stuff isn't going to survive the process and down the rabbit hole you go because those little dings in the front grill are going to stand out with the new paint. Before you know it you've got 20k into what was going to be a $3500 respray. And the last thing you'll want to do is go load up some gardening supplies in that next to new truck. Or you live with some patina and pull into car shows with a survivor label being factory original and get some respect from old guys that bought them new back in the day.
  2. You would think Rico would have at least a dozen Twitter updates by now.
  3. Blarg


    No problem , you guys can keep stonewalling and in 2024 Trump will finally be out of the White House. Maybe by then those 800,000 government workers will get a paycheck.
  4. Blarg

    2018 Hot Stove League

    That would be a disastrous move for the Mariners.
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    That was low.
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    Dude, your being stubbornly stupid because... MUST STOP TRUMP. Great policy making. Fuck the 800k employees that are not making their daily bills because.. MUST STOP TRUMP. Fuck the millions that want a chance at citizenship over deportation because... MUST STOP TRUMP. Fuck the 2020 election because you are losing these votes because it's you that are deciding their fate. You and Pelosi, mind made up and won't budge because... I think we've covered that.
  7. Blarg


    You dumbass. Do you think I have a horse in this race? If Trump wants to give up DACA for the wall that's his negotiation not mine. But if you step away from the right now politics and want a win you take the deal, take the presidency back in 2020 and scrap the wall that won't have 10 miles built before then, permanently institute DACA and you've got it all. Or be a jackass which appears to be the Democratic logo and policy making negotiation technique.
  8. Blarg


    I think you are wound so partisan you can't see any other solution than no funding of a wall.
  9. Blarg


    Nobody has Trump by the balls. He loses nothing keeping the screws to the Democrats about the wall. Making an offer and having it rejected is turning government unpaid employees against the Democrats because they won't admit they have lost.
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    You guys are idiots. That 3 year window pushes amnesty into the hands of the Democrats if they don't botch the 2020 election by being completely out of touch with America and again keying on major populations and ignoring the rust belt. Trump is giving the brass ring to the Democrats and it seems all of you are such short sighted twits you can't reach out and grab it. Instead you want stand firm and look like dolts than negotiate and win the long game.
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    Really, you guys really didn't know who constructed the now famous wailing wall? Let me give you a couple hints, there were no Muslims and the architect was part of the slaughter of the Innocents. The area was under rule of a king who was allied with Rome.
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    Better or Worse

    What have the A's done to improve their lot?
  13. Blarg

    Ohtani DH question

    Those few extra weeks bought him ROY which I believe is a fair tradeoff.
  14. Blarg


    When I point out facts, like Eppler was going with a six man rotation which included direct quotes, you act like act like a three year old.
  15. Blarg

    Random Thoughts Thread

    If you make a mistake and knock her up the brothers are going to pound you into paste.
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    The Yankees have shown no interest in Harper.
  17. Blarg


    Imagine someone starts a thread then decides they have to duplicate post the same argument in another thread, claiming it belongs here, and in doing so, inadvertently, invalidating any value to either post.
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    1961 Autry paid $2.5 million for the franchise rights and the Angels plucked Eli Grba from the Yankees in the expansion draft. Maris wasn't available being on the protected list having been traded to the Yankees in... 1960. He was never a free agent.
  19. Blarg

    What's up with all these 1-year deals?

    When you wipe your ass with a piece of toilet paper and does a good job do you flush it or reuse it next time?
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    This is one of the oldest and most effective tricks in politics. Every hack in the business has used it in times of trouble, and it has even been elevated to the level of political mythology in a story about one of Lyndon Johnson’s early campaigns in Texas. The race was close and Johnson was getting worried. Finally he told his campaign manager to start a massive rumour campaign about his opponent’s life-long habit of enjoying carnal knowledge of his barnyard sows. “Christ, we can’t get away with calling him a pig-f****r,” the campaign manager protested. “Nobody’s going to believe a thing like that.” “I know,” Johnson replied. “But let’s make the sonofab****h deny it.”
  21. Blarg

    The Eppler way?

    When you look at the AL West it looks like the Astros are putting about the same team out there as last season so they are the odds favorite. Now be objective about the other three teams of the AL West and are they better than last season? The A's have continued with budget buys and their rotation is a bigger question mark than the Angels. Captain Dipoto had plotted a course last season trying to squeeze through a narrow channel to a playoff berth and ran aground. The franchise is sinking back to the bottom of the AL. The Rangers are still in their rebuild phase and not far along the trail. So by default the wins for the Angels in their own division should be easier. Depending on scheduling with the rest of the league and interleague the Angels could have a clear shot at a Wild Card. But more importantly Epller isn't dismantling what is being built to get to the next level. All of the impatience about not being able to get to the playoffs isn't forcing him to make on the surface moves that don't really push the needle but look good in a headline. I can put up with the one year contracts and wait for that kid with his club control years to wrestle that position away.
  22. Blarg


    I was thinking more in the lines of flashing a BA at Mar Lago.