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  2. You are so wrong. Autry considered the Angels a small market team and hobbled his franchise by not getting the correct advertising dollars due in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan market. He was a nice guy but didn't see the bigger picture.
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    Angels runs scored contest

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    Tony Reagins

    Did Kotchman take his rubber phallus with him?
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    Be Excellent to Each Other

    Damn Grich, there is a Keanu Reeves Whoa emoji that was just waiting to be used at the right time. This was that time!
  6. Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter and the rest of the "Bill & Ted 3" crew are more than welcome to film any high school scenes at the real San Dimas High School ... according to the Bonita Unified School District, where SDHS thrives.
  7. He obviously only eats pizza in New York.
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    Arte Moreno vs Gene Autry

    Has anyone?
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    Arte Moreno vs Gene Autry

    Without Autry the Angels don't exist, this thread doesn't exist, you guys are forced to pay attention at work. Ponder that.
  11. If I had a Twitter account you know who I would direct this to. Regardless what Heyman does this Spring, his neighbor will make a big play for his wife — provided he hasn’t already, of course. @jonheyman will try to keep his wife this summer, but while she likes it there, the whispers are that his neighbor is much better hung.
  12. More like the IRS. You are going to pay for your foolishness, with penalties and interest.
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    Here's why Trout is worth the investment

    There are many reasons Trout brings value that offsets his salary, his AAV is in line with what you could expect from him through the contract both on the field and promotion for the franchise. You would expect to pay him top dollar being the homegrown first ballot HoF player. Now look at Harper's contract and you have to scratch your head and wonder what they really think his value is. His AAV at @$25 million is what you expect to pay for a player with his resume but the years are wrong. You don't give a 13 year commitment to a player that can't string two excellent years together. Eventually the pendulum of performance will settle somewhere in average instead of the wide swings between good but injured and great but injured. Average is ok, if your paying for that. They didn't, not in salary or years. His promotional value will decrease as it becomes very visible he is not on a HoF career path (opinion). He will just be a poor defending right fielder that will have to move to 1st base since there is no DH in the NL. Then he becomes an older Adam Dunn, and that's not a compliment. This is a contract with less substance and more hair flip than real value. It was a commitment by Philly to make good on their promise to spend stupid money this off season, and they did. Maybe it can let Ryan Howard off the hook for being the Phillies worst contract. I'm sure he would be happy to relinquish the crown.
  14. Blarg

    Fast Forward to next offseason

    Eppler hasn't put money on a long term pitching contract so far and I believe the reason is volitility. When you plunk large money down a ucl ligament can devalue that contract by two years depending on when the injury occurs. That really cuts deep into the rotation because you've allocated your surplus cash on one pitcher. What I'm saying is Cole will not be an Angel and neither would be any other top of the rotation big money pitcher. Bullpen management is the way to winning rather than spending big on a Yu Darvish. The 7 inning Ace pitchers are all but a thing of the past. If the Angels aquire a top of the rotation value pitcher it's going to be through trade and someone with team control.
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    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    So it's more secure than the DNC server.
  16. It's not the same organization. What he likes about the Angels and living in Socal is different than what Baltimore offers.
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    More like Ohtani looking down and seeing Ichiro doesn't have his own branded Nike shoes like Trout does.
  18. Angels are spotting Arizona 2 runs in the first, Noe Ramirez is starting.
  19. Hey, a Mike Trout sighting. And for a while there I thought they traded him for a bullpen.
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    2020 Democratic Field

    Come on Rally, you know they all live in East LA and share the same social security number.
  21. Blarg

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    J. A. is proud to induct Ichiro into his Happ of Fame, unanimously.