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    More Thoughts & Prayers

    The horrifying part is Tank only wears the T-shirt and two sizes too small.
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    The Bonilla contract is fucking stupid. It also counts against the Mets salary cap. So restructuring is just making the payroll flexibility a problem for a longer time and costing Moreno more money.
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    And that is going to do what, actually? He has no jurisdiction over California's government nor any political party. You are living in some alternate reality.
  4. Blarg

    Pit Bulls = Killers

    We live in a very docile neighborhood but people going for walks carry a golf club or equivalent. There has never been a reported dog attack and no one in the surrounding area owns a pit bull but ,still, the residents don't take chances.
  5. Blarg


    The federal government is not stepping in and dealing with California's homeless population. Trump has no standing in the issue as President.
  6. Blarg

    Betts for Adell?

  7. Blarg

    Gameday Thread: 8/20 Angels @ Rangers : Game 1

    You must like inbred hillbillies.
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    If Pujols chooses to retire the money is forfeited. If the Angels choose to release him they must pay the contract off in the same manner it was agreed upon. Any restructure of payments have to be agreed upon by four parties. MLB, the Players Union, Albert Pujols and the Angels. Regardless, the money paid would be part of the salary cap until it gets completely paid off.
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    No, he couldn't. That would require the players Union and Pujols to accept a contract restructure and personal services contracts are not allowed so the money couldn't be funneled into that.
  10. Blarg


    Some people post stuff like the Angels give up and then you see Pujols stealing a base to get into scoring position and you have to say there is no give up in that man. However. That dumbass manager left Albert Pujols standing on second base and didn't even think of a pinch runner to almost guarantee a runner scoring on a single to the outfield whereas Pujols probably can't make that run without being thrown out. It is extra innings, your scoring opportunities are critical, you can't sit on your hands and wait out the game. Ausmus can be one of the most brain dead managers I've seen.
  11. Blarg


    From the waist up.
  12. Blarg


    Bloomberg LP contributed $95,907,318 to the Democrats, they are the #1 campaign donor. Between the major unions, carpenter, service union, laborers union and the federation of teachers, $140 million was donated to the Democrats. By and large the largest political donations funnel their way to the Democrats by the hundreds of millions. Of the top 50 contributors the Republicans only have 15 primarily contributing to them. Only 5 in the top 15. They are not the party of the wealthy and the NRA doesn't move the needle for either party with contributions of less than one million.
  13. Blarg

    Gameday Thread: 8/19 Angels @ Rangers

    I really dislike Hunter Pence.
  14. Seems like there is an avenue for exploitation there.
  15. Blarg


    What can I say, Democrats are cheap whores.
  16. Blarg


    So big Pharma and the NRA have bought politicians on both sides. Thanks for confirming.
  17. Blarg


    They really have been lazy about their voting but tis election they are going to give it 100% effort to checkmark their party across the board.
  18. Blarg

    More Thoughts & Prayers

    If he smells like Drakkar Noir it limits the search area to Tank's backyard.
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    You missed the Dorian Grey reference.
  20. Blarg


    Deep in the recesses of the White House is a painting of Trump...
  21. Blarg

    The dark web

    12-16 character passwords are next to impossible to crack. You don't even need to use alt characters. But few sites allow that many for a password. I find it amazing your ATM card only requires a 4 number confirmation.
  22. Blarg

    Judges are great

    The Norway case, where Anders Breivik killed 77 people, is an example of Justice that went wrong trying to enact social reform. According to their law, Anders could only be convicted of one crime of mass murder regardless of how many people he slaughtered. His incarceration will not reform him and he gets out in 2033.
  23. He's 20 and competing with guys waiting for an injury on the parent club to move up. Most of the pitchers he is facing are 3 to 6 years older than him with three times as much experience. They all have close to MLB level skills, some are former big Leaguers that know what they are doing out there. It's not a slump, it's a learning curve. He's a smart guy, he has tremendous skills and reflexes. It is just time before the puzzle pieces slip into place and he starts tearing AAA up like he did his previous four levels. When he lost the first two months of the season to injury that really set his learning time table back. This flat spot should have taken place in June and by now it would be in his rear view mirror. A September call up would have been in place. But mid August with the season wrapping up soon he doesn't have time to catch up. That's why he is headed to Fall League, experience against top tier players and making up for missed playing time. If he does well there and really shines in spring training he may just earn a roster spot. But those lost two months really cost him momentum and he may not find his way to Anaheim until mid season. But even then he will only be 21. Damn young to be patrolling a major league outfield.
  24. Surprised no one posted Bada Bing Bada Bemboom.